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June 16, 2018

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

Immigration Debate Front and Center—Is Hillary’s Dream Coming to Pass?


I’ve been going back and reviewing items I wrote before I began MY CORNER in April 2017. And I found a short piece—a kind of parody—which I’ve dusted off and edited just a bit, and I share it with you today. Back when I authored it (January 7, 2016), Hillary Clinton was the prohibitive favorite to win the November 2016 presidential election, and the Mainstream Media was doing everything it could to besmirch and sink the campaign of candidate Donald Trump. (It is still at it, even more unhinged and foaming-at-the-mouth than ever.)

What is a bit stunning when I re-read this parody—which I hope will amuse you some—is the irony it conveys.  Millions of Americans voted for Donald Trump because they opposed (and continue to oppose) the “open borders”/amnesty mentality and narrative of the Democrats AND the Republican Party establishment (which seems to be controlled in large part by elites dominated by fat cat financial backers, Wall Street, the Chamber of Commerce and the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity). The grass roots, including millions of hardworking, law-abiding, God-believing, beset-upon Democrats in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, voted for Donald Trump with the hope that he could somehow stop the hemorrhaging of American jobs, that he could secure a strong border wall, that he could end chain migration and the visa lottery system, and that even millions of illegals might be returned to their own homelands (and if they wanted to come to the US that at the very least they would have to stand in line like everyone else!).

And Donald Trump was elected. Hillary and the “open borders” crowd were defeated in what was undoubtedly the most stunning election in recent American history.

Success for “America First,” right?  Secure our borders, right?

NO….All those “deplorables”—those regular and beleaguered American citizens—had to now contend with what is arguably an even greater challenge: the establishment in the GOP and its current efforts, being pushed by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, to indeed achieve by legislation what Hillary and her crew actually desired!

And thus the Speaker has allowed to come forward two “immigration reform” bills, both of which are presented as satisfying the president’s demands for border and immigration security, one of which, in actuality, could have been—and probably was—drafted by minions of the Business Roundtable and those in the GOP favoring some sort of amnesty.

One of the bills that will be considered is the Goodlatte Bill, so called after Congressman Robert Goodlatte (Republican of Virginia).  [] Formerly labeled the “Securing America’s Future Act,” it is the better of the two pieces of proposed legislation, yet still falls short of the promises that Donald Trump made during the 2016 campaign.

Here is how Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies characterizes it (June 14, 2018):

“It would codify Obama's lawless DACA amnesty, protecting the 700,000 illegal aliens who signed up for it from the likely Supreme Court ruling permitting the termination of the program. To limit the magnetic effect of such an amnesty to attract new illegal immigration, the bill includes enforcement measures, most notably full funding for a wall and mandatory E-Verify. And to limit the downstream legal immigration consequences, the Goodlatte bill would discontinue the visa lottery and the chain-migration categories and allow parents of adult U.S. citizens to move here only on non-immigrant visas (i.e., those that do not lead to citizenship) and require proof of paid-up health insurance.

[But] it reallocates some of the family visas to the employment-based immigration categories, which are already too big, without the needed streamlining of that system that the Raise Act calls for. What's more, it establishes a huge new agricultural guest worker program, expanding it to cover workers in meatpacking and dairy (a bribe to farm interests to buy their silence on E-Verify). []

But, as Krikorian states, the Goodlatte bill is unlikely to pass, “as since every Democrat will vote against it, joined by the immigration-expansionist Republicans.”  

The second bill that is being offered by Speaker Ryan is labeled “the leadership bill,” and it has his support and the support of establishment Republicans. And it is a direct undercutting of the candidate Trump’s promises to the American electorate:

“The leadership bill cuts out whole portions of the Goodlatte compromise: It doesn't mandate E-Verify, it leaves more of the chain-migration categories in place, and does nothing to change the rules for immigration of parents. What's more, it would expand the amnesty beyond those who currently have DACA, and could be even larger than the 1.8 million cited by the White House earlier this year.

“Not only does the leadership bill cut out important parts of the Goodlatte bill, it includes new provisions inserted at the behest of tech lobbyists: It reallocates more of the family green cards to the already bloated employment categories, it ends the per-country cap (meaning Indian tech workers and their relatives will come to dominate the legal immigration flow, with people from other countries effectively crowded out), and most alarmingly, it expands the amnesty to include children of long-term foreign tech workers here on temporary visas, a number I've heard quoted as 75,000, though there's no way to know.”

This is not why millions of American citizens voted for Donald Trump; yet, in an embarrassing contrempts on Friday, June 14, after the president apparently said in the morning that he only would sign the Goodlatte bill, later that evening his spokesman, Raj Shah, said that the president would support either bill! []

What is going on in the White House? Are those Neoconservative sycophants who are desperately trying to shape the president’s foreign policy, now working hand-in-glove with the “Profits First” (as opposed to the “America First”) segment of the GOP?

So, in the end…does Hillary actually win? Does her agenda and the agenda of the open door Leftists and the pro-amnesty establishment GOP and the Neocons (who never wanted Trump in the first place) succeed after all? How ironic can you get?

It is time to contact your congressman and tell him that NEITHER BILL is a great one, and a vote against both is appropriate. BUT, if we must have one or the other, then reluctantly support Goodlatte. Call, write, email, and let your representative know.

Now, on to the parody—with these Republicans in power I still may need to buy that extra pork (see below)!



Finally, the Real Behind-the-Scenes of that Story?

By Boyd D. Cathey

It’s been two and a half years, and now I think it is safe to tell the whole story. You might remember what happened. It was the lead news item on ABC’s Saturday morning, January 2, 2016, news program. The announcer reported, breathlessly, “Donald Trump is being used in a terrorist ad---Hillary confirmed!” The last two words were actually not spoken by the ABC reporters, but the implication was just that.  Instead, Hillary Clinton was shown in the previous Democratic debate when she announced with fanfare that Donald Trump’s demand for a ban on Muslims coming to the US “was being used [in ISIS] recruitment videos.”

Back after Hillary made that claim, she was called on her false assertion, and even the mainstream media reluctantly stated that she had lied.  But I recall Rush Limbaugh on his radio program predicting that, indeed, there would be a video to eventually surface that in some measure would confirm what Hillary lied about, even if the Democratic National Committee and Hillary’s campaign team had to do it, surreptitiously of course.

Well, I have some highly informed and highly-placed clandestine sources in the Middle East. So, shortly after this incident I decided to contact my highly informed and highly-placed sources.    If I identified who they were, they'd sever my head from my aging body! For security reasons, I only use short-wave, two-way radio, you understand, and I use a frequency that was only used by the Bulgarian secret service during World War II---my friends in the Middle East know that when that frequency beeps, it’s me calling.

So, I beeped them: “Allahu Akhbar!” I blurted out (that means, “God is great!”). “This is Boyd Pasha calling.” My secret source---let’s call him Gunga Din, to protect his identity---responded, “What do you want, Boyd Pasha?”  And I stated that ABC and other news sources were reporting that the Islamic terrorist group al-Shabab, the al-Qaida affiliate in Somalia, had produced a promo using a clip of Donald Trump proposing a ban on Muslims coming to the USA until we can get a secure program up to ferret out potential terrorists, and that the American media was showing it. Apparently, the al-Shabab clip also included footage of its deceased spokesman Anwar al-Awlaki, who back in 2011 was sent by American air strikes on to meet up with those promised seventy-two virgins in Heaven.

My source, always on target, then revealed some startling news. In fact, my source played for me a recording of a conversation, and I think I’m the only person in the US to have heard it, and I quickly copied the text down in English. And, here, for the first time ever—two and a half years later—I release it to you:

FIRST VOICE (Hillary Clinton): “Hel-loo…this is Hillary Clinton. With whom am I speaking, please?”

SECOND VOICE: “Allahu Akhbar! Who are you? What do you want?”

FIRST VOICE: “I said this is Hillary Clinton, and I’m the smartest woman in the world. I am going to be Empress of America, well, at least the president, and I am calling you…is this ISIS? May I speak with the big boss, please?”

SECOND VOICE: “Clinton? Well, you are American? Do you wear a burqa and follow shar’ia law?”

FIRST VOICE: “You mean a veil? Well, if it would help, I can put one on, if I can find one at Saks 5th Avenue in New York City. Hmm…I believe my husband Bill may practice shar’ia law, I know he’s still looking for those seventy-two virgins.”

FIRST VOICE: “Anyway, is this ISIS?”

SECOND VOICE: “No, this is al-Shabab of Somalia. I am the Grand Vizier, Doofi al-Shazam, representative of Allah on earth, may his name be praised.”

FIRST VOICE: “Well, are you engaged in terrorist acts? That’s what I care about, you see. I don’t care which group you’re a member of, just as long as you qualify as a Muslim terrorist.”

SECOND VOICE: “No; we are engaged in a holy jihad against the infidel running dogs of the West, and we intend to impose Islam on all the peoples of what was once Christendom. We shall water our camels in the Potomac River and proclaim international shar’ia law from the US capitol! We are the holy army of the Prophet.”

FIRST VOICE: “Okay, okay; that’s good. I get it. But I need to ask you a question: do you know about Donald Trump and his proposal to ban Muslims coming to America? Well, I stated back in a national debate that ISIS was using that in its recruitment ads. I knew it was totally false, but, hey, falsehood has never stopped me. But, you see, I was wondering, could you, perhaps, use Trump in one of your promo ads? I would really be beholden to you. And I could then tell my followers that I was right.”

SECOND VOICE: “We know of this Trump man…he threatens to kill us and send us all to Jannah [Heaven]. We don’t like him, because he would probably really do that. He’s not like your other infidel politicians….”

FIRST VOICE: “Look, I know, but that’s not my question. Could you make a video using Trump pushing his Muslim ban? Hey, I would do almost anything if you could do that…please!”

SECOND VOICE: “I will consult with the Grand Islamic Council, but I think I can say that we could produce such a video. But, I must ask you, what will you do for us in return? We do not do favors for infidel American running dogs for nothing.”

FIRST VOICE: “Ah! Mr. Shazam, I will do almost anything, just name it, if you can produce such a video and make sure that the American news media get it really soon.”

SECOND VOICE: “Allah be praised! Yes, we can deal. Here is what we request in return: first, if you become president of the infidel American running dogs, you must open the doors to millions of Muslims---like what is happening in Europe, especially those Warriors of Allah---to come to your nation. Also, you must allow the imposition of shar’ia law in your infidel nation.”

FIRST VOICE: “Okay, I think I can take care of that. Yeah, I can think of some states---like Alabama, Mississippi, maybe the Carolinas---where we could settle millions of Muslims. After all, those areas would never vote for me anyway. And millions of Muslim jihadist immigrants would fix their little red wagons!”

SECOND VOICE: “Our Muslim immigrants would also demand all the benefits of the American welfare and educational systems, which must be shaped and molded to our values.”

FIRST VOICE: “Certainly, in fact, that’s happening right now! So, don’t worry, between the millions of undocumented Mexicans here and coming in, and your people coming, why, I can remake America! That sounds like a great arrangement. And I can get many Republicans on board, too—they are owned by the Chamber of Commerce and the Koch Brothers' Americans for Prosperity.”

SECOND VOICE: “Clinton woman, you have a deal. We shall produce such an ad.”

FIRST VOICE: “Great! Oh, and I’m sure that Bill will be delighted about that shar’ia law thing and those seventy-two virgins….man, he may even start his own harem! It’s been great talking with you, Mr. Shazam. Happy New Year!”

SECOND VOICE: “Thank you, Clinton woman. It shall be done as you say. Allahu Akhbar! Very soon the Prophet will reign in America and the lowly infidel running dogs will either worship Allah or die a miserable death!”

And then the conversation stopped. I have to say that it was, without doubt, a revelation for me. Of course, the Clinton machine has been known to take no prisoners in previous campaigns, and, certainly, the prospect of having a take-no-prisoners candidate—Donald Trump--come up against the Lady Macbeth of American politics was sobering. But I never dreamed they would go this far. And now I have to wonder if the jihadists will come after me, too; in fact, I’m putting out pork and bacon strips in my yard. I figure that that might keep the jihadists away, at least for a while.

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