Sunday, December 31, 2017

December 31, 2017

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

The Year 2017 – A Year of Many Accomplishments and A Few Disappointments for the President: An Evaluation


On this last day of 2017 I believe we can say with some certainty that this passing year has been truly momentous, a watershed year—not only in American history, but in the effects engendered that have had and are having world-wide repercussions.

No doubt the completely unpredicted, surprising victory of Donald J. Trump in the November 2016 presidential election and his assumption of the presidency have colored and shaped almost every everything of major consequence. Running on a stated and enunciated platform to “Make America Great Again,” and preaching an “America First” doctrine, the New York millionaire caught fire, first in the Republican primaries where he literally destroyed his opposition of fifteen “establishment” (or semi-establishment) GOP candidates, including the groomed darling of the elites, Jeb Bush.  Jeb’s millions of dollars invested in his pitifully obtuse and bone-headed campaign only produced a few real votes…and eventually the disdain and ridicule of the same political observers who (in 2015) had confidently expected him to advance to the Republican nomination in something of a cakewalk.

The revolt of the GOP “grass roots” and millions of economically hard-pressed and blue collar, formerly Democrat-voting citizens (mostly in the Midwest) finally had taken place. The clarion calls, first raised by Patrick Buchanan back in 1991 and 1992 with his ill-fated “pitchfork brigades,” had finally made their mark, and it was a substantial one. The rumblings and hints detected in the “Tea Party Movement” in the middle 2000s—pronounced “over and dead” by the Mainstream Media and “dealt with” by the Republican elites in Washington—had not been a flash-in-the-pan, after all.

The late Dr. Samuel Francis, in much of his writing [cf. his posthumous opus, Leviathan], had written of the revolt of the “Middle American Radicals”—the MARs—those millions of American citizens, mostly white, mostly traditional Christians, mostly in the West, South and Midwest—who had been left behind by the advancing conquests of Progressivism and its adopted bastard child, cultural Marxism, which increasingly overlay and defined contemporary American culture, religion, education and politics.

In its rapid, take-no-prisoners “long march” through American institutions the Progressivist Revolution sought, with great success, to transform society. The Revolution employed two ideological cudgels to destroy and beat down all opposition: (1) the “undebatable fact” of historical of racism and White oppression prevalent in Western society that must be extirpated, and (2) the unquestioned existence of a pervasive “sexual oppression” and the need for the total “liberation” of women. These accusations were and have been screamed at us daily by our media, our schools, and by our entertainment industry. We are drowned by their festering muck, suffocated and brow-beaten into submission. Too many of us nod our acceptance, if only to pay lip-service and avoid controversy. We may only express anti-Progressivist reality, it seems, with secure friends, in whispers so as not to let the thought control police accuse us of “racism” or “sexism.” (And the few of us who write publicly face increasingly threats of censorship from the Internet authorities.)

Although both templates on race and sex are grounded in the “idea of Equality,” it is a peculiar equality that has remarkable resemblance to the kind of “(in)equality” exhibited in George Orwell’s dystopian fantasy, Animal Farm   “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others,” reads the final rule of the dominant pigs. It is not how most of us define “equal” when we employ the word, for what it means fundamentally to the hardcore revolutionaries is the designed and planned replacement of European-descended (white), traditional Christian, mostly males—those perceived to have dominated and “oppressed” society for hundreds of years—by a new class. “Equality” is, yes, invoked, but what is meant and intended is the abolition of the “oppressors” and their substitution—all with the Elites engineering the change.

But our ruling elites, the epigones of Revolution with their Leviathan legions in the media, academia, the church, and entertainment had, in their haste and zealous anticipation to gain complete social and political dominance, forgotten about those millions of “other” left-behind Americans, the “deplorables,” who, while not by any means totally free of the Progressivist contagion, nevertheless, understood the broader, negative implications of what was happening to the nation—and to them.

In November 2016 the ongoing process of revolution was supposed to have successfully reached a major milestone with the election of that archetypal representative of the Deep State, Hillary Clinton, who would have—over the next eight years—cemented the final extension and the final victory of the Progressivist vision of America: New Federal judges, new executive orders, new appointments, new laws, and all done with a pliant Congress, with Republicans going along to get along and to preserve their positions in the New World Order.

But then came Donald Trump and his inauguration, and 2017 has witnessed a fanatically furious, frenzied and frantic reaction on the part of the Elites, both Democratic and GOP—those “swamp dwellers” who root about along the Potomac (and on the Hudson) like Orwell’s overfed, bloated and grunting hogs. They think of themselves as our nobility, but they are in fact without any shred of nobility. Give me the nobles of the “ancient regime” any day over these porcine plutocrats!

Over the past year I’ve written extensively about the various attempts of the factions in our dominant, Deep State porcine class to either take down the president using the now-discredited “Russian collusion” narrative (mostly pushed by the Democrats and Media), or to surround him with “advisors” (from the GOP elites and “conservative establishment”) who have sought to gain control and “re-tool” and reshape his agenda. By far it is these latter snouted snipers who have had more success, posing as “friends” who are genuinely interested in advancing an America First program. Yet, they have done their damnedest to obstruct it, divert it or shelve it. Only the president’s innate resilience and good intuition has saved substantial portions of it from the political scrapheap. And, with Steve Bannon and others, I would argue that at times that intuition has not been totally sufficient….The president’s enemies, both of the open and of the more hidden kind, are cunning masters of deceit.

That battle will continue in 2018, and we can only hope and pray that the agenda enunciated in 2016, the agenda that Donald J. Trump won on by lighting a fire that raged across America and in the hearts of those millions of MARs and “deplorables,” will prevail. And that the president will, using his best instincts and good counsel, reject the calls by newly-acquired “double-faced” false friends to bend, relent or forsake those principles.

Despite the unrelenting obstructions and various diversions, there have been some significant accomplishments during the course of 2017, as well as some disappointments. And there are major challenges that lie ahead in 2018.

Let’s take a few minutes to consider them.

Of course, the failure by the Republican Congress to repeal Obamacare heads the list of bitter legislative disappointments, and clearly makes the case for a GOP “make-over” in 2018…and confirmation of the strategy of Steve Bannon out in the trenches of the hinterland. The impending departure of Senators Jeff Flake, Bob Corker and John McCain are hopeful signs. A dozen new “America First” US senators would be something to be devoutly wished for; but that would mean a “Battle Royale” for the Republican Party. Maybe it’s (past) time for that?

“Clearing out the Augean stables”—cleaning out the pork-filled bureaucracy and managerial sinecures in certain Federal agencies—think here of the FBI—has been another disappointment, although that cleansing process may take more time, given the nature of government and employment rules. Still, there are higher level officials who simply should go….and the sooner the better.

Of the challenges, I would mention here first the pending “negotiations” over retaining DACA; the president has indicated a willingness to compromise. But I’ll wager all the gold in that rich gold mine in my back yard on the honesty and sincerity of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in these talks, and even less on the bona fides of Lindsey Graham! The president, it seems to me, needs to get back on the hustings and remind the electorate in those states with wavering or pusillanimous congressmen what the word “illegal” means. President Eisenhower sent back millions of illegals during “Operation Wetback,” and Truman sent back thousands as well. It is time to model our response on what other nations do and return illegals to their countries of origin.

A second issue, potentially just as important, is the influence that the fanatically globalist Neoconservatives continue to exercise over aspects of our foreign policy, most recently in the decision to supply offensive weapons to Ukraine. Such a move will only serve to widen the civil war in that nation between native Ukrainians and the very large Russian minority living in the east of the county (the Donbas Republic), who are supported by Russia (they had always been a part of Russia until the Communists placed them in Ukraine in the 1920s). Over the past twenty years zealous Neocons like George Bush advisor Max Boot (Council on Foreign Relations) and Bill Kristol (The Weekly Standard), and New World Order internationalists like John McCain and Graham have strenuously advocated American involvement in civil wars in Syria, Georgia (in the Caucasus), the Balkans, Iraq, Somalia, Ukraine. In short, any place where there is currently bloodshed but without American boys dying, let’s send them in to perish.

Pat Buchanan has written perceptively on these questions, mostly recently on December 29—and as an issue, it could well shape not only 2018, but the fate of the Trump presidency []

Now let’s turn to some major accomplishments by the president. Despite the disappointments and stumbles, and the unhinged, multilevel and full bore opposition, this president has achieved much, and given what we could well have had if Hillary had been victorious, we can be heartened and grateful for this small crack in the door, this small respite from the progress and ravages of the Revolution.

Donald Trump prevailed in the 2016 presidential election in no small part thanks to a sluggish economy and millions of workers who felt left behind by rampant cronyism and short-sighted trade deals, and the realization by millions that America was being taken from them—that their inheritance was disappearing right before their eyes and their ability to pass that inheritance on to their offspring was evaporating.

Since his inauguration the "Trump Effect" [] has produced substantial positive effects.

First, there is soaring economic optimism. The CNBC All-American Economic Survey found that for the first time in a decade, more than half of all respondents gave the economy good or excellent marks:

  • A 17-year-high in the consumer confidence index. 
  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average is having its best year in its 121-year history – creating $5 trillion in new wealth.
  • The President's reforms, executive orders, and even his rhetoric has compelled major corporations to reinvest billions in American facilitates, infrastructure, and labor. Fortune 500 companies that have announced massive investments in America include Exxon Mobil Corp., Apple, General Motors, Toyota, Hyundai-Kia, Bayer AG, and LG Electronics. Businesses have created 1.5 million new jobs alone.

In the Middle East, under President Obama ISIS had extended its control from the gates of Damascus to the oil fields of northern Iraq. Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, was occupied and nearly destroyed. Now, ISIS domination in the region has collapsed. Devastating airstrikes and powerful ground offensives have decimated its leadership and liberated 98 % of its territory. Certainly, the Russian-supported government of Bashar al-Assad with its reinvigorated boots on the ground can claim much of the credit for this, but American-supported Kurds have also been instrumental. Indeed, on a practical and tacit level, America and Russia worked in tandem—proving that such collaboration is possible. [cf., ]  In Iraq, despite the destruction, just days ago the world’s oldest Christian community—in Mosul—was able to celebrate Christ’s birth openly after years of severe persecution.

Concerning illegal immigration, in 2017 illegal border crossings have fallen by 60 %, compared with much higher Obama-era levels. Law enforcement officials have emphasized how decisive rhetoric and unambiguous support from the president have enhanced their law enforcement efforts. ICE Director Thomas Homan, has gone so far to say that "the president has done more for border security and public safety than any of the six presidents I’ve worked for.”
Consider the changes in the Federal judiciary: The impact of having conservative judges in critical positions will reverberate for generations to come. The president's election was essential for the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court after the sudden death of Justice Antonin Scalia. Additionally, despite complete Democratic opposition, a record twelve new constitutionalist Federal judges have thus far been confirmed by the U.S. Senate. 
Consider those business-strangling regulations and limitations on private initiative. According to the standard measure maintained by the Federal Register, President Trump has cut regulations by nearly 50 % in twelve months.
Concerning taxes and taxation, the president and Congress accomplished something that has not happened since the early days of the Reagan administration: reform our tax code.  With the vast majority of Americans saving substantial amounts of money and American businesses having new incentives to reinvest in the economy, the impact is already noticeable. The stock market has had record-setting days in the wake of the law's passage, and corporations like AT&T announced they would give over 200,000 Christmas bonuses to employees.    
These are substantial and significant accomplishments that were achieved despite a perfervid environment of fear and intimidation, unbridled hatred and opposition, and piled-on fake news hog waste that would have submerged and suffocated most Republican politicians. Indeed, assuredly Jeb would have given in and run to the tall grass at the first hint of opposition grape shot.
But President Trump doesn’t operate—thankfully—in the old and worn establishment furrows; he tweets; he openly attacks his enemies at will; he sets the agenda (while stealing the thunder of his opponents); he rejects all the “fake polls” and the “conventional wisdom” of the pundits and the consultants—and in this type of Colonel John Mosby strategy he has not only survived but, in spite of everything, has even been largely successful (much to the chagrin of his multiple enemies). 
2018 will not be an easy year, and the pitfalls are many and increasing. We have reason to be wary and to wonder why much more could not have been done. But for the small miracle of November 2016 and the accomplishments of 2017, let us be grateful.
Who would have thought back in October 2016 that we would be at this point at the end of 2017?   
Dr. Boyd D. Cathey

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