Friday, May 4, 2018

May 4, 2018

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

Staring Government Totalitarianism in the Face:
Robert Mueller has One Goal—to Unseat the President by Any Means: He Must be Resisted and the Special Counsel Terminated NOW


Back on December 17, 2017, I wrote in MY CORNER that Robert Mueller should be fired and the Office of Special Counsel shut down as it is very clearly and nothing more than a highly partisan political effort to bring down the president, destroy his agenda, and undo the results of the November 2016 election. [] Here is how I led off that column:

The past two weeks or so have demonstrated what some of us have been saying for months: it is past time that the Office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller be shut down, shuttered, the contracts of those rabid, ultra-Left Democrat and pro-Hillary Special Counsel attorneys, including Robert Mueller himself, be tossed into “file 13,” and those zealous political apparatchiks be given their walking papers. The so-called “investigation” by the Special Counsel has become—has been—not just a veritable Keystone Cops joke, but is evidently and patently part and parcel of an immense and determined effort of historical proportions, now more visible than ever, to “get” President Trump and derail his agenda. It is, as others including Patrick Buchanan (back in August) have saida multilevel, frenzied and vicious attempted “silent coup,” the likes of which have not been witnessed in the history of this nation, at least since the extra-judicial abrogation of basic constitutional rights by Abraham Lincoln 155 years ago.

The forces behind this “silent coup” are what we identify as the Deep State, that loose conglomerate of dominant political and financial power in the nation—those foundations, think tanks, publications both online and in print, those un-elected managers and DC bureaucrats, the punditocracy, congressmen and their staffs, political consultants and high dollar donors, most of Hollywood, and the near entirety of academia and our “educational establishment”—all working more or less in tandem, although with some degree of autonomy….

What “the Donald” should then do is simply tell them to “take it and shove it,” in so many words, and that he was elected to make America great again, and that means first of all, taking it back from folks like them who have progressively despoiled it and done their best to destroy the inheritance received from the Founders and the Framers.

I have not changed that view; indeed, recent events have only confirmed what most of us understood last year about the nature of the Mueller investigation and its uses by the Deep State and Washington managerial establishment (including leaders in both political parties).

The one aspect that I might modify in that column would be on just how the investigation could be terminated. The president and his legal team apparently seem to be waiting to discover just how far—and how far afield—the Mueller team of ravenous ideological Democrat attorneys intend to go. The hiring by the president of high profile, aggressive attorney Rudy Giuliani is one sign that there are justifiable limits to what the president will tolerate in this political witch hunt.

The excruciating details, the maneuvering, and back-and-forth in this quickly developing constitutional crisis have been aired both via talk radio and on television.  I will not repeat them here.

The president could, within his full rights, direct Attorney General Jeff Sessions to fire Mueller and end the witch hunt; even more, he could direct Sessions to fire Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and terminate the proviso setting up the current Office of Special Counsel.

Of course, the bloodcurdling screams from the fanatical unhinged Democrats and many collaborationist “flee-to-the-tall-grass” weak-kneed, establishment Republicans (e.g. Lindsey Graham, Ben Sasse, Bob Corker, et al) and the demands for impeachment by the Mainstream Media would be deafening.

But let me ask: is it not better to go ahead and lance this infectious and venomous boil and challenge the grisly machinations of the Deep State now rather than letting this cancer continue to fester and grow?  This so-called “collusion/obstruction investigation” is bleeding the president dry with a thousand non-germane cuts, by casting such a wide net that anything even slightly suspicious that any casual friend of Donald Trump may have done, or be accused of having done, for the past twenty-five years has become subject of high powered and unyielding government overreach.  And those individuals—who had nothing at all to do with Russia or any purported and far-fetched collusion--then find themselves before an unelected Gestapo-like “Star Chamber,” or subpoenaed before a faceless grand jury, broken financially and at the mercy of what is in fact becoming a truly totalitarian state. Just look at what happened to General Michael Flynn who has been forced to sell his house due to legal expenses and charges that now we understand are almost certainly baseless: this is the statist, unelected “beast” of a government gone amuck, gone wild and crazed with power.

Last night on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson interviewed former Deputy Director of the FBI, James Kallstrom, on the most recent “raid”—this one on Trump’s attorney, with comments about other abuses by the Mueller team and its minions. It is very evident, said Kallstrom,  that our intelligence services are out of control and out to bring down the president. The interview should send shivers up the backs of every American who loves liberty and the Constitution:

And our pundits…and establishment political leaders both Republican and Democrat, from Senator Graham to the embarrassingly fatuous Nikki Haley…have the temerity to criticize the Russians on how they conduct their elections and their government!

It must be stopped. The very existence of what is left of the republic is at stake. For the survival of what is left of our inheritance, it is time to shut Mueller and his band of bandidos down and send them packing...if not to jail!

Pat Buchanan, a veteran of just how the Deep State operates when it seeks to undo or unseat what it considers a “usurper,” writes and suggests another possible strategy on how the president could come out with all guns firing. I pass on his column today.

Memo to Trump: Defy Mueller

By Patrick J. Buchanan  Friday - May 4, 2018

If Donald Trump does not wish to collaborate in the destruction of his presidency, he will refuse to be questioned by the FBI, or by a grand jury, or by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his malevolent minions. Should Mueller subpoena him, as he has threatened to do, Trump should ignore the subpoena, and frame it for viewing in Trump Tower. If Mueller goes to the Supreme Court and wins an order for Trump to comply and testify to a grand jury, Trump should defy the court.

The only institution that is empowered to prosecute a president is Congress. If charges against Trump are to be brought, this is the arena, this is the forum, where the battle should be fought and the fate and future of the Trump presidency decided.

The goal of Mueller's prosecutors is to take down Trump on the cheap. If they can get him behind closed doors and make him respond in detail to questions — to which they already know the answers — any misstep by Trump could be converted into a perjury charge.

Trump has to score 100 on a test to which Mueller's team has all the answers in advance while Trump must rely upon memory. Why take this risk?

By now, witnesses have testified in ways that contradict what Trump has said. This, plus Trump's impulsiveness, propensity to exaggerate, and often rash responses to hostile questions, would make him easy prey for the perjury traps prosecutors set up when they cannot convict their targets on the evidence.

Mueller and his team are the ones who need this interrogation.  For, after almost two years, their Russiagate investigation has produced no conclusive proof of the foundational charge — that Trump's team colluded with Vladimir Putin's Russia to hack and thieve the emails of the Clinton campaign and DNC.

Having failed, Mueller & Co. now seek to prove that, even if Trump did not collude with the Russians, he interfered with their investigation.

How did Trump obstruct justice?

Did he suggest that fired NSC Advisor Gen. Mike Flynn might get a pardon? What was his motive in firing FBI Director James Comey? Did Trump edit the Air Force One explanation of the meeting in June 2016 between his campaign officials and Russians? Did he pressure Attorney General Jeff Sessions to fire Mueller?

Mueller's problem: These questions and more have all been aired and argued endlessly in the public square. Yet no national consensus has formed that Trump committed an offense to justify his removal. Even Democrats are backing away from talk of impeachment.

Trump's lawyers should tell Mueller to wrap up his work, as Trump will not be testifying, no matter what subpoena he draws up, or what the courts say he must do. And if Congress threatens impeachment for defying a court order, Trump should tell them: Impeach me and be damned.

Will a new Congress impeach and convict an elected president?

An impeachment battle would become a titanic struggle between a capital that detests Trump and a vast slice of Middle America that voted to repudiate that capital's elite, trusts Trump, and will stand by him to the end. And in any impeachment debate before Congress and the cameras of the world, not one but two narratives will be heard.

The first is that Trump colluded with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton and then sought to obstruct an investigation of his collusion. The second is the story of how an FBI cabal went into the tank on an investigation of Clinton to save her campaign. Then it used the product of a Clinton-DNC dirt-diving operation, created by a British spy with Russian contacts, to attempt to destroy the Trump candidacy. Now, failing that, it's looking to overthrow the elected president of the United States.

In short, the second narrative is that the "deep state" and its media auxiliaries are colluding to overturn the results of the 2016 election.  Unlike Watergate, with Russiagate, the investigators will be on trial as well.

Trump needs to shift the struggle out of the legal arena, where Mueller and his men have superior weapons, and into the political arena, where he can bring his populous forces to bear in the decision as to his fate.

This is the terrain on which Trump can win — an us-vs-them fight, before Congress and country, where not only the alleged crimes of Trump are aired but also the actual crimes committed to destroy him and to overturn his victory. Trump is a nationalist who puts America first both in trade and securing her frontiers against an historic invasion from the South. If he is overthrown, and the agenda for which America voted is trashed as well, it may be Middle America in the streets this time.


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