Monday, December 31, 2018

December 31, 2018

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

2018 Reflections, Franklin Graham, and a
Newly-Published Essay at LEW


I take this opportunity on this last day of 2018 to wish you all a very prosperous, healthy, and happy New Year 2019! This year has been a tumultuous one, with all sorts of events, some expected, many unforeseen. We have witnessed—even with the election of Donald Trump in 2016—the forces of the Deep State advance and tighten their noose around both individual Americans and American associations who  are seen as not politically-correct. Fundamentally, our access to free speech as guaranteed to us in the Constitution continues to erode as giant mega-corporations such as Facebook and Google subtly—and not so subtly—attempt to censor our speech and expression, if we are traditionalists or dissent from the steadily-advancing Progressivist template on gender and race.

The most recent example is the Facebook expulsion and attempted censoring of the Reverend Franklin Graham. His “thought crime”? He supported several years ago North Carolina’s famous HB2 legislation which would have prevented men from using women’s bathrooms! And, even though—after an outcry—Facebook reversed its position, the unmistakable markers and symbols of what awaits us all in the future are clearly visible: that is, if we ONLY TAKE A CLEAR LOOK at what is occurring.

No doubt Mark Zuckerberg and his Silicon Valley friends, whose knowledge of our Constitution and appreciation of the history of our republic is as minuscule as their knowledge of computer technology is great, can sit back in their gated communities (yes, he and his friends DO believe in walls when it concerns them personally!) and sneer at the rest of us. They sit on their hoards of golden lucre and exert a kind of virtual control over millions, especially our children who are, let us face it, “addicted” to the shiny baubles of electronic technology. Indeed, what is Zuckerberg but a contemporary make-over of the Wizard of Oz, but without the grace and enchantment of the Hollywood creation of seventy-nine years ago? Perhaps his immense power is so great that a more apt comparison might be with Darth Vader or maybe the Dark Lord Sauron of The Lord of Rings?

The year 2018 has seen a stepped-up and even more frenzied effort to find something—anything—with which to damage, weaken, perhaps expel from office President Trump. The egregious excesses and overreach of the Mueller Commission, the unleashed and vicious venom of our media and Hollywood, the unbridled passion of the Democrats, and the characteristic cowardice of too many Republicans and so-called “conservatives”—continue apace and show no indication of slowing down in 2019. In 2016 Donald Trump was the unlikely bull-in-a-china-shop, the uncouth battering ram that many of us hoped would at the very least punch a hole, a small hole, but still a hole, in the thickening wall and ceiling of authoritarian oppression that characterizes our creaky and weary republic. Coming, himself, from the establishment Wall Street class, extremely wealthy and not dependent on special interests, he was—quite rightly—seen by the forces of the Deep State as a traitor to his class and all the more dangerous.

But with those advantages he also carried with him disadvantages as he assumed office: he was largely unschooled in the treacherous game, the poisonous waters of Washington politics and Potomac back-stabbing. Perhaps he was, as well, too apt to believe those who came to him after his election, “former” Never Trumpers with crocodile tears in their eyes, who begged for positions in the new administration…foul chameleons who would change their colors for a high-ranking sinecure: Nikki Haley, any0ne? Or, John Bolton. And most shockingly, Lindsey Graham. 

None of these self-proclaimed “conservative” leopards had changed their spots. In their elastic ability to manipulate their allegiances and their willingness to “say the right” things at the right time, these oleaginous creatures of the twilight convinced the president of their bona fides and their loyalty. But they remained and remain “fifth columnists” all the same, waiting for the right moment to strike.

That, perhaps, has been the biggest weakness of the Trump presidency: President Trump appears actually too ready at times to take a politician at his sworn word. And that is something that in Washington you NEVER do.

This past Sunday, December 30, Senator Graham had lunch with the president to beg him to reconsider the decision to pull American troops out of Syria, all 2,200. After the meeting, Graham averred that he felt “reassured” that there would be no “precipitous withdrawal.”  Yet, the president’s ultimate resolve to end our unwieldy, untenable, and unwise intervention there, one of his major campaign pledges, continues. But we must watch and see just what kind of effect the plaintive cries of Deep State globalists like Graham might have. The power of the zealously interventionist foreign policy establishment is still very significant, and even a Donald Trump is subject to it.

Back on December 23 my installment of MY CORNER applauded the president’s decision to exit Syria. That particular column was picked up by the site, the nation’s largest and most important Web site for libertarian thought. While I do not define my thinking as strictly “libertarian” as I understand the term, I do share in my view many points of convergence and agreement with old fashioned, liberty-loving libertarians, especially on foreign policy questions and on the defense of our Constitution and states’ rights. And the LewRockwell site has been a leader in the defense of the basic rights of Americans: we should be grateful for that voice.

Nearly 2400 readers have read my article based on that generated publicity. And several of my articles on THE REMNANT newspaper Web site have been read by seven or eight thousand; so, the word is getting out.

Perhaps the professional hate-hunter Morris Dees and his Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) will soon have to raise my “hatemonger” status?  I count his attacks as badges of honor—and I respond with disdain and contempt, as I have done since he first attacked me and my reputation some fifteen years ago (for a long, detailed account I published on his various malfeasances).  In our topsy-turvy world sometimes it’s the enemies you make that tell who you really are.

In any event, I pass on the LewRockwell article, and I am pleased to join them in their stouthearted opposition to American globalism and the imposition of a New World Order.


General Mattis, Syria, and the “Lost It” Hysteria of the DC Swamp Deep State Globalists – They Now Advocate a Military Overthrow of President Trump

By Boyd Cathey 

December 24, 2018

My intention this morning was to begin a short series on what the Holy Feast of Christmas means, and must mean, for us…and I still intend to write about that. But a couple of very good friends, one of whom is a neighbor who stopped me in the local Food Lion the other days, have inquired about the recent decision by President Trump to pull our 2,200 troops out of the cauldron of the Syrian “civil war” (AKA, terrorist rebellion): could I offer some additional information and background on what just happened. I told my friend that I had written an installment in this series that very day, December 21, for MY CORNER.

In that column I made reference to five other installments which went into some detail on the background of the Syrian civil war…and why we should never have been there. But the idea of providing a short, accessible summary about what just happened this past week kept popping up as something that might be very useful to my friends and readers.
So this morning, without a lot of my commentary I want to pass on several items that I think will place what just happened into some context and perhaps give you ample background to begin to understand what President Trump did.  And, hopefully will offer perspective on why the near totality of the Foreign Policy Establishment, and the political Deep State elites in Washington—All Democrats and most Republicans in Congress (and on Fox News)—are beside themselves, upset, angry that our president is fulfilling his promise regarding Syria, and even calling for a “military coup against the president” [why, I ask, aren’t such pundits being arrested for proposing treason?].

Various politicians—from Republicans like uber-globalist Senators Lindsey Graham and Ben Sasse, plus oodles of Democrats, ALL UNITED [what does THAT tell you about the globalist nature of the Deep State cliques who not only control the US of A, but wish to control the rest of the world as well?]—have harshly condemned President Trump for his Syria decision, and even more so for the fact his Secretary of Defense General James Mattis has resigned.  Mattis, too, like the globalists in Washington—now twenty-six years after the fall of world Communism—wanted to continue to send American boys to die in foreign civil wars in jungles and deserts where we have no business being, so that the fruits of American egalitarianism and (pseudo) democracy could be inflicted on those downtrodden states….not to mention expanding control of the American financial global elites who would control their economies, their oil, and just about everything else…oh, yes, all in the name of “democracy.”

Why, just think of all the benefits we could inflict, say, on Syria: transgendered Mullahs, same sex bathrooms replacing Shar’ia law in those madrassa Islamic centers of learning, free abortions for those downtrodden Muslim women, wonderful commercials everywhere on Syrian TV for Viagra and Preparation-H, with same sex partners showing them all how it is done, and “democratic” elections with maybe Karl Rove parachuted in to instruct them how to manipulate votes. Maybe we could even encourage a few million Mexicans to move there to bolster whichever side the new “Demo-Republicrat” globalist alliance supports? And, why not get George Soros involved, too, if he is not already involved?
)Is this not, in sum, what we’ve been fighting for? Not so much against ISIS (the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad and the Russians have done almost all the fighting and defeating of ISIS), but for one more desert outpost of “American democracy and equality”?

And that, in reality, is why everyone from the Establishment left to the Establishment “conservative movement” are all so upset, and why they now talk of…actually…a “military coup” against President Trump. The resignation of Mattis was just a pretext, the nail to hang their frenzied and putrid ideological hat on. And it is that same unrestrained fervor, that vicious anger still over the results of 2016, their resentment that “THAT MAN sits at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” that same Deep State lunacy that has even a few of them, get this, “contemplating suicide”! [Let me wish they carry through with that threat—the Dark Lord of Hell awaits them with open arms.]

So, here, first, is a brief account of those unleashed reactions from the devilish denizens of the Deep State: you must read these to begin to comprehend the quasi-religious madness these folks exhibit. And, once again, I ask: can there ever be any kind of “peace” with these votaries of the Dark Lord? Second, Andrew McCarthy responds to a vitriolic anti/Never-Trump piece by National Review’s David French. McCarthy is not ordinarily thought of as a staunch Trump loyalist and the magazine he writes for is and has been an outpost of Establishment Never-Trumpism, but he does make some good arguments about Syria, and why we should not be there and why we should get out….

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