Thursday, April 12, 2018

April 12, 2018

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

SYRIA Part IV: Perpetual War for Unobtainable Peace: Is This What We Want? Can We Halt the Rush to Armageddon?


For the first three days this week I’ve discussed Syria, emphasizing that what is occurring there—and what may well happen there in future days if the United States should engage in massive attacks in response to the purported chemical attack in the village of Douma, near Damascus—could well have incalculable consequences, not just for us, but for the entire world.

I realize that there may be some who question why we should spend so much time on this topic—after all, Syria is thousands of miles away, and it’s not like it directly affects our personal lives, our personal budgets, our children’s schools, our job, or our health.

What about the bloated budget, we might ask? Why not get back to examining the illegal immigration issue at our border and which, in many cases, is destroying our culture? And how do we deal with the continuing “Deep State” attempt to unseat our elected president?

Certainly, these domestic issues are closer to us and have more immediate effect.

Yet, the issues in play in Syria and our policies in the Middle East—the possible ramifications of renewed and massive American involvement, the potential unleashing of a new worldwide epidemic of mindless terrorism, and the likelihood of confrontation with Russia—these issues could profoundly shape our personal lives and our future. And we desperately need to see and understand that—and we need to let our elected representatives in Washington and President Trump know of our deep concern.

Once again it was Tucker Carlson on this nightly primetime program, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” who fearlessly punched back at the seeming consensus among Neoconservative war hawks, the Republican establishment, and the near-totality of the Democratic Party who, it appears, are clamoring for bloodthirsty war in that Middle East quagmire, that maelstrom of death, destruction and degradation which has, for centuries, engulfed and destroyed empires, while serving as the sandy grave for millions of men, boys and civilians.

What is so blatantly apparent—so appallingly troubling—about the zealous Neoconservative cries for war and American involvement is that these same rabid war hawks who push for a massive “retaliatory strike” in Syria because of what happened in Douma, based on very dubious evidence and facts on the ground provided by highly colored and prejudicial sources (opponents of the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad), have no plan—have really no idea—what follows, or what policy might actually come afterwards.

In other words, we are supposed to take the word of violent Jihadis (the Army of Islam) on the ground, of those anti-Assad partisans, who make unverified claims, and then we must commit massive American air and possibly ground forces in a civil war that had been winding down…in a war that Assad, a more moderate Muslim with strong Christian support (there are several million Christians living in Syria), had been winning against his Islamist Jihadi opponents (the same folks that John McCain had embraced back in 2013, calling them “moderates”).

In other words, we are supposed to commit American jets and potentially the lives of thousands American boys to take revenge, essentially, for a purported chemical attack for which we still lack the concrete proof that it occurred as the anti-Assad “observers” and “videographers” claim it did. (All the videos and photographs thus far come from them.)

In other words, we are supposed to engage in a high risk game of chicken with the substantial Russian military assets in Syria—risking conflict, indeed, something that Senators McCain and Graham actually want to happen.

We are being pushed and shoved, cajoled and bullied into war by political charlatans and by a more or less united news media (including much of Fox, except for Carlson), who see Syria as a back door to confrontation and, yes, eventually war with Russia--because Russia has refused to accept the tutelage and imposed ironclad rules of the New World Order. The words of McCain, Graham, the pronouncements of the Neocons on Fox (e.g. General Jack Keane, Oliver North, and so on), the “Amens” coming from the Democrat pols on Capitol Hill (who see this as just one more way to “get at” the president), betray a lunacy, a manic and deranged headlong leap into a cauldron filled with blood, anguish, incalculable expense, and unimaginable suffering.

Tucker Carlson had two guests at the beginning of his program on April 11: the first was Noah Rothman, associate editor of Commentary Magazine.

The Wikipedia identifies Commentary this way:

Commentary is a monthly American magazine on religion, Judaism, and politics, as well as social and cultural issues. Founded by the American Jewish Committee in 1945, it was edited by Norman Podhoretz from 1960 to 1995. Besides its strong coverage of cultural issues, Commentary provided a strong voice for the anti-Stalinist left. Podhoretz, originally  liberal Democrat turned neoconservative, moved the magazine to the right and toward the Republican Party in the 1970s and 1980s.

Commentary is currently edited by Norman Podhoretz’s son, Neoconservative writer John Podhoretz, an original Never Trumper who once called President Trump “nauseating and disgusting” and who favors, like his chums over on the “farther Left,” an open door immigration policy and supports same sex marriage.  []

Yet it is some of these same Neocons, foreign policy hawks who actually disdain the “America First” agenda, who now have managed to surround the president and occupy positions of authority in foreign policy, demanding and insisting that Donald Trump—whom they really despise but find a convenient vehicle for their purposes—take massive retaliatory action in Syria, against a country that has not attacked us, against a state that has never threatened us, based on unverified accusations made by fierce enemies of that country’s president.

And we are told that it is all in our national interest. We are lectured that we must, as in the chilling and chiliastic words of the ultra-propagandistic “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” go marching off to war: “As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free.”

But the visions of the dead and maimed, rotting corpses in arid deserts, grieving parents and wives and children, also remain in our thoughts…and for what? For, as Tucker Carlson reminds us in the starkest of terms, we are not told why, we are simply told to shut up and follow along, while our arm chair generals and fanatical Neocon globalists plot their next move in a geopolitical war that threatens to destroy us all.

I pass on the segment from Carlson’s program from Wednesday night, April 11: the first fifteen minutes include his opening monologue, followed by his intense debate with Noah Rothman (whose paramount interests, like that of his magazine, are always Israel First), and then about five minutes with former British United Kingdom Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, who makes some very simple and very reasonable comments…comments which we all should acknowledge.

Again, the time is nearly past: time to contact our representatives and the White House.

Watch the video:

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