Tuesday, February 6, 2018

February 6, 2018

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

“The Russians Are Coming!” The Beast Who Never Dies, the Madness that Ends in the Destruction of the Country


I suspect that some of you—perhaps most of you—will be old enough to remember that film “The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!” from 1966. It was a satirical view of the excesses of the Cold War, with a bumbling Soviet Russian submarine running aground on an island off the Massachusetts coast, and the island’s citizens then becoming comically hysterical about the impending Commie invasion. The film starred Carl Reiner, Eve Marie Saint, Brian Keith, Theodore Bikel, and Jonathan Winters, names that once conjured up moderate fame on the silver screen, but probably are unrecognizable to most of today’s Millenials.

The film is funny, in retrospect, and watching it recently once again—some fifty years after its first release—I laughed and smiled at the comic situations as the citizens, in expressions of mock heroism, rallied to meet the “Red Menace.” Yet, I can also remember that when it first came out some conservatives, with thoughtful justification, were critical that it made too light of the real and palpable Soviet Communist threat. It was okay to treat such topics with a dash of humor, but wasn’t the movie also another example of Hollywood’s and the left-leaning cultural establishment’s “soft-headed” approach to the Soviets?

Five decades later, in hindsight, it is easier to judge—and it is fascinating to examine--just what kind of transformation has taken place amongst those Hollywood elites, in the media, in academia and in the ranks of the Democratic Party regarding Russia, that is, the reaction of those forces in American society that traditionally, certainly since the 1920s, have manifested a certain indulgence, if not sympathy, to various forms of Marxism and ongoing socialist revolution.

The hullabaloo and controversy surrounding the release of the “Nunes Memo” dealing with a portion of the Russiagate scandal, and the impending probable release of the Democratic “response memo,” bring this history forward in stunning relief: All of a sudden those who have been apologists for decades in many ways for Russia when it was ruled by Communists, have now decided that post-Communist (even in many ways, anti-Communist) Russia is “the chief opponent of human Progress” in the world.  And that anyone who has ever been to Russia (at least while Vladimir Putin has been its president), or had business dealings with Russians, or even written favorably of post-1991 Russia, is more than likely a Russian spy or at least “serving the goals and interests of Putin” (and they never fail to add, “that former KGB officer!”).

For those who formerly were so enamored of the Soviet “experiment” in its failed attempt to alter and transform human nature, there are two major reasons for this utter reversal of focus.

First, there is that ongoing attempt to “get” the hated Donald Trump and restore the onward progress of the New World Order. Thus, any connection or business dealing that any, even peripheral or temporary, advisor to the 2016 Trump campaign (e.g., Carter Page) may have had with the Russkies is, with fake and made up intel from that virulently anti-Trump ex-British intelligent agent, Christopher Steele, and paid for by the Hillary campaign, grist for the mill—and used by the corrupted ideologically-weaponized higher levels of the FBI to get secret warrants to spy on American citizens who have never been charged with anything, and those warrants permit wiretapping, illegal searches, and all the  most egregious characteristics of a police state, right here in the continental US.

The second reason is a natural reaction to what has happened in Russia since Vladimir Putin, personally leading the St. Petersburg militia, defeated the attempted coup by his erstwhile colleagues in the KGB against the post-Communist government of Boris Yeltsin back in August 1991.  Certainly since Putin’s election as president in 2000 Russia has moved to the conservative Right, firmly renounced the “God that failed” of Communism while re-embracing its historic Orthodox faith, and now celebrates its national roots and its patriotic traditions.

But most infuriatingly for our Marxist and Progressivist elites and establishment, Russia has forthrightly refused to go along with the “New World Order” globalist program (whether pushed by the European Union or advanced in the decaying brain of politicians like John McCain). Russia has become a proverbial “sign of contradiction,” an immense stumbling block, and thus, a very convenient boogeyman for the “#Resist” anti-Trumpers and the NeverTrump Deep State minions who seek to regain the momentum they lost in November 2016.

And this new-found “anti-Russianism” has brought the frenzied cultural Marxists and Progressivists who dominate the Democratic Party, the media, Hollywood, and academia, together in an unholy and, at times, uncomfortable alliance against Russia with the Neoconservative intellectuals who dominate the “conservative movement” and provide the thin intellectual gruel that fuels the brainless response of most leaders in the GOP.

The Neocons, of course, owe their intellectual origin decades ago to that other major stream of Marxist thought, identified with Leon Trotsky and his zealous internationalism. Early on for those intellectual descendants of Trotsky their opposition to Soviet Communism was just as much a hatred for Russia, which they saw as anti-Semitic (e.g., the infamous “doctors’ plot”) and “reactionary,” as it was for what they perceived as Stalin’s (and Brezhnev’s) perversion of the original “humanist” and “democratic core” of Marxist theory.

Thus, even with the daily revelations, the reports and all the accounts of skullduggery by agents of the Deep State that seem to seep out, the narrative of “the Russians Did It!” must be maintained, by both Progressivists AND the Neocons. Either the Russians and that “new Hitler” (to use Neocon Max Boot’s ill-chosen comparison) Putin were somehow directing Donald Trump like a puppet master controls a stick puppet, or the Russians and that “new Hitler” were working with Hillary and the DNC to blacken Donald Trump’s good name and unseat him. Either way “the Russians Did It!”

And this effort, this unimaginable hysteria, has reached monumental proportions that make those naïve citizens on that mythical Massachusetts island in that 1966 movie seem like paragons of reason and thoughtfulness.

Just last week, on the Tucker Carlson Program on Fox, California Congressman Eric Swalwell accused the program host of “serving the interest and goals of Vladimir Putin.” Carlson’s sin? Modestly questioning certain particulars of the “Russians Did It!” narrative and whether it is proper for American intelligence agencies like the FBI to work hand-in-glove with one political party and campaign to surveil and wiretap (clandestinely) and incriminate the campaign and candidate of the other political party, and, then, attempt to use fabricated and bogus “intel” (created by that first party) to attempt to bring down and perhaps impeach the president. Pat Buchanan has summarized this up succinctly in a recent column: http://buchanan.org/blog/nunes-duels-deep-state-128665

This monumental violation and destruction of what is left of our constitutional system, this frontal assault on specified rights guaranteed to each of us by our Constitution, is fobbed off as “critical” to national intelligence and discovering the “collusion” of President Trump and his campaign with the Russians…and his later “obstruction of justice.” Like a stubborn bacillus, it doesn’t die, it just re-emerges after each hit and revelation: it has become a manic obsession, and despite its barrenness and lack of any evidence, it is pushed even harder and with even more gusto each time it takes a factual hit.

The latest manifestation of this certifiable madness came at an event at the University of Pennsylvania, where California Congressman Adam Schiff, ranking minority member of the House Intelligence Committee, claimed that the Russians had been using social media to support the Second Amendment to the Constitution—gun rights:  “…the Russians are very big fans of our Second Amendment,” Schiff intoned. “They don’t particularly want a Second Amendment of their own, but they’re really glad that we have one. The Russians would be thrilled if we were doing nothing but killing each other every day, and sadly we are.”[http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/02/05/adam-schiff-russians-promoted-2nd-amendment-so-americans-would-kill-each-other/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=daily&utm_content=links&utm_campaign=20180205 ]

That’s right. Schiff, the archetypal looney leftist, gets two strikes for the price of one: he blames supporters of the Second Amendment for “gun violence,” and behind it, you see, are those dastardly Russians!  Got that? Those Russians are into everything, under every bed, control Donald Trump, and—wait—of course, we don’t have any real evidence, but maybe if we keep investigating and making up facts, say, at least until the presidential election of 2020 (or later?) we might find something, anything.  And, of course, it just happens to serve both our political and ideological purposes.

This is to where we have descended: it is no longer just a radical fringe on the Left, it’s leading Democrat congressmen suggesting that ANYONE who has ever had ANY contact with ANY Russian or said or written ANYTHING vaguely positive about them—most recently, Carter Page—is bound to be, must be, a Russian agent, working directly for Vladimir Putin…and that those who support gun rights are also doing the Kremlin’s bidding.

I do not often quote Abraham Lincoln, who I believe largely responsible for the incredibly bloody and destructive War Between the States and resultant destruction of our constitutional system. Yet, in his 1858 “House divided” speech he uttered a singular truth: “A house divided against itself cannot stand…the Union…will become all one thing or all the other.” 

The American nation approaches an unsettling and similar point in its history today. It is becoming increasingly impossible to converse, much less engage in legitimate and rational discussion, with those, like Schiff and Swalwell or Nancy Pelosi or most of our college professors or news pundits, who live in a counter-reality bubble, an intellectual hothouse where lunacy, violence and fanaticism infect all thinking and action.

The question then becomes: where does this lead? A second real war pitting the two coasts against the wide heartland and the South?

But, alas, since I still have one (just one) Democrat “friend,” who just recently wondered if I weren’t also serving “the goals of Vladimir Putin,” I suppose I should also confess…And since this list has doubled in size since I put out my “confession” more than a year ago, I think I’ll repeat it now. As of yet, I haven’t been summoned to appear before Robert Mueller’s “star chamber”—I mean commission—but I’m ready to jump in my 2006 Kia and speed up to DC and testify any day he wants.

So, here’s my “statement”:


By Boyd D. Cathey (12-17-2016)

Well, finally, my cover has been blown! You see, for several years I’ve been writing articles giving a more nuanced, even somewhat favorable, view of Russia, and, in particular, its current leader Vladimir Putin. The fact that I’ve based my articles on serious and heavily researched sources (which I’ve vetted and cross-examined before using them) makes no difference to the Mainstream Media (MSM) and Clinton Defecation Machine (CDM). Since I also “came out” as a Trump supporter last year, publicly and in print, and since I have both a Trump bumper sticker and a “Putin for President” bumper sticker on the back on my car, and since I’ve attempted to raise some serious doubts about “the Russians did it!” narrative concerning the outcome of the November 8 election, that has settled it for the one leftist friend I still have:

“Boyd, you must be an agent of the Russians!” he exclaimed.

Yep, that’s what this soi-disant “friend” told me this past weekend. So, now, I feel that I must come clean, and, yes, I will finally reveal all, that’s right, all,  just how my pal Vladimir and I basically attempted to “steal” the election from Hillary and give it to “the Donald.”

It was way back in early August 2016 after the Republican National Convention. In fact, I’ve kept transcripts of my direct conversations, when I flew over secretly on one of those luxurious Ilyushin jets to a secret former KGB air base outside Moscow. Alas, all they had to drink in-flight was rot-gut Vodka, so when I asked for some Jack Daniels, all I got was an uncomprehending reply:

“Ve don’t got dat; ve got wodka. You like wodka?” the stern-faced attendant curtly responded.

Well, after my ten hour flight and probably fifteen shots of rot-gut “wodka,” unrelieved by any mixer whatsoever, I was ready to meet Vladimir Putin, my ultimate spymaster.

Here’s how it went (I was a bit tipsy at the beginning, so excuse the informality):

“Hello, Blad…I mean Vladimir! I’m Boyd…you know, from North Carolina. Long live the Confederacy! You got any Jack Daniels ‘round here?”

And President Putin responded: “Dr. Cathey, we are delighted to have you visit Russia, and we are deeply appreciative of your work on our behalf.” (Of course, this was via a translator, although I have been told that Putin does speak English.)

“We want to talk to you about a possible operation to influence the election. You see we have had a couple of top agents assisting our efforts---Boris Badinoff and Natasha Popitoff. But they have increasingly demonstrated that their intelligence gathering efforts are rather weak.  All they seem to know is based in a 1960s television narrative, almost, as we say here in Russia, 'cartoonish.'

I piped up: “So, Plad…I mean Vladimir, how can I be of service? You just let me know, and, you know, given my millions of contacts and tremendous influence, I will make sure that Trump wins and defeats Hillary. You got it?”

Putin then looked at me quizzically: “But, Dr. Cathey, how possibly can you do that? I mean both the US and Russia engage in deep hacking and have done so for many years; all major powers do that, and sometimes it is successful, sometimes it is not. But how possibly can you affect the election? The voting machines in the states are not connected to the Internet, and each state has its own voting system; many still use paper ballots. It seems to me that what you are talking about is an impossibility. More, Hillary is an awful candidate---our foreign policy forecasters think that she will lose, despite all of her prostituted pollsters and favorable media coverage in America.”

At that point, beginning to come out from under my wodka-induced stupor, I responded:

“Well, you see, I have developed a plan; it is very detailed and sure to succeed. All you have to do is be honest. What do I mean? Well, just hack into the Democratic National Committee and get the emails of John Podesta, Donna Brazile, and others, released out to the press. That will help convince voters that Hillary shouldn’t be elected.

“Then, you see, I have a network of 150,000 faithful and super-clandestine sub-agents who will travel to every state and get on local election committees, and then, while the other committee members aren’t looking, they will alter the vote totals. It’s perfect and certain to work.

“The final piece de resistance [that’s French for the icing on the cake for the folks down in rural North Carolina] is that I will encourage 10,000 other sub-agents to pretend to be Clintonista Leftists to go up and down California, Oregon, Washington, and all around New York City and Chicago, to gin up the Clinton votes in THOSE states and cities, to make sure that Hillary gets well over two million votes more than Trump.

“Then, you see, how could any intelligent observer charge you with deciding the election when two-million more voters vote for Hillary?

"Don’t worry, Vladimir—I got it covered.”

At that point, Putin smiled broadly and stated in measured tones: “Dr. Cathey, I like what I am hearing. But, let me ask, if this plan, as you call it, is to succeed, what will it cost me? I mean you are talking about at least 160,000 trained, secret operatives to effect this plan.  Is this at all possible?”

“Well,” said I, “I’ve got some great connections. In the military, I know General Billy Jack Ripper, you know the grandson of the late General Jack Ripper, who was made famous by that film, “Dr. Strangelove,” many years ago in the darkest days of the Cold War. He’s got thousands of contacts who will do our bidding. And I know of lots of unprincipled, amoral liberals who will help in California and New York. I will promise them all transgender operations and lifetime supplies of vegan quiche and lattes at Starbucks. Oh, could you foot the bill for those things?”

“I will refer those requests to my adjutant, Dmitri Upchuk,” Putin replied. “Dmitri can handle those arrangements.”

At this point I was more than satisfied that my superior negotiating skills were paying off. Indeed, I began to think of myself as a kind of “second John Kerry!”---well, perhaps not on the same august level, but certainly right up there.

“One more observation, Dr. Cathey,” Putin interjected. “You see, Julian Assange and Wikileaks have already got thousands of DNC email messages and tried, unsuccessfully, to hack the RNC. Wikileaks already has enough data to reveal the dishonesty and crass disdain of the Hillary campaign. Wikileaks has a mole, in fact, several moles, within the DNC. I believe the one who gave them those messages is a 400 pound former Bernie Sanders supporter who remains very embittered by what the DNC and Hillary did to him. For our part we really don’t need to do a thing.”

I jumped in and stated: “Yes, the Mainstream Media, Clinton, and even some Republican elites will probably end up blaming you, maybe even blaming you personally, if Hillary should lose…even though the data released is incontrovertible and beyond doubt. It all reminds me of a true story that took place down in Harnett County---that’s down in rural North Carolina, in case you don’t know. [At that point, Putin pointed to an aide to bring him an atlas.] There was a man who was walking by his neighbor’s house, and he happened to look in the window. There he saw his neighbor beating his wife to a pulp, so he reported him to the sheriff. Well, when the case came to trial, the neighbor blamed the man who looked through the window for his own absolutely true act of abuse. In other words, he blamed the messenger.

“It seems to me that’s what you’ll need to prepare for, even if Assange is the one who did all the research and released the adverse data. The media and the Clintonistas, with their political appointees in the US intelligence agencies, will want to cast you as the boogeyman. You’re an easy target—former KGB, anti-gay rights, pro-traditional marriage, and now a returnee to the Christian faith which you strongly support: all those things that our fashionable elites, not just on the Left but also on the so-called ‘Neoconservative/Republican Right,’ despise.”

“Dr. Cathey,” Putin then declared, “if they do that, we will demand in the strongest language that they produce the proof that it was us who revealed the emails.”

“They won’t do that,” I said. “They will say that such details are top secret, so all they will do is ‘leak’ to the mainstream media and have Obama and Hillary blame you and your country for Clinton’s loss, if she should lose.”

Putin quickly repeated: “But all superpowers engage in hacking; and Wikileaks already has the emails, so anything we do at this point is superfluous. But if Obama and Hillary should use this ploy, I will, indeed, demand to see their proof, and not just some anonymous and unnamed ‘reports’.”

At this point, I inquired delicately about what sort of remuneration I might receive for my services to world peace, truth and justice, and the bringing on of the Eschaton. Putin, with nonchalance, told me to go back to North Carolina, and that after the success of my detailed plan, I would receive a handsome, unspecified payment (in rubles) placed in my Credit Union checking account. 

As of this writing, I am still waiting…although I am more than satisfied that my vast and complicated work in engineering the 2016 election for Donald Trump, and making certain that Hillary actually got over two million more votes than “the Donald,” was a major blow for American liberty and our future.

My only real, but minor, complaint came on the way back from Moscow on that same Ilyushin jet: the rot-gut wodka was even worse, so much so, that instead of fifteen shots, I had twenty-five. When I landed at a top secret airfield out here in the wilds of rural eastern Wake County, NC, I was so tipsy that I couldn’t drive or even manipulate my way to my parked and camouflaged 2006 Kia Spectra (which I mistook for an overweight blue-colored elephant, with Trump and Putin stickers affixed to it). I had to hitch hike my way back home!

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