Tuesday, July 30, 2019

July 30, 2019

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

Secession Column Now Picked Up by LEW ROCKWELL and Other Sites in the US and Europe


Readers of these columns may recall that I offered an installment “Is the American Nation Breaking Up?” earlier this month on July 24 where I discussed the possible courses for the future of this country, including the idea of secession or separation of regions and states into individual and self-governing entities. I suggested that such a course of action might well be the best, the optimum, and least painful option as the decrepit and decaying American union flies apart centrifugally in angry, vociferous, and—in my opinion—unbridgeable division.

I substantially reworked and expanded that column and it was picked by THE UNZ REVIEW and published as a feature essay on July 26. I also featured that newer version here in these pages on July 27, with a completely new introduction, titling it: “Nationalism vs. Secession: Should America Break Up?.

 Since then the essay published by UNZ has gone viral and has been picked up by several Web sites and even noticed overseas (in Europe). 

Among the sites thus far (which I know about) that have reproduced it or have quoted it are:



And most importantly, LEW ROCKWELL:

Thus, there is conversation about the future going on, and it is not just amongst and by our noted Southern scholars and writers like Drs. Clyde Wilson and Brion McClanahan, who have done so much to keep this topic alive and fertile. It is a conversation that I believe we must have—a conversation that goes back to our very Constitutional founding as a nation and our understanding of how this country can exist and have a future.

Despite the initial incredulity that any talk of “secession” brings, the shaking of heads, the response of: “You can’t be serious!”—despite the very real factors and immense forces arrayed against such potential future action—despite a growing, powerful, and jealously intrusive national government—yes, secession, or perhaps better stated, “separation” may just be one way of settling the stark and increasingly violent divisions that oppress and affect the United States.

At the very least, that was my hope—to generate some serious discussion.
And, in some small way, I think that is happening.

As one on the latest of the 330 plus commenters at the UNZ REVIEW site wrote:

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Note for posterity:
On July 29, 2019, Lew Rockwell himself reposted this essay (“Is it Time for America to Break Apart” by Boyd Cathey) to his long-running, major libertarian site LewRockwell.com, earning the article, I presume, thousands of more views today, and perhaps cumulatively hundreds of thousands there alone, in due course.
Lew Rockwell@lewrockwell Is It Time for America To Break Apart? Long past time. Article by Boyd D. Cathey. 

LewRockwell.com’s lead article today was the thematically-related “Mises on Secesssion.”

Thousands of readers have now read that essay. And my own site [http://boydcatheyreviewofbooks.blogspot.com/ ] has since seen more hits and views, not just for this column but for others, too.

And that is gratifying, not because of any financial gain (I get none) or notoriety (I’d prefer not to get any, especially after Morris Dees attacked me by name about sixteen years ago!), but because the future of this country IS at stake and DOES need to be examined, even if it be painful and very difficult to do so.

That is and has been my hope all along; and that was and is my desire with the essay, “Is It Time For America to Break Apart?”

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  1. It's all very fascinating. Administratively though, I'm fearful that it would be about as messy as any sort of hypothetical "reparations" scheme one could come up with.


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