Tuesday, February 19, 2019

February 19, 2019

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

The Smollett “Racism” Case and Tucker Carlson: One More Faked Episode Pushed by the Left


I have purposefully stayed away from commenting on the Jussie Smollett “case,” as the circumstances surrounding it are still unfolding and developing in the most bizarre fashion. Yet, increasingly, this case is beginning to resemble innumerable other instances of manufactured and faked “hate crimes.”  These cases have been engineered for a variety of reasons, but almost all are employed by our dominant Leftist culture, by the Mainstream Media, and by politicians (of both political parties), to create a narrative, an ongoing template, to support the assertion that America has been historically and still is in great part “racist” and “sexist,” carrying a heavy burden of “white supremacy,” “homophobic bigotry,” and oppression of women. And that hatred must be expunged, in fact, by whatever means necessary.

Whether the notorious Tawana Brawley case of decades ago (spearheaded by that huckster Al Sharpton), the Trayvon Martin case in Florida, the Ferguson shooting, the supposed rapes at the University of Virginia, the Duke Lacrosse scandal, and various purported “assaults” on Muslims—all have proven to be false, faked instances of “hate” and abuse. And they have provided the necessary fodder for the Progressivist Left to buttress its continuing assaults on what is left of our republic and its traditional institutions.

What is startling is that despite the revelations that these and many other instances are faked, it makes no difference to those advancing revolution in our society and pushing a radical transformation of our culture. Such hate crimes simply must exist, must be found, and must be denounced, if the narrative go forth and the agenda advance. And if it takes a “creative touch” here and there, the manipulation of an obviously faked story, of a falsehood into a societal totem, so what?  Is this not the underlying message of Saul Alinsky’s classic textbook of post-Marxist cultural and social revolution, Rules for Radicals?

After all, such instances, whether fake or not, serve the greater and more admirable purpose of overthrowing the inherently oppressive structures of white racism and historic misogyny. Only then—only after those societal structures are rooted out and overthrown—may the true Parousia, that frenetically-desired egalitarian Utopia be finally achieved.

Like all other such utopian revolutions its path will be scattered eventually by ruined lives, by new Holocausts and Holodomors, by the destruction of nearly everything that makes life truly worth living, noble, and human. No matter: nothing must stand in the way of the “idea” and its realization. And the first barrier to fall is truth, itself.

On Monday night [February 18] Tucker Carlson on his 8 p.m. prime time program summed all this up, with reference to the Jussie Smollett case in Chicago.

I pass along below a Youtube of the program, plus, following that a short written summary—the video is far more complete, and I urge you to watch it. Carlson’s opening monologue begins at about the two minute mark after a news update on the Smollett case. It lasts another twelve minutes. He then continues with two interviews…the whole portion lasts nearly a half hour.

Apparently, the Smollett episode is just one more  faked “hate crime” which, along with the Covington Catholic boys “hate crime” a couple of weeks ago, the Progressivists have attempted to use: they don’t  give up…if these instances don’t convince, why, there is certainly one more just around the corner.

And it is we who will pay the price as, despite the falsehoods, the narrative continues like a tsunami. Will we stand against it and denounce it for what it is?

Here is the Youtube:



Tucker Carlson: Why the left so desperately wanted to believe in Jussie, and not in America

When TV star Jussie Smollett claimed to be the victim of a racist anti-gay attack at the hands of two Trump supporters, virtually the entire news media and a parade of politicians immediately believed him and demanded the rest of us do so as well.
Now, that story is coming completely apart, with police sources saying Smollett likely orchestrated the entire attack himself. But while we wait for the facts to come to light, it is worth remembering that almost 3,000 people were shot in the City of Chicago last year -- women, small children -- sometimes alone and sometimes in groups. Many hundreds of them died, and not a single one received anything like the attention the media has lavished on a relatively minor assault alleged by Smollett.
On the other hand, none of Chicago's 3,000 shootings were even half as useful as Smollett's story.
The Smollett story had everything for a national media that long ago gave up the pretense of gathering news.  Journalism is now explicitly a political job, the point of which is to enforce cultural orthodoxies and punish enemies.
Jussie Smollett was the perfect vehicle for both of those things.
Journalists pretended to be horrified as they recounted what he said happened to him, but secretly, they were thrilled.
“There are many indications of a hate crime here. They are looking for two suspects who were wearing apparently wearing "Make America Great Again" hats though that has not yet been officially confirmed,” said MSNBC National Correspondent Miguel Almaguer.
Liz Plank, host of Vox Media’s “Consider It,” just knew President Trump had something to do with the attack.
“We don't know what happened to Jussie, but what we do know is that racism is alive and well in this country,” Plank said. “There is real evidence of people who have done these crimes, who cite that the President has inspired them.”
Jonathan Capehart, of the Washington Post, agreed with Plank. President Trump was most certainly to blame.
“The fact that [the attackers] reportedly said, ‘This is MAGA country,’ adds to sort of the atmosphere of menace that African-Americans in particular and people of color in general have felt since the advent of the Trump administration," Capehart mused.
Finally, there was this observation from CNN’s Brooke Baldwin: “He said his attackers hurled racial and homophobic slurs at him. This is America in 2019.”
Oh, and if you had questions, much less doubts, the elites were poised to attack you.
“And the media has really cast so much doubt on his story which I find so personally offensive that a gay black man is targeted and then suddenly he becomes the victim of people's disbelief,” said actress Sara Gilbert. “It is so outrageous to me.”
To the national media, Smollett's story was the perfect metaphor for the Trump era. It was also pretty clearly a total crock. Smollett's account began to fall apart within hours after a series of leaks from the obviously skeptical Chicago Police Department.
His handlers paired him with a network anchor they could rely on, with a 16-minute interview with Robin Roberts of "Good Morning, America."  Roberts surely knew there was ample evidence that Smollett was lying, but she decided to ignore that. Instead, Roberts colluded with him.
She nodded empathetically as Smollett wept on camera. She asked no significant follow-up questions.  The two parted like old friends. Both Smollett and Roberts turned out to be talented actors. Check out their performance on YouTube before it is scrubbed. You will never watch ABC News again. Virtually every word they utter is dishonest.
“If I had said it was a Muslim or a Mexican or someone black, I feel like the doubters would have supported me a lot much more, a lot more, and that says a lot about the place that we are in our country right now,” Smollett told Roberts. “The fact that we have these fear mongers, these people that are trying to separate us and it is just not okay.”
Who is dividing us? And who exactly is the victim in all of this? While Smollett claims that he is the victim, he tells us that he represents the most despised and unfashionable groups in America, that is why bigots doubt his story. The rest of us nod as if this was true because we are required to do that.  That is how dishonest our society has become.  Everyone must lie all the time.  We know the rules, we have no choice.
The fact is, the much-hyped epidemic of hate crimes we have heard so much about essentially is made up. The premise is absurd. America is not a hateful country, it is the most welcoming place on Earth that is why even as our children learn from their teachers what a bigoted country this is, millions continue to stream in from Africa and Latin America for a better life here.
So why does the left insist on inventing bigoted bogeymen waiting around every dark corner? Maybe because stoking race hatred ensures continued power for the Democratic Party. Divided populations are easier to manipulate and rule. There would be no Democratic coalition without racial animosity. It is what holds their constituencies together. That is the point of identity politics.  It is why they are forever reopening the wound.

But the cost to the country has been high. Hate hoaxes make ethnic groups fear and distrust each other.  That is a dangerous thing to do in a country that is becoming more diverse by the day.

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