Saturday, August 22, 2020

August 22, 2020
MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey
The End of COVID-19 May Be Coming…. And Soon!
COVID-19 currently grips the nation, throwing nearly everyone into panic and despair. And we are told that life will never be the same again.
Yet, there are some clear signs that this situation could change, and change dramatically in the next six months.
Let me explain.
On occasion I am privy to significant information, factual and potentially far-reaching. And just yesterday a highly-placed scientist friend, who has many years of experience with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and National Institutes for Health (NIH) and who works close by in the Research Triangle, relayed some critical data to me that, despite his plea that I sit on it and not  reveal it, I am releasing today.
Let me add that my friend has worked in health and disease prevention at various levels and is extremely well-connected, not only to our nation’s medical research profession, but he is also extremely well-placed politically. In fact, he is one of only two remaining Democratic friends I still have—the others I once had having now given up on me in exasperation and despair at my reactionary views, breaking off all contact and pronouncing me beyond salvation.
But my friend—I shall call him “Dr. P”—continues to befriend me, and as most of his left wing friends in the profession are so insufferable and priggish, he delights in conversing with me on occasion.
Now, let me state clearly what I discovered in conversing with my friend. You see, we had met for a couple of highballs at one of the few eateries still open for in-dining in the Triangle. It was at his request, and his invitation seemed strangely urgent. So we gathered for a couple of stiff ones, and he, almost bubbling over with the desire to share his highly-secret information.
Here’s how the conversation went (I remember his words almost exactly):
“Boyd, I really needed to tell someone about this!”
I answered: “Just what is it? You seem so bothered. How can I help?”
And Dr. P responded, lowering his voice but with heightened and almost uncontrolled excitement:
“Well, here’s the thing: If Joe Biden is elected come the November 2020 election, this COVID pandemic will very progressively begin to disappear as a national health problem, and by his swearing in on January 20 next year it will be practically gone as a health menace. The news media won’t be talking about it. In fact, there will be a vaccine—probably several—and Biden and Kamala will get all the credit. I know this for fact, as my high Democratic friends have told me so.”
I have to admit I was stunned, taken aback by this revelation. How was it possible that COVID, certainly the worst plague since the Bubonic Plague nearly wiped out the population of Europe seven centuries ago—How was it possible that simply because Joe Biden might get elected that it would for all intents and purposes just disappear in six months?
I didn’t know what to say, so I inquired prudently and carefully:
“What do you mean? How will this be possible? What do you know that the rest of us—at least the rest of us who are not in the elite scientific profession—don’t know?”
My Democratic scientist friend replied, even more cautiously and nervously than before, scoping out the rest of the eatery once-over for unwanted ears:
“Boyd, most of the panic and hysteria we see today is generated by the media and political leaders. Yes, COVID exists and has infected hundreds of thousands of people. But almost all the cases are mild, and the infected persons recover. Most medical professionals understand this. We see the situations in Europe where recoveries have occurred, and none of the draconian measures have been employed like here in the United States
“Not only that, but, as you might figure out, there is a pronounced and very heavy political element to all of this in our country. Most of the major health leaders follow along the political movement. It’s not that they are dishonest or anything like that; they just are caught up in the same frenzy that most everyone else is.
“Almost all the deaths, as you know, are restricted to senior citizens who already have life-threatening health conditions. Many live is assisted living or retirement centers in close proximity. An elderly lady who has COPD and Immune Deficiency conditions, should she get even a mild case of COVID, well, that would be enough  to maybe kill her.
“Among us professionals we all know that. But if she should die, well, the cause will be officially ‘due to COVID’.
“And the media is using this and the stats in a dramatically political way. It is an extension of the Russia Hoax, the Ukraine Caper, and so on, to get power and throw out Donald Trump.”
Again, I was stunned, feeling like someone had belted me in the stomach with a stethoscope. And I inquired further:
“So, what are you telling me?”
And my friend quickly responded:
“What I am saying is that come November, if Joe Biden is elected, you will see a marked change in how the pandemic is covered. It won’t be dramatic at first, but it will be noticeable and progressive, first there will be breaking news about the vaccines, then there will be a drop in cases and deaths because we will start counting only COVID cases not with complicating conditions. And, most importantly, you’ll see both less coverage on CNN and MSNBC and in the major media. In fact, the coverage will be increasingly positive. And Biden and Kamala will reap the benefits.”
My mouth was wide open, gaping in amazement as I heard my friend’s words. That our media and political elites would do this, well, floored me. How could this happen?
So I inquired a bit further:
“But, tell me, are you saying that our scientific community is in league or cooperating with our political leaders, that is, the Democrats?”
And Professor P replied quickly:
“Not exactly. There are all sorts of scientific analyses and views. Take what has happened to hydroxychloroquine. On almost every news outlet it is condemned, and anyone who administers it is branded a quack. And in the public mind it is seen negatively. Do you understand? Perceptions are generated and then elevated to almost divine, unassailable truth.
“Right now both the media, national and local, are engaged in a giant scare campaign which is essentially political. And the health sector, as divided as it is, doesn’t speak with one voice, although the impression in the public is that it does.”
Then, following up, I asked:
“What about a vaccine?”
My friend responded: “Well, if a vaccine is developed before the election, it will be hushed up for a while, at least until Biden wins. Then, probably in early 2021, he will stand in front of the White House and make the triumphant announcement that under his watch a miracle vaccine is being produced and distributed. It’s that simple.”
I have to admit I was incredulous listening to Professor P’s Intel. I wondered why he would share it, reveal it to me. After all, he is a registered Democrat, and I am on the Right.
When I queried him about that, he admitted that the burden of the information was too much for him, it weighed on him and his conscience. His wide acquaintance with highly-placed members of his profession and his knowledge of how Democrats were using and manipulating science troubled him. And he had to, as it were, spill the beans.
Why didn’t he go to the press, I wondered. And he allowed that he was deathly afraid of being doxxed, of being shunned by his profession, and of “cancel culture” that would severely punish him and his family.
For that reason, I do not use his name, but I did believe that the information was of such importance that it needed to get out.
I did have one last question for him, and it was this: but what happens if Trump is re-elected? And he just shook his head and groaned:
“In that case, COVID will just simply go on and on for a long while…at least until Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler come up with new Intel and assertions that the Trump campaign has been working hand-in-hand with the Armenian secret service to influence the elections and change the vote totals in Kalispell, Montana. And I’m not kidding!”
Just at that moment entered into the restaurant, which had hitherto been almost empty except for us, a well-dressed man exuding what seemed a supercilious attitude to all around him. And my friend almost immediately shut up and abruptly rose from our table, rapidly exiting the eatery.
I followed him out, but not at once, not knowing the reason for his sudden departure. But outside, as I prepared to leave, I spied him, and in curiosity sidled over and asked why his quick exit.
It seems that the well-dressed newcomer was a co-worker, another scientist from the Research Triangle, and my friend feared that his presence there with me might raise uncomfortable questions.
I understood. And we said our good-byes and went our separate ways.

But I came away with a new comprehension. If Biden should win the presidential election—which I pray God he does not—then we shall begin to see some “miracles” occur right before our eyes. The media will rave in excitement, the politicians will ooh-and-aww  and heap praises on Biden and Harris, and the Great Pestilence of 2020—the most serious and dangerous event to afflict us since the Bubonic Plague—the Black Death of the 14th Century that killed fifty million souls, will recede in importance and significance. And as media coverage will noticeably lessen, the enthroned progressivists will continue to inflict their fatal damage on what is left of the American nation.


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  2. Shocking information. But at the same time not surprising. I think many people have been suspecting this for quite some time. Maybe you too, Boyd.

  3. Shocking information. But at the same time not surprising. I think many people have been suspecting this for quite some time. Maybe you too, Boyd.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Shocking information. But at the same time not surprising. I think many people have been suspecting this for some time now. Perhaps you too, Boyd.

    2. Don’t know why my comment repeated.

  5. This piece IS satire, of course...but I think many might think it too close to reality! Boyd


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