Monday, November 13, 2017

November 13, 2017

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

Establishment Doubles Down on Russia Card and Reminds Us that Truth is What They Tell us It Is


On each occasion when my hope is to pass on information about, say, the proposed tax legislation before Congress, or some other significant domestic issue confronting our citizenry, the same old narrative, those same accusations of “Russian meddling in our elections,” of the “Russians Did It!,” surface once again. It’s as if the Deep State Mainstream Media and their slavish minions in the Democratic and Republican parties cannot let loose of it. It’s like a highly flammable and unquenchable blazing fire: it dies out at one location only to spring up, revived, in another location. It makes no difference if all the evidence in the world is adduced to disprove it. Like the arsonist who continues to pour gasoline on the smoldering embers, it continues its never-ending and convulsive fury.

It is, of course, motivated at its base by something much larger, and that is an uncontrollable and unhinged hatred—pure venomous and condescending disdain—for upstart Donald J. Trump and his voters. All along the Russia Card, the “Russians Did It!” canard, has been the most significant arrow in the Deep State quiver of dirty tricks and—let us call it what it really is—attempted treason against the United States Constitution and a not-so-clandestine attempted coup d’etat against a sitting American president who wasn’t supposed to win the 2016 election.

While I do not suggest that there are a few, highly-placed men in dark glasses, gathered in some smoke filled room—well, I forget, smoking is no longer politically-correct, so how about cocktail-furnished room?—who dictate the daily Deep State strategy, which “stories” are to be run and which ones killed, which narratives are to be spun and who is to write the first page story in The Washington Post or breathlessly relate the juicy tidbits to rapt brainwashed Left-leaning viewers on CNN, while I do not suggest that, there is, I submit, an “understanding” based on a shared mentality, an ideological agreement formed in years of training and submersion in the establishment political culture that dominates along the shores of the Potomac.

You don’t need to get your “daily walking and talking orders,” if you belong to or participate in the Deep State establishment. Your whole thinking process, your mental framework already reflects a certain receptivity and capacity for taking important cues and  cue words—the outlines of the current narrative—and correctly spinning the “accepted” version of events.

Thus, yesterday, as I caught a bit of Chris Wallace’s “Fox News Sunday” program, I wondered, “Is this really any different from what shows up on the highly-touted Sunday news programs on ABC or CBS or NBC, or even CNN?” There were Julie Pace (of AP) and Gillian Turner (former National Security Council member during the George Bush administration and now a Vice-President of Fox News) sounding like correspondents for…CNN!  Pace was specific: “The president,” she said, “had gotten out of line during the second part of his trip to Asia.”  He wasn’t “listening to his advisors, but rather was depending on his faulty instincts.” [my italics] In other words, he had refused to go along with advice from some of those Deep State plants that cautioned him not to stray into his America First agenda. And Turner chimed in, and with the nodding agreement of all the panelists trotted out the standard line on Russia: “The Intelligence committee has made its judgment about Russian involvement in our elections. It is fact and cannot be denied. For Donald Trump to hesitate on this point is either because he is ignorant or can’t get over his fascination with Russia and Putin!” 

Or as they used to say in Catholic theology (in the old days when doctrine used to really mean something): “Roma locuta est, causa finita est!” “Rome has spoken, the cause is decided.” That is, the Deep State and the intelligence-foreign policy-political establishment (including the major bosses and many of the pundits at Fox) have spoken dogmatically, have set the narrative and the ground rules: you can be against Hillary, you can even say that it was Hillary that the Russians actually wanted to support, but, for Heaven’s sake, don’t get close to saying—don’t even raise the specter—that the “Russians Did It!” narrative is false or defective!

And then, as if on cue, on another network, Deep State apparatchiks, James Clapper (former Director of National Intelligence under Obama) and former CIA director (also under Obama) John Brennan, added their own supposed nails in the Trump coffin: how dare Trump continue to hint at contradicting the “consensus” of the “intelligence community”! This narrative is set in stone, you see, and cannot be questioned, cannot be transgressed, or else you will be condemned more vociferously and more imperiously than any condemnation ever issued by the old Vatican Holy Office! Trump must be deranged!

Puffed up like bloated frogs, with contempt and condescension dripping from each and every syllable, these Deep State creatures from the black lagoon are accustomed, once they speak in commanding tones, to having the restive natives—including many of the pundits in the establishment “conservative movement”—bow down in obsequious obeisance and deference, and, if not in total agreement on every point, at least maintain a respectful silence….

That President Trump on occasion refuses to go along and that some—a few independent journalists and reporters—continue intrepidly to ferret out uncomfortable details that don’t fit the Deep State, joint Democrat/establishment Republican/Neoconservative template and blow wide holes in that narrative, is, for the elites of the Washington-New York “swamp,” extremely disquieting and disturbing. That even highly-placed former Democratic National Committee Chairman Donna Brazile would admit in her new revelatory book—after the still-unsolved mysterious death of DNC staffer (and the real email hacker) Seth Rich—that she actually feared for her life, should cause even the doubting-Thomases on our side to take serious note. [Refer back to comments on November 7 and May 16 and 27 on the Rich case.] The forces of the Deep State establishment will stop at nothing, use any tactic, employ any maneuver, in their quest to regain full power and re-establish the trajectory of Progressivist Revolution.

Dr. Paul Craig Robert, former William Simon Chair Professor of Political Economy at Georgetown University, and former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under President Ronald Reagan, is a fearless voice in the political maelstrom. I link a superb recent item he wrote which serves as an excellent introduction—indeed, a kind of summary—of the “Russians Did It!” canard.  [ ]Of course, Dr. Roberts has been denounced by the Mainstream Media as a “conspiracy theorist,” but the real conspiracy theorists in America today are those who theorize and work in tandem to overthrow the president, derail his agenda, and, in effect, undermine the Constitution.

Although I continue to believe that much of electronic technology “comes from the Devil,” thank God at least some of the Web and the media is still able to present an alternative view of the “facts” that are normally spoon-fed to us. No longer do we stand in awe  of and waiting on every voluble word of wisdom emitted from the mouth of “Uncle” Walter Cronkite.

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