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March 10, 2018

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

Stormy Daniels and the Feminist Assault on Donald Trump…And on the Nation


Like ravenous wolves who’ve been rebuffed in various attempts to corner prey, the malicious minions of the Deep State, the managerial establishmentarians along the Potomac, the devilish denizens of academia and hellish Hollywood whores, speaking as it were with one voice through the Mainstream Media, are once more lapping at the heels of President Trump.

Sent scurrying in some disarray by their year-long and utterly futile attempts to incriminate the president for collusion with Russia—although they continue furiously and feverishly to use that line of attack, this past week they resurrected another front, another line of attack, one that hitherto has not been that successful with Trump voters or a majority of the American public.

But anything—any weapon, even the most sordid or the most remote—is employable in their multifaceted effort to “get Trump,” to rid them of the hated usurper who wasn’t supposed to get elected back in 2016. Very simply they must, simply must, put that genie back in the magic lamp and get the Progressivist revolutionary trajectory and agenda back on track.

Thus the re-emergence of Stormy Daniels, the one-time actress and porn star, who would have had an encounter with Donald Trump back twelve years ago, and to whom Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid $130,000 out of his own account during the 2016 campaign. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) was prepared by Cohen by which Daniels would have remained silent—turning over any prejudicial “intellectual property” to Cohen.

But now Daniels—motivated by what? Greed? Democratic feminist operatives?—declares that Trump never signed the NDA, so she has decided to go public.

This was enough for The Washington Post, The New York Times, the leftwing “watch-dog” group Common Cause (the Times, laughably, calls them, “non-partisan”) and other leftist anti-Trump (and NeverTrump) zealots to swing back into full attack mode.

And, what do you know? The Times immediately found—you guessed it—a “Russian connection”!  And one more cog in the recent effort to “rehabilitate” Christopher Steele, the virulent British anti-Trump shyster and paid-by-the-Democrats creator of the infamous “dossier” on which much of the Mueller investigation is based.

Here is how the tendentious Times creates the link to the outrageous and discredited Steele Dossier:

…the Daniels story is germane to the overriding scandal of the Trump administration, the one involving Trump’s relationship with Russia. Christopher Steele, the British ex-spy who compiled an infamous dossier of opposition research on Trump, wrote that Russia could blackmail Trump with evidence of his “sexual perversion.” Nothing we know of Daniels confirms the dossier’s outrĂ© claims about what such perversion entailed. The NDA does, however, show that Trump was susceptible to blackmail.      []

I have Italicized one sentence in this paragraph attempting to link Trump to the Dossier and thus to supposed Russian collusion, because even the Times is forced to admit that there simply aren’t any real links with the Daniels business.

Further, spokesmen for the leftwing Common Cause are charging that the financial payment violated campaign finance law since it was not reported as a contribution by the Trump campaign, despite Cohen having paid it from his personal funds and despite a recent arbitration proceeding that went in favor of the Trump campaign.

Daniels, of course, would stand to gain millions of dollars in any resulting publicity: think of the book contracts…the guest appearances…possible future movies!  And, no doubt, she would be embraced by the #MeToo and feminist movement as one more example of (white) male abuse of innocent women (only in this case she wasn’t and isn’t very “innocent”).

We can recall that towards the end of the 2016 campaign a whole bevy of “innocent" and
“abused” women all of a sudden “appeared” to accuse Donald Trump of various sexual infractions over the past twenty-five years. And just like what happened with Judge Roy Moore in Alabama this past fall, they were greeted by the leftwing Mainstream Media like a phalanx of sainted Mary Magdalenes, cleansed of their faults, demanding “justice” from “the Man” who took advantage of them and ruined them, that is, until the likes of feminist ambulance-chasing attorney Gloria Allred caught up with them, casting glittering visions of fame and money—mostly money—before their eyes.

Back in 2016 a majority of American voters were able to sort this sordid business out to the point that, despite its fetid swirl, they—we—voted for Donald Trump. The miraculously timed appearance of those poor abused women was just too convenient, too political, and their stories—which had been repeated in various venues previously—seemed suspicious at best.

It’s not the we discounted that Donald Trump might well have engaged in a bit of hanky-panky years back—indeed, he had as much admitted that he had been a lady’s man a decade and more ago. And he admitted to salty and—how shall we call it?—“descriptive” language, language that many of us men might well have used in a locker room at one time or another.

But he had finally—after a couple of failed marriages—settled down with Melania Knavs, a very beautiful and intelligent model from Slovenia, with a son, Barron, to show for it, and from every appearance real marital bliss. Which man among us could do better?

We understood from the “get go” that the brash billionaire from New York had a history. But we were not voting for “Saint of the United States”; we were desperate for someone, a bull-in-the-china-shop, a man of direct action, who would march down to Washington DC, down to those stinking bureaucratic pigsties, those managerial Deep State bastions along the Potomac, and “drain the swamp.” No ordinary politician—no establishment Republican, no establishment conservative, not even a Ted Cruz—would be capable for the task. None of the GOP dwarfs opposing Trump would be capable, despite best intentions or all the campaign promises they could muster, of meeting that challenge.

And the hour was late—the very fate of what was left of our once-constitutional republic—was at stake. The forces of the Deep State establishment completely dominated the Democrats and, if not also controlling the GOP and conservative elites, at least enforced an enabling silence on them in the face of ongoing Progressivist revolution.

The admittedly imperfect Trump said “no.” Summoning the latent forces of an older, and more nationalist and populist grass roots conservatism, ironically, he garnered the support of a strong majority of America’s Evangelical voters and traditional Christians, who, unlike the officious and condescending Mainstream Media mavens and Hollywood types, truly understood the powerful image of Balaam’s ass [cf. Numbers 22: 21-39, in particular vss. 27-28], in which God, Who is omnipotent and chooses His own vehicle to communicate, spoke through the donkey to Balaam.

Donald Trump enunciated issues that gained for him the election; but it was not the ritual murmuring of the same old tired “conservative narrative” trotted out around election time by establishment members of “conservativism inc.,” but a revivified reaching back to an older and more traditional “conservatism”—on foreign entanglements, on trade and protecting American industry from unfair foreign competition, on border security and immigration and the Wall, in support of a pro-life judiciary and a defense of the country’s religious rights and family heritage, in short, to “make America great again.” And it wasn’t just campaign rhetoric—it was real, it was felt by millions of “deplorables,” by out-of-work coal miners and steelworkers, by millions of families at the mercy of Big Brother-style regulations and faceless bureaucrats in government and in our schools, but also sensed fearfully by fat cat bureaucrats safely secured in their managerial sinecures in the “swamp.”

So, those millions of Americans intuitively understood what was at stake, that indeed what was needed was not another flaccid collaborator with the Deep State, like George W. Bush, who accepted the precepts of globalism and American subinfeudation to the New World Order, and the resultant commitment of American boys inserted into every faraway conflict in every forlorn desert or remote oasis in the world to satisfy the ravings of Max Boot (who had been John McCain’s foreign policy advisor) or the intransigent NeverTrump Bill Kristol, whose “Neoconservatism” makes the old Soviets of thirty years ago seem ultra-conservative.

Those Trump voters knew that “the Donald” had been a “man about town” in earlier years.  But they also realized that with few exceptions too many American presidents had had their dalliances, some previous to becoming our chief executives (e.g., Dwight Eisenhower, Andrew Jackson, Grover Cleveland), but others, more flagrantly, while serving as president (e.g., Bill Clinton, John Kennedy).

Had we not just recently gone through the unattractive details of ten years and more of sordid Clinton “sexcapades,” some of which had taken place flagrantly in the White House, itself? Had we not been told repeatedly by a defensive Democratic Party and a sex-drenched Hollywood that Clinton’s “sin” was just about sex?  And was he not now the most admired and revered personage in the Democratic Party, kind of an elder statesman, invited to all those glittering and glitzy leftwing functions…despite the hypocritical (and obviously ideological) #MeToo” movement?

So, when the charges suddenly erupted in late 2016 against Donald Trump--and now re- appear with Stormy Daniels’ attempt to gain fame and fortune—we respond like the Democrat defenders of Grover Cleveland did after his successful campaign against Senator James G. Blaine in 1884.

The Republicans had surfaced the fact that Cleveland had had a child out of wedlock:

“Ma, Ma, where’s my Pa? Gone to the White House, ha, ha, ha!” was their refrain.

To which the Democrats (arguably the “conservative” party back then) responded: “I voted for Maria, and I voted for the kid; I voted for Cleveland, and I’m damn glad I did!”

Thus, this rather smirky latest attempt to tie Trump to Russia by the Times and the Mainstream Media, this revived cudgel used to attack the president, will not shake the Deplorables who voted from him. They understand that vehicles of much needed change—in this case, radical change—are not always like the pure Chevalier Bayard, the “chevalier sans peur et sans reproche,” or the Franciscan “soldier saint,” St. John of Capistrano, who fought the Infidel Muslims at the Siege of Belgrade (1456), a cross in one hand, a sword in the other. But they did comprehend that Donald Trump was a fighter, unbought, willing to fight and, as Greek mythology tells us about Hercules,  to “cleanse the Augean stables” of their filth and excrement.

And to be blunt, that is what Washington is full of…and what needs cleaning up and draining.

So, Stormy will get her day in the sun, her interviews most likely on CNN and MSNBC and elsewhere, and her thousands of dollars. And the hypocritical Deep State functionaries will scratch their heads one more time and wonder why millions of believing Christians and church-goer don’t renounce the president and flock back to the Establishment.

In the deafening din of American politics, they haven’t been listening and they haven’t learned a thing.

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