Friday, August 2, 2019

August 2, 2019

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

TWO ESSAYS Picked up by The Abbeville Institute and One by Professor Mendenhall


Frequently, installments originating here at MY CORNER get expanded and edited, then picked up and published elsewhere. This has been the case recently, as you probably already know, with my revised and expanded essay on Nationalism vs. Secession (July 27), which not only appeared on The Unz Review, but has now been reprinted on LewRockwell and on five or six other Web sites. And this morning The Abbeville Institute has run it, following a fascinating and provocative essay (published August 1, 2019) by Professor Allen Mendenhall, the Associate Dean and Executive Director of the Blackstone & Burke Center for Law & Liberty at the Faulkner University Goode Jones School of Law, in Montgomery, Alabama.

Dean Mendenhall’s essay is striking. It is titled: “The United States in Not a Nation,” and in some ways like my piece, he takes aim at the recent conference on “national conservatism” which was held in Washington DC, and at the very concept that in our day a “nationalist” conservatism is really possible here in America, at least in the same constitutional, organic and historic form as currently manifesting itself in various European nations (e.g., in Hungary under its valiant Christian prime minister, Viktor Orban, or in Poland, united by its shared Catholic history and common destiny, or in Vladimir Putin’s revived Orthodox and traditionalist Russia).

Yes, there is a genuine traditionalist populism existent here in the United States, but its character and diverse and distinctly variegated and regionalist nature contrast with the such movements in Europe.

My essay in a real sense follows on logically from Professor Mendenhall’s fine piece; I urge reading his piece.

Additionally, Abbeville ran my essay on Disney’s film “Song of the South” on July 25. And, so, I mention it again, with the hope that readers will take advantage of the opportunity to immerse themselves in the genuine richness of our cinematic culture.

Here are the specific links to these essays at Abbeville:

Mendenhall, “The United States in Not a Nation”:

My essay, “Is it Time for America to Break Apart?”:

And, lastly, my review, “ ‘Song of the South’ and Assault on Culture”:

I wish you good reading, and may these items suscitate some serious thinking and conversation.

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