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December 9, 2017: Latest Details in the Alabama Senate Race and the Deep State Effort to Stop Judge Roy Moore—by any Means Available


Friday night, December 8, speaking in Pensacola, Florida, President Donald Trump came out foursquare in support of Judge Roy Moore for US senator from Alabama. Just a couple of hours earlier “Fox News All-Star” panelist Steve Hayes, of The Weekly Standard, joined Republican Senators Cory Gardner, Jeff Flake and Ben Sasse, from earlier this past week, in attacking candidate Moore, at least one last time before Tuesday’s election. There were in Hayes’ voice both snotty condescension and worried desperation as he pontificated on “Special Report with Bret Baier,” Friday night.

Hayes partakes of what I have called “the Romney Rule.”

After several women came forward miraculously to accuse Judge Moore of sexual harassment back on November 10, Mitt Romney tweeted: “Innocent until proven guilty is for criminal convictions, not elections. I believe Leigh Corfman. Her account is too serious to ignore. Moore is unfit for office and should step aside.”

And here is how I described this new political standard for judging innocence and guilt—“the Romney Rule”—back in MY CORNER of November 16:

“But, irrespective of real guilt or innocence, what this [the Romney Rule] says about our political climate, generally, and about the character (or lack thereof) and mindset of the Republican establishment, in  particular, speaks volumes about the success and virtual dominance of the cultural Marxist mentality and intellectual template that now, in addition to being fully and openly embraced by Democrats, Hollywood, academia and our educational system, has been tacitly accepted by those who supposedly oppose the contagion. Like their denominated foes on the “farther Left,” they—the GOP establishment and Neocons, too, have integrated that Progressive mentality, that worldview, into their thinking and their praxis. And with the case of the hated Judge Moore, it shows.

“And, so, they have sanctified and given their blessing to Mitt the Twit’s new template and standard, and…it goes like this:

“Any time an outspoken traditional conservative Christian candidate for public office is accused of sexual misconduct by the Mainstream Media or its political minions, especially if he openly opposes the Republican establishment, Republicans must believe the accuser, no need to have any proof; the very fact that the accusation is made in such a context is enough to disqualify the candidate and result in the vociferous demand that he be forced to step down.”

Flake and Gardner did Hayes one better. Certified “conservative” members of the DC Establishment “swamp,” both did their damnedest to demonstrate their opposition to Moore, and, necessarily, their disdain for the citizens of Alabama.

Gardner, senator from Colorado, chairs the National Republican Senatorial Committee [NRSC]. But unlike the Republican National Committee [RNC], which finally reversed course this week and decided to support Moore, Gardner announced (via the anti-Moore Neoconservative Weekly Standard):  “Roy Moore will never have the support of the senatorial committee. We will never endorse him. We won’t support him, I won’t let that happen. Nothing will change. I stand by my previous statement.”

Flake proudly boasted that he had written a check for $100 to Moore’s liberal, pro-abortion, George Soros-supported Democrat opponent Doug Jones. Flake is the author of the newly-published book, Conscience of A Conservative (a knockoff title for a much more famous and serious volume authored by the late Barry Goldwater in 1960, The Conscience of A Conservative). Unhinged NeverTrumper Flake, a fanatically pro-illegal immigrant, pro-globalist trade deals (TPP, GATT, etc.), zealous defender and denizen of the DC “swamp,” makes so-called “conservatism” a bad and unfunny joke, at best. A pompous scandal to the citizens of Arizona and with a less than 20 % approval rate in his state, he’s decided to call it quits. Good riddance—maybe he should just pick up and move to Mexico, or maybe Zimbabwe, where he may employ his charms and intellect to better effect?

Then, there was Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska who also attempted to make anti-Moore waves this week. The photogenic senator, rumor has it, is being groomed by the GOP Establishment as a hand-picked potential presidential candidate (if they can just rid themselves of the hated Donald Trump). Sasse has been praised by The Weekly Standard and National Review for his “brilliance” and conservative principles. He’s a NeverTrumper, not as offensively diehard as Flake, but still firmly mired in the malicious muck of ersatz “conservativism” that passes itself off as the real thing these days.

What these big name political examples illustrate is the utter corruption and bastardization of the term “conservative” in the current American political lexicon. The word has become practically meaningless—neutered—because its meaning has been stretched and expanded so radically as to include everything and everyone from “same sex” rights zealot James Kirchick, ultra-interventionist Robert Kagan and Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol (all of whom voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump), all the way to figures like Senator Ted Cruz and members of the Freedom Caucus, and even to those of us who have continued to use it in a traditional sense, as once understood by the late Russell Kirk and Southern author Mel Bradford.

That dog, as the saying goes, will no longer hunt.

And while Flake, Gardner, Sasse and Hayes were engaging in their pitiful, last minute assaults on Moore—and demonstrating their disdain for those grass roots voters who agree with him, the vaunted harassment case against the judge was beginning to fall apart. First, there was the appearance of fearless Steve Bannon, who specifically called out Mitt Romney, and the timorous “swamp creature senators from the black lagoon.”  And Bannon took no prisoners, warming up his audience and throwing down the gauntlet. 

Next came the revelations that Moore’s most serious accuser, Beverly Nelson, had forged at least a portion of the supposed Moore signature in the infamous Yearbook that she claimed he had signed back in 1977…which, of course, was contrary to what her extremist feminist jack-leg attorney, Gloria Allred, had told us early on. While still maintaining thatpart of the signature was Moore’s, Nelson and Allred seemed to have forgotten that the “forensics expert” employed by The Washington Post three weeks ago concluded that all “the writing seems consistent with one writer.” So, forge one part…but not the other? Hmm.

Signaling a turn-around and confirming the RNC reversal, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell threw in the towel, declaring to AP—after weeks of trenchant opposition—“I think that at this point, we're just going to let the people of Alabama make their decision.” As they used to say years ago when Rome was Catholic: “Roma locuta est, causa finita est”—Rome has spoken, the cause is decided.

Finally, as to emphasize the critical importance of the Alabama senate seat and the frenzy of the Deep State to seize it and “resist Trump,” there is additional news and more detail about the activities of a panoply of globalist George Soros-supported organizations on the ground in the state. Lest you missed it, Soros—the internationalist Socialist godfather of the once-thought-inevitable New World Order—has his minions and fellow-travelers not just in most European countries (they were kicked out of Russia and are under suspicion in Hungary), but in every state in the United States (plus at every level of the United States government).  He has an extensive network working around-the-clock in Alabama—and no doubt they’ve gotten a warm welcome from Morris Dees and his Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), headquartered in Montgomery.

Again, desperation shows through their grimy grimaces, characterizes their feverish activity and inflects their loud demonic screeching.

My second cousin down in Gadsden tells me that they will have met their match against the good people of “the Heart of Dixie.”  I hope and pray he is right.

Dr. Boyd D. Cathey

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