Tuesday, December 26, 2017

December 26, 2017

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

Collapse of Russiagate but the "Silent Coup" Goes On


My hope and prayer is that this Christmas has been—and continues to be—a blessed and Holy time for all, for us, for our families, and for the beleaguered citizens of this nation.

As we close out 2017 and review the year, the major item that has dominated the news throughout the past twelve months undoubtedly has been “Russiagate,” or what I have called the “Russians Did It!” canard. On all major television networks, in print journals, online and via Twitter, in Congress, and finally in the hyper-charged, essentially unlimited and unrestrained-by-law investigation by Robert Mueller’s Office of Special Counsel—through these multifaceted and multilevel efforts we have seen and continue to behold certainly the most immense, most frenzied, most concerted and most diabolical attempt in our short history as a nation to overthrow a legitimate president and undo the results of a national election.

During this past year and more, we have witnessed the collapse of this country politically into nothing less than what we once viewed as “third world status,” a condition that existed, say, far away in Zimbabwe or maybe Burma or some other remote land—that is, a condition where the state apparatus, the governing elites were able to or did manipulate power and authority, and if someone were to attempt real opposition, well, then that person or faction had to be thwarted, exiled, or perhaps even done away with.

 In other words, the legal protections of the fragile American Republic and its Constitution have been largely bowdlerized, abused and subverted, and put to evil use…all in the vicious, frenetic and unhinged attempt to reverse the result of November 2016, a result that was not supposed to happen, that was not “programmed,” that was an incredibly upsetting surprise to the establishment—a tremendous shock to the powers and managers who form the Deep State that has more or less run this country’s super-structure for decades.

As we know, and know with increasing certainty as each week passes, the “collusion” investigation, followed by its putrid bastard-child, the “obstruction” charge, were not based on anything other than the frantic desire to find something—anything would do—to dislodge and unseat the president, or, at the very least “tame” him and turn him into a pliant executor of their designs. The Revolution—temporarily detained—must go on.

The initial impetus for this campaign was announced in the tell-all book about the Hillary campaign, Shattered, published shortly after the conclusion of the 2016 election cycle, where top Clinton operatives bragged that they would essentially “hang the Russia charge around Donald Trump’s neck.” And through the direct collaboration of this country’s highly-politicized (at top levels) intelligence agencies, most particularly, the FBI, with the active involvement of the outgoing Obama administration and its leftover officeholders, and with the utterly supine and pusillanimous cooperation of a bought-and-paid-for Congress, the stage was set for a real “banana republic” theater-of-the-absurd right here in what once was a proud and venerable constitutional republic.

The “Russians Did It!” canard, however, has come apart at the seams…and in recent days, despite the heightened and incredibly frantic efforts of the Media and the establishment political class, all but the most blinded ideological automatons, all but the most resolute and most determined Leftists and stalwart NeverTrumpers must—should—admit that, even if only to themselves. Only those so deeply infected with intellectual madness can fail to notice.

Two significant reports have appeared in the past couple of days (on December 23), and both, taken together, should give the well-merited “coup de grace” to Russiagate. Nevertheless, without doubt the multiple “investigations” will go on, will continue, perhaps even employing threats, perjury and fake information—is this not what the infamous Clinton-paid-for, FusionGPS dossier, the one used by the FBI, is all about? Both are by investigative reporter Alex Christophorou, based in London I believe.

 The first details how ex-British intel agent Christopher Steele, under oath, now admits that the material woven into the dossier was based on “unproven” intelligence (that is, almost certainly made up, bogus and already, in many cases, disproven). [http://theduran.com/court-documents-reveal-that-trump-dossier-is-fake-document-with-limited-intelligence/] The second item relates how Mary Jacoby, the wife of FusionGPS founder and head, Glenn Simpson, has now admitted that her husband literally created the Russian collusion narrative. Indeed, very probably there never were any “Russian sources” for the story! [http://theduran.com/wife-of-fusion-gps-founder-admits-her-husband-was-behind-fake-russiagate-story/ ]

This, then, is the mountain of ideological detritus—political and ideological garbage—that we are told, from Senators Richard Burr to Mark Warner, from the “farther Left” guests on Fox and on CNN to the resolute NeverTrumpers, we should swallow and on which a year of investigation is premised…and which forms the basis  of  the attempt to “get” the president and turn the American republic into a Banana Republic.

 This, then, is the foundation for the massive and unparalleled attempted coup d’etat, the “silent coup,” we see before us…And which must be strenuously and firmly resisted.

Dr. Boyd D. Cathey

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