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December 2, 2017: More on the Steinle Verdict and the Long-range Implications for the American Nation and Our Culture


Although the recent plea deal engineered between General Michael Flynn and the Office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller has—at least amongst the Mainstream Media—driven the news of the Senate passage of major tax reform and the verdict in the Kate Steinle case off the front page (e.g., The New York Times), those two topics are arguably far more significant and important to Americans in the long run than the continuing hysteria and endless accusations which only confirm the sheer nullity of this “Russians Did It!” investigation.

As we have seen from the beginning, the “Russians Did It!” canard is grounded in bare-knuckled political motives, nourished by political rumors, with a base and calculating political end. And that end is to at the very least weaken and immobilize the president, if not unseat him. It is part and parcel of an immense attempted “silent coup” in which the Mainstream Media, the Democrats, many top-level Republicans, and Neoconservative NeverTrumpers are all working in tandem as minions of the Deep State in its efforts to regain momentum lost due to last year’s election.

The Flynn “deal”—for all the hoopla given it by the Mainstream Media and its hyped foreboding as “the first step in the greatest constitutional crisis since Watergate”—does absolutely nothing to advance the Russian collusion narrative—nothing. Notice that Flynn’s contacts with the Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak (which he admits to not telling the truth about) came after the election, that is, during the transition period. And it is not at all unusual for every president to begin to reach out to foreign governments during these periods. There is nothing illegal about that. There is absolutely no suggestion of electoral collusion—the election was over. The Mueller investigation has, as predicted—given its unlimited reach—gone off into everything and anything that might incriminate this administration and, eventually, this president.

The Flynn deal is just one more round peg to push into that square whole.

More critical for the future of this country is the controversy swirling around the utterly outrageous verdict in the Kate Steinle case, and what it says about certain extremely deranged left-wing areas of this nation (e.g, California and San Francisco), and about the fanatical efforts of the zealous Open Borders crowd to, in effect whether they admit it or not, transform what is left of the American republic into a “third world” state and in the process, dismantle and destroy what is left of those traditions and that inheritance that were once the proud legacy for every American citizen.

In the midst of the Senate debate over the Republican tax reform measure, this hit me once again. Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell managed to secure Arizona Senator Jeff Flake’s vote for passage by promising him that the Senate would take up extending and making permanent Obama’s arguably illegal executive order, DACA[Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] before the end of this year. Flake, in comments about this “compromise,” was all smiles and exuded the kind of joy that an avid executioner radiates when he’s about to do in his victim. “No reasonable person wants to keep those innocent victims out—no one seriously wants to expel them,” he repeated.

So, Flake, in cahoots with John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and Thom Tillis, North Carolina’s own representative in the infamous and ignominious pantheon of cultural shame, aims to get the nation firmly back on the path to national suicide through illegal immigration and what amounts to open borders.

And once again, it will be up to grass roots Americans to stop Flake, Graham and Flake—all the Republican culture traitors—in their nefarious efforts.

I recall that it was Thomas Jefferson during the debates on the Missouri Compromise (1820) who warned that the issue was like a  “fire bell in the night,” urging, along with North Carolina’s great statesman Senator Nathaniel Macon, that the rights of the states as confirmed in the Constitution not be in any way abrogated. Immigration—in particular, illegal immigration—is our “fire bell in the night,” and the wrong road taken will determine the future of this nation or whether it actually has a future.

Reading accounts of the Steinle verdict, I came upon a heartfelt plea and analysis by my friend Peter Brimelow ( Peter does excellent work in confronting the issue of immigration and its effects. Like ALIPAC, Numbers USA, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, NC Listen, and other organizations, his web site offers daily information, articles and reports on the ever-present battle to control our borders—and to control the very nature and destiny of our republic.

Like Peter—and I think most Americans—I believe we do have that essential right under Natural Law as well as under Divine Positive Law. It is a God-given right that flows from the very nature of a constituted country as a family-in-macrocosm (despite the heterodox “teachings” of far too many “Christian” bishops and pastors, who have become little more than debased collaborators in the decline of Christendom, traitors to our historic faith).

And so, against the various purveyors of national decay and destruction, we are once more called to the front—against the siren-like seductive calls for “humanitarian” advantages for illegal aliens while our own citizens go begging, against the so-called “economic advantages” of illegal labor (for the benefit of globalist big agri-business), against the despicable shenanigans of the corrupt and effete Washington DC political class, whose political ideals wallow in filthy lucre and the almighty dollar.
And for our future, for the future of our children, and for the future of our historic American republic.

I have selected five items today which I link to. I believe they highlight and emphasize these comments. First, Peter Brimelow’s cited piece is a must read; true, it is an appeal for support, but is also serves as an excellent background summary of what happened in that courtroom this past Thursday  [

Next, I offer a portion of MY CORNER that I authored back on December 1, on the same topic, as picked up by author Ilana Mercer in her Bareleyablog site [ tearing away the gauzy political film over the loathsome actions of those supposed “defenders of the conservative cause”—the Flakes, Tillises and Grahams—I refer you to a fascinating analysis of how these GOP culture traitors and dependents on Deep State largesse hope, in coordination with the hard Left, to push through legislatively not just approval of DACA, but additional “reform” initiatives. []

Illustrating the widespread and multifaceted assault by these enemies of the old Republic and certainly fitting into the context of their campaign, there is news of a frantic effort to register “felons” and, no doubt, aliens, in Alabama—one more aspect of the attempt to thwart the campaign of Judge Moore, a staunch opponent of illegal immigration in any form. (see: December 1, 2017).

Lastly, I must mention a warning from the foreign leader that the Neocons, “swamp” GOP and the American “farther Left” all love to hate, Vladimir Putin. Putin has on several occasions pointedly warned us Americans about what is happening to our culture—with a stern admonition about immigration, while pledging that Russia will not take that path to ruin and to the ash heap of history that too many in our country are intent on taking. For example, I would cite words from his annual Address to the Federal Assembly [Duma] and the Russian People, December 13, 2013. Embedded in Putin’s speech were extensive comments about the dangers of unrestricted and unvetted immigration and about the defense of national traditions and sovereignty. [ President Address to the Federal Assembly. Published time: December 13, 2013  03:39

We must tighten the rules for the employment of migrants that come to Russia…. We need to toughen control over foreign citizens’ purposes for entering the country; all civilized countries do that. The country has to know what a foreigner comes to Russia for and how long he plans to stay here for. Apart from that, we have to address the problem with those foreigners who have entered the country visa-free and are staying here for a long time without certain purpose. They claim to have no certain purposes but apparently they do have some – it is just that the government remains unaware.

“The period of their stay must be limited. Those who violate the rules of stay will be prohibited from entering Russia for the period from three to 10 years, depending on the severity of the violation. These measures will set up an additional barrier for foreign citizens who, to put it frankly, are either involved in shady and even criminal activities, or work illegally - often in indecent conditions - and unfortunately become victims of crimes themselves. [....]

“...we will strive to be leaders…making sure that national sovereignty, independence and identity are respected. This is a natural approach for a country like Russia with its great history and culture, its vast experience in the area of different ethnicities living in harmony, side by side, in one state. This is different from the so-called tolerance, which is gender-free and futile.
“Today many countries revisit their moral standards, erasing national traditions and boundaries between different ethnicities and cultures. Society is asked to respect every person’s right to freedom of thought, political views and private life. But now people also have to treat evil and good equally, which is strange, because these are opposite things. Not only does such destruction of traditional values have negative effects on societies, but it is also anti-democratic to the core, because these are abstract ideas applied to real life despite of what the majority of people think. Most people don’t accept such changes and suggested revisions.

“And we know that more and more people in the world support our approach of protecting traditional values, which have been a spiritual and moral foundation of our civilization and every nation. We value the traditional Christian family and genuine human life, including a person’s religious life; not just material, but also spiritual values. Of course, this is a conservative position. but as Nikolai Berdyaev said, the meaning of conservatism is not to prevent moving forward, but to prevent from moving backwards and downwards, into chaotic darkness, back to the primitive state. We have seen in recent years how attempts to impose a presumably more progressive model of development on other countries in reality led to regress, barbarity and massive bloodshed."

More recently, November 15, he issued a new warning—that we are witnessing the abolition of Christianity in America and Western Europe and that “white Christians are being swamped” by aliens. []

How ironic, is it not, that it takes a former mid-level KGB desk officer, who then as Deputy Mayor of Leningrad in August 1991 turned on his former KGB comrades, defeated them and insured the survival of a non-Communist Russia, to tell us—we who fought so hard against Communism during more than seven decades of Communist rule from Moscow—that we are losing our culture, our faith and our inheritance as a people. Did we win the Cold War only to abysmally lose the Peace—to lose our nation to the infectious virus of an even more dangerous and venomous variant of Marxism, and its announced program of cultural and ethnic population “replacement”?

Dr. Boyd D. Cathey

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