Tuesday, September 25, 2018

September 25, 2018

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

Kavanaugh, Tucker Carlson, and the End of America?


The unleashed ideological charade surrounding the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court continues with energized momentum. Now every few days feminist fanatics all of a sudden “discover” a new “victim” of sexual abuse committed by the judge, a victim who cannot at first remember really anything, but whose memory is miraculously “recovered” after a week or two of intensive pscyho-therapy administered by tendentious pseudo-scientific practitioners of what can only be described as a modern (and far less respectable) version of black magic and after continuous and intensive “counseling” and suggestion by frenzied #MeToo activist attorneys, intent on shaping the narrative to effect a defined and discernible political (and cultural) outcome.

And each time a new “victim” suddenly emerges, so too will come the demands for postponement of a Senate vote on the nomination, a new FBI investigation, and the refrain in all mock seriousness: “We cannot possibly proceed until ALL such claims have been thoroughly investigated.”

In other words, at this rate—as newly groomed and coached women appear, abused supposedly in the first grade by Kavanaugh when he was just six, maybe because he tickled her underarm “against her will”—as those “new” women come forward as choreographed by the feminist #MeToo-ers, this process could well last for—years. That is, until the administration finally gives in, or, more likely, the Senate Republicans simply throw in the towel. Or, as the best hope of the Democrats, that the November election will result in a majority for them in the Senate.

At that point, again miraculously, ALL accusations will suddenly and abruptly cease, no further victims will appear, and Brett Kavanaugh, an honorable and upright judge with not a hint of scandal, will have had his life ruined forever, his reputation besmirched. And with unconscionable glee and contentment, the feminist movement will move on eagerly to its next target…whichever man might stand in their way and in the way of their complete domination of our society, our politics, and our culture.

The Democratic party leadership, now under the sway of these zealots, pushes this template, basks and revels in it, boasts of its success and inevitability, while too many Republican leaders slink away to the “tall grass,” fearful that someone, somewhere, will whisper those fatal words: “Senator X (who is, of course, a white male!) is a sexist, is enabling sexual abuse, and is anti-woman!”—or worse.

In two previous installments in this series [see My Corner columns for September 19 and 22, 2018: http://boydcatheyreviewofbooks.blogspot.com/2018/09/september-19-2018-my-corner-by.html  and http://boydcatheyreviewofbooks.blogspot.com/2018/09/september-22-2018-my-corner-by.html],  I have termed this process the recrudescence of a modern form of witchcraft, with the difference that this is indeed the real thing, that what we are witnessing is a form of demonic possession, not so much of the traditional theological kind, but certainly a modern variation thereof.

In the theology and teaching of the Church, demonic possession exists on several levels, the most famous and noted being possession itself. The well-known film, “The Exorcist” (1973), presented in Hollywood’s own exaggerated cinematic and amplified way, brought demonic possession back into the public eye; that film was indeed based on a real case that occurred several decades ago, and, despite Hollywoodization, it remains a fascinating topic, as it reminded skeptics that there is a real history of such unexplained instances in human history.

As the old Rituale Romanum, the text utilized for exorcisms, indicates, the cases of demonic possession are quite rare. However, as I said, there are levels, including subjection, infestation, and, notably, obsession which incorporates sudden attacks of irrational and obsessive thoughts, perhaps culminating in a death wish, and typically influencing dreams and visions.

In our age of widespread unbelief, such terminologies may well fall on deaf ears, may well be passe’ and unpalatable to modern thinking. But whether or not one accepts the traditional theological precisions, or if the consideration be merely based on a close and measured analysis of what is occurring, employing insights of mass psychology and the understanding of the power and use of suggestion, the eventual diagnosis and result amount to the same thing.

“Feminism,” along with “Anti-racism,” is a weaponized cudgel employed by what we have termed “cultural Marxism” to essentially undermine, dissolve, and transform Western Christian culture and society. But, in fact, feminism is antecedent to and predates historically and ideologically all forms of Marxism. Latter day Marxists have, indeed, included it in their quiver of poisonous arrows, but for them, it is only one means to an end, and not the end in itself. For them it is a tactic and a strategy.

Feminism, in fact, as we witness its present operation, is far more insidious and actually more within the realm of an understanding of Western religious and social history. Again, as I have stated previously in these columns, in that sense its typology partakes of defined and discernible Christian heresy, and as in all heresies, its basis is essentially a rebellion against God and His created natural order.

Certainly, such a description will find few votaries in contemporary society. How dare I even mention such “superstition” and unreality! We are conditioned and trained from early age to accept “science” as our new god, and scientific explanations (and huge doses of pseudo-science) have become the deified replacements for traditional religious explanations for anything smacking of mystery or the unexplained.

But who among rational observers, the as yet uninfected, can deny what we are witnessing and seeing transpire on our television sets or in the pages of such virulently feminist publications like The New Yorker, The Washington Post, or The New York Times?

Is this not some form of, at the very least, obsession? Or, what G. K. Chesterton called “lunacy?” Or, to be more modern and contemporary about it, the power and use of intense and continued hyper-suggestion and a kind of nationalized and ideological psycho-therapy, applied society-wide? Are we not, indeed, witnessing the emergence, full-blown, of an infernal “beast of inversion,” a total and complete uprooting of the way things have operated and been for thousands of years, the defiance and denial of Nature and Nature’s laws, in favor of what I would term demonic demiurges—minions of Evil who will not cease their machinations until either they have destroyed our culture and civilization, or, until they themselves are repulsed and destroyed.

There can be no truce with them; there can be no compromise with them. Their madness drives them onward either to their final noxious triumph on earth, or until they are driven back into the feculent reaches of Hell, itself.

Last night [September 24, 2018], as I usually do, I tuned into the Tucker Carlson Tonight program, which now is about the only program on Fox News that I can force myself to watch regularly. And for the first thirteen minutes, Carlson—more than any observer on this topic I have heard—stated the practical and real issues in the Kavanaugh case in the starkest of terms, but with absolute and very precise realism. It was a veritable tour de force, and, I pass on a Youtube version (link below) and urge you to see and hear it, even if you heard it earlier.

This, in fact, is where we are in our country—on the precipice, on the edge of succumbing to a very real and severe totalitarianism that despite the election of Donald Trump in 2016, we stare at squarely in the face and which literally threatens to take control of our politics, our culture, and our very lives.

Maybe it is time—maybe beyond time—that we began frequenting the firing ranges. Maybe that is where we should be headed, and far sooner than we imagined.

Here is Tucker:

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  1. Few besides Dr. Cathey could analyze the current crisis in its real context and nature: the triumph of the therapeutic demonic.


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