Thursday, January 3, 2019

January 3, 2019

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

TUCKER CARLSON Hits the Mark in Perhaps His Most Significant Monologue Ever


This morning I had two topics to comment on and possible columns to send out: the first is a new essay that I have just published in THE REMNANT (the Christmas issue), and the second, a critique of Mitt Romney’s latest inane political contortions and most recent self-inflicted contusion—to think that a major political party, indeed the party that professes to be “conservative,” the Republican Party, would have nominated such a nullity for president is, to put it mildly, breathtaking…and a severe and vividly sardonic commentary on and indictment of the utter corruption of our political culture.

But more about those topics later.

Because last night, in a short fifteen minutes, I heard and saw summed up, as perhaps only Pat Buchanan was able to do a few years back, the essence of a truly traditional conservatism, a conservatism that stressed families and America first, that refused to accept the laissez-faire capitalist model as the be-all and end-all nexus of our society and our politics, that understands that inherited bonds of faith and tradition are essential if any society is to survive.  

Yes, it was tinged heavily with what critics would call “populism,” but in few words it expressed, I believe, what millions of oppressed “silent majority” Americans believe and think, even if only instinctively or inartfully. It is far more realistic, far more affecting than anything that the Cato Institute or the Chambers of Commerce can spew out.

It was Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue on his Fox program, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” and it was not only the most provocative commentary by a “conservative” I’ve heard in years, it was also the most probing and profound—and only in a quarter hour. Indeed, not since some of the volumes by Pat Buchanan and before that, perhaps the late Professor Robert Nisbet (e.g., The Quest for Community), have I heard anything more culturally powerful and searing.

And Carlson took aim not only at the increasingly Leftist AND corporately-dominated Democrats, but also the Republicans, their corrupt establishment and their cozy membership in the Deep State that dominates us…and in fact doesn’t given a damn about the hog farmer in Sampson County, NC, or the corn farmer in Alba, Iowa, or the machinist in Cleveland, Ohio, or the autoworker in Tennessee: they are “outside the Beltway,” in what New York writer Philip Roth once called “fly-over” country (that you are forced to cross en route from exclusive  cocktail parties in New York to more exclusive cocktail parties in San Francisco).

Of course, Carlson was directly addressing the “deplorables,” the Trump voters; but he was also reaching out to millions of other Americans, most of whom don’t have that much time to read or even watch TV news programs—millions more who have in the past believed in our political system which has in reality become an immense and ugly corporate  plaything for two huge and gross political oligarchies that don’t give a damn about you or me, or any of those poor stiffs who have to work forty hours a week for slender wages to keep meager food on the table, to pay a steep mortgage, and hopefully keep junior off drugs or away from an unwanted pregnancy…and whose wife (or husband) may have just divorced him (or her): so close to falling into poverty, frantically trying to survive.

And all as the political and Wall Street establishment, and the Hollywood elites, grow fat and filthy rich, and increasingly think of what is left of the United States as their own private fiefdom, their own private plantation, and the rest of us as their slaves.

Welcome to America 2019—NOT the country our forefathers sought to establish, NOT even the country our fathers and grandfathers fought for in World War II.

The Mainstream Media (including most on Fox) won’t admit it, but that is the very reason that millions voted for Donald Trump in 2016: not because he was some moral and holy “saint” (we knew he wasn’t), not because he was George Washington incarnate (or even another Ronald Reagan), but because in him they saw a way to express their desperate cries, their increasing pain and anguish, their frustration that what their grandparents might once have had was disappearing, was gone—that as each day went by they realized they were subject to what was rapidly becoming a centralized and authoritarian regime,  ruled  by an overweening, puffed-up oligarchy, in a nation that had in reality become a kakistocracy, a nation ruled by the worst.

Thus, Tucker Carlson’s opening fifteen minutes last night crystallized this condition adroitly, succinctly, and like a poisoned arrow, hit its mark. EVERY American should see it and ponder it, and not just the “deplorables,” for it summarizes what has happened and continues to happen, from the shores of the Potomac to the smoke-filled boardrooms on Wall Street, to the ornately-carved wood-paneled offices in Geneva. And in an indirect but laser-like fashion it suggests concisely the only real way actual opposition to the Deep State may succeed—if not too late.

Here below is a Youtube link, and I ask you to view it, not just once, but several times and share with family and friends (and, yes, ironically there is a relationship to what I was going to write about the fatuous Mitt Romney’s latest vomited feculence in support of the Deep State—I think you’ll discern it).

Happy New Year!

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