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December 3, 2017: The Flynn Deal as A Reminder of the Goal of the Deep State “Russians Did It!” Strategy


By now you have certainly seen and digested some of the reports about the General Michael Flynn “plea deal” with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Since Friday—two days ago—the Mainstream Media has been in literal convulsions over the latest events surrounding the “Russians Did It!” investigation.

It was a roller coaster ride: going from unhinged exaltation and delighted excitement when ABC’s senior reporter Brian Ross announced breathlessly Friday morning that, essentially, Mike Flynn was “turning ‘states evidence’ against Trump and revealing that Trump had ordered him to deal [“collude”] with Russia during the campaign,” to a following mood that mirrored the “slough of despond” (to steal a line from John Bunyan)—a  mood of despair and disillusion—when they found out that Ross had basically made up the story, that it was so fake that even ABC had to  issue a correction (and “suspend” Ross for four weeks).

This should have come as no surprise to keen observers of this process. Even as early as one year ago there were some in the media suggesting that the Trump presidency would be over “before it began,” and that the “Russia connection” would be his downfall and grounds for eventual impeachment. But, then, even the heads of the Obama-era intelligence bureaus admitted, begrudgingly, that they saw no evidence, for the moment, connecting the president to Russian interference or meddling.

That did not, of course, stop the “hounds from Hades” on their mad and furious chase. And to further it along, with the scent of presidential blood in the air, the Deep State had that infamous “Trump dossier,” a tissue of paid-for-by-the-Clinton-campaign fabrications engineered by the shady PR consulting firm, FusionGPS, and brewed by an ex-British intel agent, Christopher Steele. From the beginning the dossier was a made-up politically-sharpened weapon geared and intended to support an assault on the president and his agenda. Even more, the dossier received a first-class and respectful reception by this nation’s intelligence services, including the FBI, which may have also chipped in a few shekels. [Remember, John McCain even sent a special envoy to pick up a copy and hand deliver it to the FBI.] And essentially the resulting Mueller and Congressional investigations have been based on it—and its fabrications.

And thus the grasping attempts—the long arms of Robert Mueller—to find something, anything, to justify the millions of taxpayer dollars spent and the hiring of nearly two-dozen zealous pro-Clinton/pro-Democrat investigative (read=prosecutorial) attorneys to ferret out dirt on the president and his 2016 campaign…while the real scandals lie, arguably, in the bowels of the filthy Clinton Machine: campaign, foundation, relations with the Democratic National Committee.

Talk about distractions!

The Mainstream Media—CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, etc.—and Hillary, herself, talk of the “biggest deception and scandal since Watergate, perhaps even bigger,” and they are correct, but they have the wrong culprit(s). Basically, they need to look into the mirror: there they will see the reflections of those who should really be spending time behind bars in Leavenworth or Atlanta.

This whole grimy and ugly business has been one immense attempted “silent coup” aimed at overturning the results of the November 2016 election. It is, in short, that simple and that concise.

But in its efforts to repair that unexpected and unforeseen breach in their once-thought-inevitable advance and control, the minions of the Deep State have been forced to resort to tactics and maneuvers which have, at times, dramatically exposed their operations. And now various pieces in the globalist New World Order strategy have come into focus as never before.  Indeed, instead of a few, isolated voices—those nutty “conspiracy theorists” mostly on the “far right”—instead of that, revelation after revelation, and more in depth investigation by serious researchers, have produced a mountain of evidence as to what has been actually happening.

One does not have to fully accept at face value nineteenth-century British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli’s declaration in his novel, Coningsby: “So, you see…that the world is governed by very different personages from what it is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” Still, Disraeli, despite his journalistic license, was on to something.

The late Dr. Samuel Francis, following on James Burnham and others, in his posthumous study, Leviathan, delineated in detail the existence of a massive, managerial super-state—a super-bureaucracy, unelected, basically permanent, and largely unseen and unaccountable to citizens. And it is that super-state, globalist in its reach and which we identify as the “Deep State,” that seeks to finish its destructive journey through our institutions and traditions, and its conversion of our historic culture into something unrecognizable to twenty centuries of previous Western and Christian civilization.

The continuing Progressivist Revolution makes George Orwell’s dystopian novel, Ninety-Eighty-Four, seem like a nursery room game in comparison. It is no longer “nutty” to notice the advances and ravages of that revolution. In the place of two-thousand years of distilled wisdom and inherited and vetted traditions, in the place of a religious foundation that has produced a rich, humane and brilliant culture, in the place of a faith that gives hope to mankind and comforts the weak and offers succor to the poor—in the place of that we are given the cold assurances of the psychiatrist and “social justice worker,” the despairing counsels of the earth-bound scientist that “this is all there is,” and the condescension of the lifetime politicians that “they know better than we” what our interests are.

In effect, the Deep State “utopia” reduces us to humanoids—mere finite animals on an ant farm, without hope, and, thus, without God. And in discarding and destroying our “creature hood” we also discard our essential person hood as Sons of God, no longer in the image of God.

Examining broader aspects of the Flynn question, I’ve located four items which offer somewhat different perspectives than the one you probably have seen on Fox or heard listening to Rush Limbaugh. Most likely you will have already digested the essential storyline and understand the basics.

The first item is by investigative journalist, Tom Luongo, who examines the Mueller investigation as an effort to keep the “Russians Did It!” canard alive, but as he sees it, it is faltering.  He declares that Michael Flynn is the “new Martha Stewart,” the “tired trope of cultural Marxism; try people in the court of public opinion to reinforce class divisions and stereotypes that capitalists are all thieves,” on behalf of the Deep State.

Next, I would cite Professor Paul Robinson’s exploration that the “Russians Did It!” canard is not just restricted to the North American continent, but has extended its tentacles into Britain and Europe, where the perceived menace of a Russia not subinfeudated to globalism scares the hell out of the elites there just as much as it does here, along the banks of the Potomac or in the smoke-filled offices on Wall Street. []

Following on Dr. Robinson’s commentary, we should take another look at how this narrative has evolved, specifically within our intelligence services and in our foreign policy establishment. An investigative piece from offers some controversial background. [ ]

And, lastly, let’s refer to an essay by paleo-libertarian author and columnist Justin Raimondo, placing the CIA into this context…and into the cross hairs. Have we not seen our vaunted intelligence agencies transformed into quasi-autonomous arms of the Deep State, in effect serving the purposes of the New World Order, and not of the American people? [

Dr. Boyd D. Cathey

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