Saturday, May 9, 2020

May 9, 2020

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey


Yes, you read that headline correctly: It’s time to de-authorize, terminate and suppress the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and start all over with a newly-authorized federal agency dedicated to specific violations and infractions of federal law, but with its powers very strictly curtailed and narrowly defined…and constantly regulated.
It is clear, and becoming ever so clearer day by day, that the present FBI as it exists not only has become a Mafioso-like arm of the administrative and managerial state but an active agent in the continuing subversion and manipulation by the established power elites to both control the nation and snuff out any hint of serious opposition.
The outrageously incendiary case of General Michael Flynn should be abundant proof enough. What happened to this honored military leader with a distinguished and unblemished record at the poisonous hands of our intelligence agencies—how they zeroed in on him even after a thorough investigation came up totally empty, how they attempted to entrap him, how they in fact held his son hostage compelling him to confess to something he never did, how they forbade him legal counsel in a kind of “star chamber” procedure, how they forcibly bankrupted him and refused to release documents that would have exonerated him—cries out for swift redress and firm justice. Some former (and present) major FBI honchos merit stiff jail sentences and time pounding rocks, or perhaps playing with alligators in the Okefenokee Swamp.
But what happened to Flynn also mirrors an ugly history in recent years of what our Intel agencies have now become: dutiful minions, apparatchiks of the elites who control this nation, of the permanent managerial bureaucracy most of the time unseen, that for the last seventy-five years has increasingly exerted its influence and control over us all (of course, always in the “name of our democracy”).
Is anyone safe now in America from government overreach?
The late scholar Dr. Sam Francis beginning in the late 1980s, and following on from James Burnham (in such classic works as The Managerial Revolution, 1941; Suicide of the West, 1964; and in dozens of essays), wrote impressively and presciently on what was occurring in America and just how our country, founded on delicately-balanced principles of constitutional federalism, was sliding into what can only be termed a kind of soft totalitarianism, the utter inversion of the republicanism and liberty envisaged and so earnestly desired by the Framers.  His books, including Revolution from the Middle (1997), James Burnham: Thinkers of Our Time (1999), and most incisively and completely, his posthumous magnum opus, Leviathan and Its Enemies (2016), repay close reading and study for what they said back then about where we are and have gotten to now.
In his blockbuster book, Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution (2018), Tucker Carls0n takes up in a sense where Francis (and before him Burnham) left off. And his survey of what happened to Flynn and what is quite capable of happening to each and every one of us if we somehow get out of line or become a bit uppity and in some way should challenge, even a bit, the Deep State powers-that-be, demands attention.
The Department of Justice decision to drop charges against General Flynn—charges that were never in the slightest supported by the facts, but were strictly political and punitive, aimed indirectly at President Trump—is a good thing, but in context only a small event, a small setback for the managerial Deep State elites. Carlson certainly knows this, as he knows that we are perilously close to losing all our God-given liberties. And, of course, all in the “name of our democracy,” as Nancy Pelosi often intones.
But that “democracy” has come to resemble more the “peoples’ democracy” of the East German Democratic Republic, or maybe of “the Peoples’ Republic of China,” an immense charade masked by a deceptive façade, with a smiling face cast in stone, but ready to put you in jail or make you disappear if you challenge it or its ironclad agenda and unrelenting rule from above.
I copy about eight minutes of Carlson’s monologue of Thursday, May 7, from his primetime “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Please access and watch it:

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