Thursday, August 9, 2018

August 9, 2018

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

Where Are the Southerners (and American Patriots) Ready to Stand for Our Western and Christian Heritage?


We are coming up to the one year anniversary of the events—the riot—that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia, back on August 11-12, 2017. Already government-funded PBS has weighed in with a special primetime edition of its television program “Frontline.”  The feature, “Documenting Hate: Charlottesville,” is a blatantly tendentious cinematic attempt by the Leftist-funded, hard core pro-Marxist group ProPublica which was broadcast nationally this past Monday night (August 6). It portrays what happened in Mr. Jefferson’s city as it experienced a “riot and massacre by Nazis and violent Alt-Right fascists.”

ProPublica, which pretends to be a center for “investigative journalism,” has in some ways taken over from the increasingly discredited Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), as a self-proclaimed vehicle for “shining the light of publicity” (and launching personal attacks) on what it terms nefarious “right wing extremists.” Of course, a closer look at this tax exempt, non-profit research organization reveals that it is funded by some of the biggest “hitters”—the most affluent billionaires—on the far Left of the Democratic Party.

Here is what the Wikipedia says about ProPublica:

ProPublica was the brainchild of billionaires and Democratic donors   Herbert and Marion Sandler, former chief executives of the Golden West Financial Corporation, who have committed $10 million a year to the project.  The Sandlers hired Paul Steiger former managing editor of the Wall Street Journal, to create and run the organization as editor in chief. 

Notice what this paragraph reveals:  Major Leftist Democratic donors—Wall Street billionaires—create this new “anti-hate” group, and then, hire the former managing editor of the—yes! supposedly “right wing”—Wall Street Journal (owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns Fox).

Connect the dots—connect the dots between the globalist Leftwing capitalists on Wall Street, the globalist capitalist Wall Street Journal, and the Democratic Left.

ProPublica’s “Documenting Hate” used as background President Trump’s “moral failure” over Charlottesville:  he refused to blame only the Right—those Nazis—for the violence...But stated that there was enough culpability to go round on both sides. (Remember it was such high-profile minions of the “conservative movement inc.” like Ben Shapiro, Glenn Back, and Jonah Goldberg, all of whom had been Never Trumpers, who joined the Left and led the charge to condemn the president and imply that he was a “racist” for his “failure.”)

Indeed, Black Lives Matter and Antifa—who  did not have a march/rally permit, while the Unite the Right demonstrators did—gathered specifically to challenge and engage in combat with the Rightists and, in effect, caused the riot.

Never mind; ProPublica’s narrative said not one word about that Leftist violence.  From viewing their “Frontline” exposition you would only think it was just that dangerous and armed group of Nazis, who, we are also told, have infiltrated all facets of American life (including the military) that initiated and committed mayhem. And, of course, behind it all stood and stands the political figure who has legitimated this “climate of hate”—Donald J. Trump.

A larger question remains, and not just about the fate of the monument to Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, but about all the symbols of our history all across the Southland. It is a question that all Southerners who value and treasure their rich patrimony and inheritance should ask themselves: as the radical cultural Marxists engage in a concerted campaign—with the connivance of the news media (including Fox) and much of what passes for the establishment “conservative movement”—to wipe the horizon clear of all monuments to our history, our heritage, and our heroes, where are the thousands of Southern-born folks who should be turning out and demanding that those extreme Leftists leave our monuments and symbols alone?

At home watching the latest episode of “America’s Got Talent” or Steve Harvey?  Out mowing the grass and drinking a cool one?

In other words, arranging the deck chairs on the RMS Titanic while the cultural Marxist ice berg does its work?

In other words: where are YOU when the local gang of professional Marxists, Black Lives Matter militants, and Antifa hooligans—with tacit okays from leaders of both political parties, and with the nodding approval of the press—organize a loud, semi-violent demonstration against those monuments which, they say, are “symbols of racism” and “white supremacy,” and threaten to destroy them (just like they did in Durham, NC)?

Where are YOU when the local liberal and spineless Republican office-holders, mortally afraid of being labeled “racists,” hold quickly-planned “public input sessions” to mutter platitudes about “equality” and decide the fate of those symbols?

Where are YOU when the few heritage defense organizations that do exist hold public events, such as Lee Day, Confederate Flag Day, or Confederate Memorial Day observances? Sitting on your duff while those elements who wish to extinguish not just YOUR heritage, but you, too, continue on their cancerous destructive course in transforming our institutions and culture?

Back in 2007, as chairman of North Carolina’s annual Confederate Flag Day (sponsored by the North Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans), I brought down nationally-known traditionalist conservative author, Dr. Paul Gottfried, to address our event. His speech was both a salute to Tar Heels who assembled to honor their heritage and a clarion call to Southerners to defend their history, and his presentation was reprinted later in the Confederate Veteran magazine.

Today I offer his latest essay, and it asks the same questions I ask of my fellow citizens, and not just of my fellow Southerners: where are YOU? As our vicious and unhinged enemies attempt to liquidate our past—and us—where are those thousands of sons and daughters of the South (and their allies from other parts of the nation) willing to stand up and say: “Halt! No further: leave our symbols alone—go back to your filthy Leftist hovels—better yet, be true to your convictions and take the next boat to North Korea (about which your web sites wax admiringly). I’m sure that Fearless Leader Kim can find a use for your scraggly, brains-dulled-by-drugs, unwashed, smelly selves!”

 Here, then, is Paul Gottfried’s latest call to his brothers in the South:

Southern Cultural Cleansing: A Northern Perspective

6/26/2018   By Dr. Paul E. Gottfried

In at least seven articles published in The Atlantic since 2015, we are given abundant reasons for “sanitizing” Southern urban spaces of Confederate plaques and flags. We also learn from this politically correct publication why Charleston has benefited from being redecorated with statues celebrating black slave revolts. The Atlantic bestows special commendation on a statue commemorating Denmark Vesey, the firebrand who incited a slave insurrection in the 1820s. But one feature article in 2015 finds an overriding reason that The Atlantic’s fans might want to hold back from pulling down all Confederate monuments just yet:  “If we do away with monuments like the Calhoun statue, we risk erasing how these memorials reinforced racial inequality in the past. This would constitute a distortion of history, of memory, in its own right. We also risk losing sight of the insidious legacies of these monuments today. “

This then is the justification for keeping those evil statues around, to remind us of exactly how evil the old order was before present leftist elites began changing everything—presumably for the better. Friends tell me that the PC Taliban squads are eager to deface or pull down anything in Charleston pertaining to William Gilmore Simms, one of the most famous American novelists and historians of the antebellum period. The literary figure who was referred to as “the James Fenimore Cooper of the South” but who, unlike Cooper, was also a distinguished American historian, became a plantation owner in the 1840s and lent his support to the War for Southern Independence.  Those may be more than enough grounds to trash his memory and to defile anything that is associated with Simm’s life. Or so one might infer from the way The Atlantic treats the ongoing defilement of the Southern past, as a perfectly natural and justified reaction against pure wickedness.

The worst way to approach this defacing and destruction of monuments, plaques and graves is to pretend that they will eventually stop if we just don’t notice. Since these outrages have been accelerating and gaining endorsement from the Mainstream Media and, quite predictably, from Republican networks, it is ridiculous to believe they will cease to happen on their own. The “sanitizing” under discussion brings back memories of the razing of the statues of Jewish composers and writers by the Third Reich. Not surprisingly, that outrage also received endorsement from a sympathetic press, represented by the Nazi daily Der Völkische Beobachter.  And seeing the constabulary benignly looking on while this destruction goes on as an everyday event reminded me that pro-Nazi or just cowardly police and judges did nothing to punish zealous vandals in interwar Germany.  I believe that we too are living through a seizure of cultural and political power by a determined totalitarian enemy of our freedom; and this enemy seems to hate Southern whites with an obsessive passion.  Needless to say, those who have monopolized the emotions aroused by Nazi crimes, don’t care a wrap about those who are now behaving like Nazi vandals. After all, these thugs now call themselves “antifascists” and claim that they’re also opposing the “Nazi” in the White House.

As a Northerner, I am appalled by the very limited opposition to this government-sponsored vandalism that has come from Southern whites, many of whose ancestors were involved in the struggle for Southern independence. When I watched the events in Charlottesville unfold last year, I kept asking myself why millions of Southerners had not descended on the Confederate war monument located in the city center to protest its removal, before those with a different agenda took advantage of the protest for their own use. In a commentary, I contrasted the generally weak Southern response to the ongoing extirpation and blackening of their ancestral history to the way Italians in New York City responded to the efforts of the local Taliban to pull down statues of Columbus. The question I addressed is why Italian Americans cared more about Columbus, an Italian who sailed to the New World under a Spanish flag five hundred years ago, than Southerners cared about honoring the memory of a great American hero who was one of their own.

What complicates this matter for me is that the vicious attack on the Southern past is part of something that goes well beyond the states that formed the onetime Confederacy. It is the opening round of what is likely to become a violent struggle for a total Cultural Marxist transformation of this country. Those who engage in politics as usual have tried to dislodge this concern from our minds. But the reconstruction continues to take place, and the defacing and ripping down of Confederate monuments is symptomatic of something much bigger and more ominous. For those who haven’t noticed:  our media and educational institutions are inciting this transformation; and our established conservative movement is doing zilch to prevent it from happening.       

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