Thursday, September 12, 2019

September 12, 2019

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

John Bolton is Gone…Good! But Now What? Tucker Carlson Discusses

The special elections in North Carolina’s Congressional Districts 9 and 3 occupied my attention yesterday, but before it recedes into the memory hole, I wanted to offer a bit of commentary on the firing/resignation of John Bolton as President Trump’s National Security Adviser, September 10.

Those who have read MY CORNER over the past several years will know already that I consider Bolton to be one of the most nefarious and reckless “foreign policy experts” now roaming about Inside-the-DC-Beltway.” His history of zealous malfeasance and “let’s start a war—somewhere, anywhere!” view of American foreign policy goes back at least to the first Bush administration.

His view of American interests and foreign policy gave credence to the charge that our country was, indeed, “imperialist,” and that we wished to impose, by force if necessary, our (problematic) idea of democracy on every remote oasis and every distant jungle in the world, whether the inhabitants of those places desired it or not. And that, of course, would means thousands of body bags coming back by military jets and landing at various air fields, where grieving families would ask simply: “Why was it necessary for MY husband—MY father—MY brother—to die in some desert in Arabia or jungle in Africa when our country has no real interest there?”

Yes, arguably back in the 1980s it might have made sense that we were opposing the advance of world Communism. And hunting down the culprits of the World Trade Center is often given as a reason for us being in Afghanistan. (Yet, as we are beginning to find out, it was largely members of the Saudi Arabian political establishment who were far more deeply involved. Indeed, the 9/11 terrorists were Saudis. Because Saudi Arabia is our “ally,” nothing, no action has ever been taken to fully expose or investigate those connections, although there is apparently a “freedom of information” court case now pending.)

But why did American boys and men have to risk their lives in: Bosnia, Sudan, Iraq, Syria, maybe in the future in Iran, and so on? Islamic terror and the spread of an Islamic ideology? The very governments in Iraq (Saddam) and Syria (Assad) that we sought to overthrow (and in Iraq did overthrow) were stoutly anti-Islamist. And our intervention only aided the triumph of Islamist extremists. Whereas Saddam Hussein and Bashar al-Assad were successful in suppressing Al Qaeda, our involvement only made matters far worse.

And in the former Yugoslavia, it was our intervention that permitted a protected Islamist state, Kosovo, to be set up in the heart of Eastern Europe.

All of which is to say that these operations…all zealously supported and pushed by the bloodthirsty John Bolton and the Neoconservative foreign policy establishment…have generally had a very negative result, and, in effect, been disastrous to actual American interests in the world.

In 2016 Donald Trump ran on a platform of America First, of safeguarding American interests, and the promise that other peoples’ wars and civil conflicts were not our business, that we could not be the world’s policeman.

The menace of world Communism has long passed; Islamic terror and Islamism are, of course, threats, but our actions in Iraq and Syria have been gravely counter-productive.

Now Bolton is gone, and let us hope for good, and that some of the globalist staffers (and Obama-era advisers he also promoted) will also depart as well.

The one question I continue to have is just why President Trump brought him in to begin with. Certainly, he knew of Bolton’s views. True, the president likes the give-and-take of various opinions on a topic; but employing Bolton was in too many ways a bridge too far, and he was from the beginning a major impediment and hindrance in advancing an America First agenda.

Let us hope that his departure will not be the last, for there are other grasping minions around the president whose advice and counsel consistently subvert the promises made back in 2016.

Once again, it was Tucker Carlson on his primetime program, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Monday night, September 10, who summed up this matter succinctly and correctly, as no other commentator could. So, I pass along his opening, six-minute monologue via You Tube, and I ask that you watch it:

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