Friday, December 6, 2019

December 6, 2019

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

America Stares Open Violent Civil War in the Face


Today, December 6, is the ancient Feast day of St. Nicholas, the origin of our traditions of Santa Claus. And, in a real sense, it inaugurates Christmas festivities and the oncoming commemoration of the birth of Our Savior, foreshadowed by the season of Advent. I wish each of you and yours, then, a “Happy St. Nicholas Day” as we prepare….

Most readers of this column will have some familiarity with the current “impeachment proceedings” that have been ongoing in the United States House of Representatives. For most of us, I believe, watching the television coverage, any substantial segment of it, is like going to the dentist to fill a cavity: excruciatingly nasty and unpleasant.  And, after long stretches of hysterical repetition of previously-agreed-upon talking points (decided in advance in collaboration with the lunatic leftists who have been running the investigative committees), ultimately and ironically boring….

Yet, we are all aware of something extremely important that is occurring there along the Potomac. The zealous minions of the Deep State managerial apparatus which has governed—mostly unobserved—our nation for far too long, now sees its long-held impunity threatened (to some degree) by “that man with the orange hair.” The hearings are the continuation of a Silent Coup against the elected president, the attempted overthrow and negation of an election, and the final stake in the heart of what was once “republican government” in this decaying country. It is the dropping of the mask, the shedding of the disguise by the (to use William Butler Yeats' words of a century ago) “Rough Beast” globalist administrative cabal that has exerted its control over Washington, over our government, for many decades. And what we behold is the face of evil, sheer madness and frenzy…and, speaking religiously, what resembles a form of “demonic possession.”

While millions of dumbed-down American citizens no longer can accept the reality of the miracles of the Holy Bible or the Resurrection of Christ, they can and do believe in half-dead zombies. Those zombies now wear three piece suits and expensive ties, and roam the halls of Congress searching for victims who might in some way stand in the way of their folly.

They have little connection to the rest of us, save at election time when they re-adjust their disguises and come begging, with their false promises and outstretched hands, for our votes. But they are already not of the same country, not of the same species as we are. They are and represent a “counter-reality,” a veritable “counter-country,” which disdains us and ridicules us as deplorables and irredeemables, the “lumpenproletariat” of Marxist theory. They talk incessantly about “our democracy” and about “insuring equality,” and against the dark forces of “systemic racism” and “white supremacy” and “oppressive masculinity.” Yet, their real goal is and always has been power, control over us, over our lives and our assets, and over our destiny. Their slogans are mere shibboleths used to inveigle the unwary and those already corrupted by our educational system, Hollywood, and the putrid dross that now weighs down our culture.

We live in two Americas. I have written and said this is two recent columns. And perhaps the best, least painful way to avoid open civil war and large-scale future violence is some form of separation on a national scale.

Others have noticed this fact, including most recently someone I normally would not cite, Dr. Angelo Codevilla, whose pedigree associates him more with Neoconservative views. In a recent essay he comments on the Deep State oligarchs: “Between 2016 and 2020, we have been pressed as never before to bow to the ruling class’s ever-escalating demands for conformity to its whims—such as to pretend that we join them in accepting that men can be women, and women can be men, on pain of dire social and economic consequences. Not even the monsters depicted in Darkness At Noon, in Nineteen Eighty-Four or in Animal Farm, never mind Stalin’s Soviet Union or Mao’s China, or Hitler’s Germany, ever demanded such subrational submission.”
And finally: “In 2016 and since, we have learned that our ruling class has amassed the power and developed the taste to revel in making us miserable. We have also learned that to avoid this, we must undo or separate ourselves from them, their structures, and priorities…. That really does mean that restoring anything like the Founders’ United States of America is out of the question. Constitutional conservatism on behalf of a country a large part of which is absorbed in revolutionary identity; that rejects the dictionary definition of words; that rejects common citizenship, is impossible. Not even winning a bloody civil war against the ruling class could accomplish such a thing.”
I return to what I wrote in several essays published by the Abbeville Institute—how can a country in which at least a third, perhaps more of its denizens are raging zombies, continue to exist? 
Recall the television series, “The Walking Dead,” all the rage among Millennials and college-aged folks a few years ago? How did the humans survive? Take an ax to and sever the head of the living dead, or spear them with some accurately aimed arrows.
If Donald Trump is re-elected in 2020, despite all the machinations and skullduggery of the Deep State agents both within and without his administration, despite the never ending investigations and breathless “revelations” on NBC, CNN, MSNBC, in The Washington Post and New York Times, despite the highly paid lunatics who run our colleges and teach our children—if, despite all that, “the man with the orange hair” wins again, watch  those foot soldiers of the Deep State, those zombified students and brain-fried Millennials and leftists come streaming out of their ivory tower “safe spaces” or their hip bars and high-rent neighborhoods, to riot and rage, and to make the violence after the assassination of Martin Luther King seem like a simple playground romp.
Back in the mid-1960s vast numbers of the Muslim population rose up against the powerful Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) in that Asian country, and in the ensuing bloodshed as many as 3,000,00o Communists were executed and killed. And, despite this, Indonesia survived…and prospered with the end of the fear of Communist subversion. No one, no sincere Christian desires that kind of violence and mayhem. But to save what remains of our civilization and our heritage, and against such demonic forces arrayed against us, should we not be prepared to deal with the incurably rabid madness of our modern-day zombies?
If we cannot separate ourselves from such possessed demons, then what?
In that case, should we not approach the future like Saint John Capistrano against the Ottoman Turks, with a sword in one hand, the Cross of the Savior in the other? 
And, yes, like the Abbot Amalric at the siege of Beziers (1209), regretting sorrowfully innocent lives that will be lost, but still declare when facing such mixed enemies: “Kill them all; the Lord will sort them out!”

Not a happy thought, this Christmas Season, but something to ponder as this country bursts at its seams and insanity triumphs and becomes more aggravated, vile and infectious by the day.

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