Sunday, May 6, 2018

May 6, 2018

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

Latest Articles Published by the Abbeville Institute, The Unz Review, and (June 2018) by Chronicles


My latest published article has been widely publicized by two online journals, the Abbeville Institute, and then, The Unz Review, which picked up the Abbeville publication and, with credit, republished it. I appreciate the kind remarks that I have thus far received about it. Please feel free to forward it to your acquaintances. Abbeville published the essay as “How the Neoconservatives Destroyed Southern Conservatism,” on May 2 [ ] and The Unz Review picked it up, and it is a featured article on that web site today [May 6, 2018], titled “American Exceptionalism, the South and the Brain Robbery of Conservatism”  []. I am planning to include this essay in a collection of my essays and columns that hopefully will be published at some future date, depending on time and my health.
An original version of this piece showed up on my blog earlier this year on April 24, 2018 [].

I have another major piece, titled “Cultural Marxism and the Stranglehold of Race,” coming out soon (in print) in the June 2018 issue of Chronicles Magazine. Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture is in many ways the “granddaddy” of Old Right traditional conservatism in the United States, originally founded back in the late 1970s to represent intellectually traditional conservative positions. It is published by The Rockford Institute, and single issues may be purchased at better book stores, or subscriptions may be had via:

Again, I appreciate the comments and encouragement.

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