Tuesday, May 8, 2018

May 8, 2018

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

Two International Markers for America—Hungary and Iran


This morning I pass on two articles addressing situations in two foreign countries—one of which does not command that much attention in the American press (but should, given the farsighted policies it has adopted to insure the survival of its culture and its native people); and the other, which is constantly in the news and talked about by the Neoconservative pundits and those who press for renewed conflict in the Middle East.

That first country is Hungary, whose zealously anti-illegal immigration president, Viktor Orban, just received support from two-thirds of the electorate in national elections to the Hungarian parliament. Orban, with the leaders of Catholic Poland and Vladimir Putin in Orthodox Russia (who was recently re-elected, by nearly 77% in national elections) form something of a rising nationalist and populist conservative bloc in Eastern Europe in opposition to the headlong dive into cultural and national auto-destruction—the suicide—of Western Europe, spearheaded by the faceless New World Order managerial class centered in Brussells (and urgently supported by Emmanuel Macron in France and Angela Merkel in Germany—and implicitly by the United States).

This anti-globalist bloc is characterized by appeals to individual national traditions and heritage, and the recognition that historic, traditional (conservative) Christianity has been and continues to be the lifeblood of those countries. The internationalism, secularism and implicit (if not explicit) anti-Christianity (including the sickening collaborationism in this globalist project by Papa Jorge Bergoglio and the “occupied” Vatican) is forcefully rejected by these nonjuring countries.

And their refusal to go along, their non-placet to the New World Order has not gone unnoticed. Brussells has threatened them with all sorts of threats and punishment.  All three have refused to accept the mass emigration of Muslims from the Middle East and Africa; all three have resisted the more or less open infiltration and subversion by the minions of socialist billionaire George Soros and his NGOs (non-governmental organizations); all three appeal to their respective and noble religious legacies—in each country a vibrant re-invigorated traditional Christianity is growing, unlike the decadent handmaid pseudo-“Christianity” now professed by Rome or by the even more decadent and poisonous Protestant denominations that remain in Europe.

Of these countries, it has been Viktor Orban who has been on the immediate firing line and who has both denied the poisonous tentacles of the EU and the subversion of Soros. His tremendous support among the citizens in his country (just like the support given to Putin in Russia) has angered not only the crazies of the Marxistoid “farther Left” here in the United States, but also the Neoconservatives (e.g., Marc Thiessen, Bill Kristol, James Kirchick, many of the Fox pundits) with their shibboleths of “universal equality and liberal democracy” as cure-alls for the world’s ills.

But Orban advances on, fearless in the face of these fanatical pygmy-brained ideologues.

The second item is the most recent column by Pat Buchanan, addressing the Iran deal and the actual situation that exists vis-à-vis Iran and the United States.

Understanding the president’s oft-repeated promise to end the Iran deal, Buchanan raises doubts about the wisdom of such an abrupt move. Admittedly, the deal, worked out with our European allies, is not perfect. But, as Buchanan points out, it has forestalled a full-blown Iranian effort to produce serviceable nuclear arms. The real and underlying reason for such opposition to the deal, he points out, has to do more with Israeli politics and the very real (and, yes, understandable) fear by the Israelis of Iran…and the influence that Israel has in the United States.
Yet, as Buchanan details, the claims that “Iran is the major source of terrorism” in the Middle East or that it presents a clear and present danger to the United States, at least right now, are overblown. The nearly entire source of terrorism in America and in Europe has been the Sunni countries, including Saudi Arabia—and not Iran.

Disagreeable as the Shi’a government in Tehran may be, as hostile historically as they have been to the United States (with a sullied history going back to 1953), Buchanan asks: “What are the real American interests there? Should we unleash once again the demon of war?  Should we let the government of Benjamin Netanyahu engineer us into potentially an uncontrolled conflagration in the Middle East?”

“Blank checks” get nations into perilous situations: Witness the blank check that Britain gave to Poland prior to World War II, or the implicit blank check that Imperial Germany gave the Austrian general staff before World War I?

Of course, war to impose liberal democracy and equality on all those “unenlightened” peoples is exactly what the Neocons desire—just ask Nikki Haley, or her sponsor Lindsey Graham, or the writers for The Weekly Standard.

And in so doing they are quite willing to see thousands of American men and boys dead in faraway deserts, and thousands of homes in Salisbury, NC, or in Laramie, Wyoming, or in Macon, Georgia, without a father, or a son, or a brother.

Hungarian PM Orban Getting Tougher on Immigration: ‘We Are Building a Christian Democracy’

by CHRIS TOMLINSON6 May 2018913

After a huge electoral victory that saw his party win a two-thirds super-majority, Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán has announced tougher immigration rules and his vision of a Hungary built on “Christian democracy”.

The Hungarian leader announced his new plans in a radio broadcast on Friday, saying: “We are building a Christian democracy. An old-fashioned Christian democracy whose roots are in the European tradition, where human dignity is essential and where there is a separation of powers,” newspaper Ouest France reports.

“We will defend the Christian culture and we will not give the country to foreigners,” Orban added, and spoke about a proposed constitutional amendment from 2016 to limit mass migration, which failed to pass due to the government not having the required two-thirds majority in parliament at the time.

“I feel obliged to implement this constitutional amendment now,” he said.

The amendment could increase the rift between Orbán and the European Union, as it also states that the country will reject any EU rules or policies that could radically change the ethnic makeup of the country or infringe Hungary’s territorial borders.

Breitbart London@BreitbartLondon     Hungary’s Orbán Calls for Patriotic Alliance to Save Europe, ‘We’ll Fight Together to Stop the Soros Plan’ http://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/02/19/orban-patriotic-alliance-save-europe/ 11:03 AM - Feb 19, 2018

On the topic of the European Union and its recently announced 1.24 trillion euro budget, Orbán said he would not support the budget, claiming it would help fund mass migration.

As part of the budget announcement, the EU added a new policy that could see countries not upholding so-called “EU values” having their funding cut off.

A major part of the campaign of Orbán and his Fidesz party was the influence of left-wing billionaire George Soros and his vast network of pro-mass migration NGOs.

“George Soros has an army of shadows working in Hungary. We want to unmask it. We want to show that migration is not a human rights issue but a national security issue,” he said.

Don't Trash the Nuclear Deal!

By Patrick J. Buchanan   Tuesday - May 8, 2018

This next week may determine whether President Trump extricates us from that cauldron of conflict that is the Middle East, as he promised, or plunges us even deeper into these forever wars.

Friday will see the sixth in a row of weekly protests at the Gaza border fence in clashes that have left 40 Palestinians dead and 1,500 wounded by live fire from Israeli troops.
Monday, the U.S. moves its embassy to Jerusalem. Tuesday will see the triumphal celebration of the 70th birthday of the state of Israel.

Palestinians will commemorate May 15 as Nakba, "The catastrophe," where hundred of thousands of their people fled their homes in terror to live in stateless exile for seven decades. Violence could begin Friday and stretch into next week.

Yet more fateful for our future is the decision Trump will make by Saturday. May 12 is his deadline to decide whether America trashes the Iran nuclear deal and re-imposes sanctions. While our NATO allies are imploring Trump not to destroy the deal and start down a road that is likely to end in war with Iran, Bibi Netanyahu on Sunday called this a Munich moment:

"Nations that did not act in time against murderous aggression against them paid a much higher price later on."

From a U.S. standpoint, the Munich analogy seems absurd. Iran is making no demands on the United States. Its patrol boats have ceased harassing our warships in the Persian Gulf. Its forces in Iraq and Syria do not interfere with our operations against ISIS. And, according to U.N. inspectors, Iran is abiding by the terms of the nuclear deal.

Iran has never tested a nuclear device and never enriched uranium to weapons grade. Under the deal, Iran has surrendered 95 percent of its uranium, shut down most of its centrifuges and allowed cameras and inspectors into all of its nuclear facilities.

Why Iran is abiding by the deal is obvious. For Iran it is a great deal. Having decided in 2003 not to build a bomb, Iran terminated its program. Then Tehran decided to negotiate with the U.S. for return of $100 billion in frozen assets from the Shah's era — by proving they were not doing what every U.S. intelligence agency said they were not doing.

Should Iran rashly decide to go for a nuclear weapon, it would have to fire up centrifuges to enrich uranium to a level that they have never done, and then test a nuclear device, and then weaponize it. A crash bomb program would be detected almost instantly and bring a U.S. ultimatum which, if defied, could bring airstrikes. Why would Trump risk losing the means to monitor Iran's compliance with the deal?

Israel, too, has an arsenal of nuclear weapons that can be delivered by Jericho missile, submarine-based cruise missile, and the Israeli air force.

Why then is the world anxiously awaiting a decision by President Trump that could lead to an unnecessary war with Iran? The president painted himself into this corner. He has called the Iran nuclear deal "insane" and repeatedly pledged to tear it up.

The Israelis, Saudis and Beltway War Party want the deal trashed, because they want a U.S. clash with Iran. They are not afraid of war. Instead, they fear Trump will extricate us from the Middle East before we do our historic duty and effect regime change in Iran.

What is Israel's motive? Israel fears that the Iranians, having contributed to Bashar Assad's victory in Syria's civil war, will stay on and establish bases and a weapons pipeline to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Israel has launched scores of airstrikes into Syria to prevent this.

The problem for Bibi: While Trump sees no vital U.S. interest in Syria and has expressed his wish to get out when ISIS is demolished and scattered, Bibi has cast us in the lead role in taking down Iran in Syria. Trump may want to stay out of the next phase of the Syrian civil war. Bibi is counting on the Americans to fight it.

But while Bibi may have a vital interest in driving Iran out of Syria, Iran is no threat to any vital interest of the United States. Iran's economy is in dreadful shape. Its youth have voted repeatedly against presidential candidates favored by the Ayatollah. There are regular constant demonstrations against the regime.

Time is not on the side of the Islamic Republic. Fifty million Persians, leading a Shiite nation of Persians, Azeris, Baloch, Arabs and Kurds, are not going to control a vast Middle East of hundreds of millions of Arabs and Turks in an Islamic world where Shiites are outnumbered five times over by Sunnis.

For the United States, the strategic challenge of this century is not Iran, North Korea or Russia. If it is any nation, it is China.

Trump the dealmaker should find a way to keep the nuclear deal with Iran. We are far better off with it than without it.

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