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December 17, 2017: Special Counsel Robert Mueller Should be Fired and His Supposed “Investigation” Terminated NOW


The past two weeks or so have demonstrated what some of us have been saying for months: it is past time that the Office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller be shut down, shuttered, the contracts of those rabid, ultra-Left Democrat and pro-Hillary Special Counsel attorneys, including Robert Mueller himself, be tossed into “file 13,” and those zealous political apparatchiks be given their walking papers. The so-called “investigation” by the Special Counsel has become—has been—not just a veritable Keystone Cops joke, but is evidently and patently part and parcel of an immense and determined effort of historical proportions, now more visible than ever, to “get” President Trump and derail his agenda. It is, as others including Patrick Buchanan (back in August) have saida multilevel, frenzied and vicious attempted “silent coup,” the likes of which have not been witnessed in the history of this nation, at least since the extra-judicial abrogation of basic constitutional rights by Abraham Lincoln 155 years ago.

The forces behind this “silent coup” are what we identify as the Deep State, that loose conglomerate of dominant political and financial power in the nation—those foundations, think tanks, publications both online and in print, those un-elected managers and DC bureaucrats, the punditocracy, congressmen and their staffs, political consultants and high dollar donors, most of Hollywood, and the near entirety of academia and our “educational establishment”—all working more or less in tandem, although with some degree of autonomy.

To be more specific:

--Much of Congress—and specifically by members of the president’s own party (e.g. Senators Collins, Flake, McCain, Murkowski, Corker, etc.)—and those leaders like Mitt Romney, the Bushes, etc.;

--Much of the so-called establishment “conservative movement” big boys, mostly Neoconservatives at journals like The Weekly StandardNational Review and The Wall Street Journal, and a scattering parading as “conservative” pundits on Fox News (e.g. Marc Thiessen);

--An ideologically weaponized Mainstream Media, with its panoply of “reporters,” special “news” programs, the constant drum beat contra Trump: CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, The Washington PostThe New York Times, etc.;

--George Soros-supported demonstrators and demonstrations, marches and riots in the streets, disruptions in congressional offices, etc. (e.g., Black Lives Matter, Antifa, women’s marches, campus demonstrations, etc.), made to look like a majority of Americans;

--Enlisted cadres of millions of disinformed brainwashed students and their Marxist professors, just like in the old days of the Young Communist League, who have ginned up not only the rhetoric but attempted to turn campuses into “safe zones” where no Trump supporter, in fact, no dissent will be tolerated, and where cultural Marxist and revolutionary indoctrination will rule the day;

--The direct collusion of major pollsters (who, just as in the 2016 election, kept telling us that “Hillary’s election was a sure thing”) [See for example my comments of several years ago.]

--The newest stratagem, as the “Russians Did It!” canard seems to be bogging down a bit, which is to declare the president “unfit” for office, due increasingly to bogus charges of “sexual harassment” prior to being elected president. Is this not, in sum, what this whole fetid business—this rampant plague—this epidemic of wild and substantiated accusations of sexual “impropriety” has been leading up to? If the Russian investigation should fail—as it seems certain to do if legitimately conducted—then hit Donald Trump with the vague “unfitness” claim, and produce, all of a sudden, a stream of witnesses who, by the way, it now appears were “paid” for their stories by Lisa Bloom, who just happens to be extreme feminist attorney Gloria Allred’s daughter!

Just consider some of the verified developments in this sordid effort to destroy the president:

--We know that the infamous “dossier” produced during the 2016 campaign was a tissue of made-up stories, fakery, false “facts” adduced and presented as a “case against Donald Trump,” initially meant to help defeat him, but soon after the Clinton campaign’s defeat, redirected to unseat him via the Russian collusion charge (See the revealing testimony of Clinton higher ups in the volume, Shattered, for instance);

--We know that such figures as John McCain and some Republicans in Congress agreed to take its premises as grounds enough to launch Congressional investigations, investigations that have, to put it succinctly, come up with nothing substantive;

--We know that the dossier was used, at least in large part, for the naming of a Special Counsel and his almost unlimited powers of investigation, which, again, has produced nothing substantive, nothing at all establishing any link between purported Russian meddling in the 2016 election and President Trump or his campaign—for one year this has gone on, and the only indictments or possible charges have to do with events or actions long before the election cycle (e.g., Paul Manafort) or legitimate actions taken after the election of President Trump with Ambassador Sergei Kislyak (e.g., Michael Flynn) that were completely legal, as Ilana Mercer has pointed out and former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman has clearly demonstrated;

--We know now that senior members of our nation’s premiere intelligence service, the FBI, including Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr—whose wife Nellie worked at the Department of Justice, but also at FusionGPS, the firm which had been hired by the Clinton campaign to create and produce “dirt” on candidate Trump for the 2016 election—and possibly Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, collaborated, perhaps conspired is a better word, on a strategy whereby if Donald Trump were somehow to be successful in this past November 2016 election, that a “plan B” would be  implemented, including possibly (?) a wide-ranging “special investigation” with an appointed Special Counsel, who would surround himself and his investigation with zealous and fanatical Hillary supporters and Leftists who would have one goal: delegitimizing and potentially unseating the president. And that stratagem would be based on the fake, politically-motivated and politically-base dossier;

--We now have the revealed text messages between Strzok and his paramour, senior FBI lawyer Lisa Page, on this very subject, uncovering at least, prima facie evidence that in any court in the country would end in an indictment. As investigative journalist and former intelligence agent Robert Parry writes, quoting just a few of their exchanged text messages: “In an apparent reference to an August 2016 meeting with FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Strzok wrote to Page on Aug. 15, 2016, ‘I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office — that there’s no way he gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk.’ Strzok added, ‘It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event that you die before you’re 40’.” 

--We have just learned that Special Counsel Mueller acquired thousands of communications of the president and White House, probably illegally (Fox News, Sunday Morning,December 17, 2017).

In effect, we have a political witch hunt investigation with near unlimited powers—which has found nothing incriminating the president—composed and run by ideological zealots out to destroy the president, based on a dossier composed of fake and false accusations, contracted out by the Hillary campaign to FusionGPS and a shadowy former British intel officer, Christopher Steele.

Is this not—does this not qualify as—a major assault on not just our Constitution, but on our very republic itself? And who is to say that, if it be continued, the “Mueller Miasma” won’t next decide to take up, why, of course, those spurious charges of sexual harassment. Move over, Bill Clinton, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Very simply, Robert Mueller’s so-called investigation needs to be shut down.

But we can already hear the fearful response from timorous Republicans and many “responsible” conservatives:

“If you do that, it will give the Democrats and media a major issue to hit the president with, and may turn voters against Republicans in the 2018 elections!”

“If you do that, it will leave unanswered some of the questions that really do need answers.”

“If you do that, it will produce a constitutional crisis that may well lead to impeachment charges!”

“If you do that, there will be questions about the constitutionality of the decision.”

Each of these demurrers is specious, based on false assumptions and hypotheses that will not hold up under close examination.

First, the Mainstream Media and the Democrats already are hitting the president with everything they’ve got; we are engaged in “total war” (“totaler krieg,” to use an infamous historical expression), it’s just that too many figures supposedly on our side don’t seem to recognize it and would rather temporize and “deal” with the Deep State (and in many cases, continue suckling for the goodies at its hind tit). And as Glen Greenwald has documented, the history of media malfeasance and lying is growing clearer by the day. 

Instead of shilly-shallying about in some Kabuki dance while our enemies fight like hell to destroy us, let the conflict be joined, throw down the gauntlet. If it’s open warfare they want, then let’s give it to them. Only the very republic and the future of our children and our culture are at stake….

Second, after a year of investigations there has been nothing found in the slightest indicating collusion between the Trump campaign or the president and those “dark denizens of the dank lands,” the Russians. The argument that we must continue this escapade in made-up theater most recently was stated by Fox All-Star host, Bret Baer, who suggested that we need to continue to investigate because “we haven’t found anything yet.”

I have not heard anything as certifiably stupid come from the mouth of a supposed “conservative journalist” in decades. That’s like what a friend of mine told me twenty-five years ago, when I first purchased my present home site: “Boyd, did you know that 350 years ago probably Tuscarora Indians roamed the area where you live. If you dig out in your backyard, you might found some Indian arrow heads or other relics.”

Okay, I could have followed my friend’s advice and spent the past two decades or so excavating my acre lot with the faint hope of uncovering an Indian relic or something; but the very extreme improbability of locating such a treasure dictated against it. Just like the prospect now, after months of investigating by two congressional committees and a Special Counsel, not to mention a totally hostile investigative Mainstream Media, of finding that illusive “Russian collusion.” Nothing found, nothing discovered. In fact, the possibility of me finding that wished-for and illusive arrow head in my back yard is probably much greater.

But we are not just dealing with probability and facts on the ground, we now have additional information, irrefutable proof, that this whole process, from its filthy political beginnings and initiation, to its use to gain FISA surveillance permission, to its use to begin congressional investigations, to its utilization to create an Office of Special Counsel, was fraudulent. In other words, from the beginning there was no arrow head in the yard. And yet, the Deep State has been digging for over a year, attempting to unseat and delegitimize the president and his election, while distracting us from the major scandals and abuses of power and violations of the law that occurred on behalf and by one Hillary Rodham Clinton and her agents from the bowels of Hell, itself.

Third, concerning a possible constitutional crisis and impeachment, well, the Democrats in Congress have already tried that, already introduced such resolutions, and they have failed, and not just based on the false charges of obstruction of justice (in the case of statements made off hand by the president to former FBI head James Comey), but including the unfitness accusation. Adding one more spurious item to the bill of impeachment only clarifies the lines of demarcation. If it is all-out war they want, then let’s engage.

Fourth, although some authorities counsel against firing Mueller and ending his investigation, the president has the full power to direct the Attorney General Jeff Sessions to do this. Almost the entirety of the evidence accumulated supports such an action. The Mainstream Media will scream and bellow, the Democrats will pontificate in mock hysterical terms that the Apocalypse is upon us, and the quasi-Never Trumpers at National Review and at Fox and elsewhere among the establishment “(Neo) conservative movement” will lecture us on the grave dangers of such a course.

Unlike what happened in Watergate, however, columnist Pat Buchanan has offered up a warning to the Deep State: President Trump will not go quietly…he’s a fighter and for the first time in memory we will have a leader who will contest the power and authority of the managerial establishment.

What “the Donald” should then do is simply tell them to “take it and shove it,” in so many words, and that he was elected to make America great again, and that means first of all, taking it back from folks like them who have progressively despoiled it and done their best to destroy the inheritance received from the Founders and the Framers.

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