Friday, November 23, 2018

November 23, 2018

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

My Anthology of Essays About and in Defense of the South, THE LAND WE LOVE, Is Available Now


It’s available now for purchase—my published anthology of essays, THE LAND WE LOVE, about and in defense of the South and its historic culture and traditions. It is available and may be ordered from at least three sellers (addresses and direct contact information are listed below), from, from Barnes & Noble, and from the publisher, Scuppernong Press (Wake Forest, NC). The book is hardback, with 308 pages.  The “Dean of Southern Historians,” Professor Clyde Wilson (Emeritus, University of South Carolina), authored the Foreword, which reads, in part:

“We Southerners are blessed to have a rich story that is still powerful among us and also far beyond our borders.  That history is envied and hated by postmodern Americans who have no story of their own and work to destroy the memory of ours.   Defending our story is not backward and provincial but is a part of the defense of civilization as we have known it.  Seldom has this defense been made by writers as eloquent and as vastly and broadly learned as Dr. Boyd Cathey.  Herein he has erected a sturdy wall where we can gather to resist the barbarism of our time.” 

We are currently investigating the possibility of having a series of book-signing events where I would be available with copies of the book to personally sign for interested persons. If you (or your organization) would like to host such an event, hopefully with good attendance, please contact the publisher (address below) or me, and perhaps we may set something up. We are open to suggestions.

You will notice, as well, that Amazon features several Marketplace (independent) sellers who offer the book at a slightly reduced price. You can order copies directly from those sellers, using the Amazon portal.  

So far we have six reviewers who will receive signed review copies, but we are also looking for additional reviewers who would receive copies that they would review in a publication, either print or online.  
 --Boyd D. Cathey, November 23, 2018

Dr. Boyd D. Cathey. THE LAND WE LOVE: THE SOUTH AND ITS HERITAGE (Scuppernong Press, November 2018; hardback, 308 pages; Foreword by Dr. Clyde Wilson, Emeritus Professor of History, University of South Carolina)

***SCUPPERNONG PRESS,   P.O. Box 1724, Wake Forest, North Carolina 27588 Web Site address:

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