Sunday, February 3, 2019

February 3, 2019

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

Virginia Governor Northam, Racism, and the Gadarene Swine of 2019


You would have thought Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam had been a co-conspirator in the assassination of Martin Luther King—given the reaction to what appeared to be a page in his Virginia Military Institute Yearbook. (He graduated from VMI in 1981, but the media claim the page is from 1984, a time when Northam was studying at the Eastern Virginia Medical School.)

Both the unhinged Left and the “virtue-signaling” Republicans and minions of Establishment “Conservatism, Inc.”—that is, the near entirety of the political establishment—howled and bayed: it was time for Northam to step down because of a “racist” depiction, which he now says he was not in, made some thirty-five years ago when he was a student.

The national media, including most especially Fox News, have run with this story nearly every minute of the day like a hound dog after a scared fox: For the Left and Democrats this is an immense embarrassment, an incredible political fiasco—and Northam must step down, he must go.

For the Establishment conservatives, this is an opportunity to demonstrate their “anti-racist” virtuousness to anyone in sight listening or watching: “Hey, look we conservatives aren’t racists; it’s you Democrats who harbor such folks!”—and Northam must step down, he must go.

Of course, Northam should step down, but not because of a juvenile prank he may or may not have committed nearly forty years ago. But rather for his despicably callous and incredibly evil support for what, in effect, is infanticide—the murder of infants who have just been born, who are outside the womb: horrid comments that he made earlier last week endorsing a bill introduced into the Virginia legislature that would permit just that.

A few years ago, in a better and more civilized and more moral time, such commentary, such support for what is in fact selective killing of the newly-born would have drawn mighty condemnations from leaders of both political parties and outrage throughout our society. Yet, with scandalous uniformity, the leaders of the Democratic Party, all rather lamely declared that they had not seen or heard of Northam’s comments (e.g. Nancy Pelosi). Nothing must impede, you see, the onward march of the Gadarene Swine who now give form and direction to the once-estimable party of Jefferson and Jackson, of Harry Byrd and Richard Russell, in their headlong plunge into the dark and truly demonic anti-life Abyss.

The major media paid scant, almost no attention to Northam’s earlier comments. It had to do that. For millions of nervous Americans abortion is no longer an issue they wish to confront. All the mounting scientific evidence about life, about its real existence from conception, about the constant, if downplayed, examples of utterly horrible killing—the case of Dr. Kermit Gosnell and others like him—are a mere inconvenience. Indeed, for the frenzied militant feminists and their timid follow-along supporters, abortion has become in reality a new sacrament, a kind of badge of honor, a symbol of an immense and furious rebellion against Creation and against Nature, itself. It is the ultimate attempt to free themselves from who they are and how they were created…and, despite their claims to the contrary, it is the ultimate rejection of personhood and any real dignity associated with it.

That was Northam’s egregious and irremediable error—he, a sitting governor and a major player in the Democratic hierarchy spoke openly what is now the template of his political party, and which even many mainstream Republicans no longer wish to challenge.

But it took the yearbook depiction—a juvenile unthinking romp nearly four decades ago—to secure notice from the Mainstream Media, and then only due to an investigation by some conservatives out to attack Northam. And it gave the epigones of “Conservatism, Inc.” the opportunity to brag loudly about how THEY were not racists, how the Democratic Party had a “long history of racism,” and to beat their breasts and signal THEIR oh-so-immaculate virtue.

And it also, in the long run, played into the dynamic that rules our contemporary society: that racism along with “toxic”—white—“masculinity” are the major obstacles facing us on that painful road to true “equality.” It is a chimerical goal, a false and dangerous “god” that leads to the dissolution and destruction of our culture and civilization. It means the “cleansing” of our society of our heritage, and of most of our traditions; it means the radical education—perversion—of our youth; it means the ultimate conversion of this country into something totally unrecognizable to the Founders and Framers; it means in effect rebellion against God and His order of things.

The establishment conservatives, in their attempt to gain some political points, whether they understand it or not, have eagerly bought into this template. They, too, condemn "racism," racism of any form, racism from forty years ago, "racism" of, let’s see, not just those Confederate soldiers (who are condemned by prominent "movement conservatives" like National Review's Rich Lowry), but also eventually, the racism of the very Founding, itself. For was not this nation, following the narrative, founded by “racists” and founded on a “racist” Constitution? Indeed, isn’t our very civilization racist and unequal by definition? And if that be the case, then the revolutionary post-Marxist ideology of the Workers’ World Party in a way makes sense: everything must be overturned and obliterated, and a veritable new order established—a new dystopian order that will make Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four seem like a libertarian paradise in comparison.

The Fox punditocracy now runs like hounds after the Northam fox for his racism, but Governor Northam’s youthful antics in 1984 are not the real issue here, rather it his support for infanticide where the battle lines should and must be drawn. The feeble attempts by Republicans and establishment conservatives to prove to the farther Left and mainstream just how “virtuous” and free of racism they are only enable the extremist Left, the race hustlers, and demonic feminists, and their template and their lunacy and mad ideology.

And that leads to a fate far worse than that of the Gadarene Swine.

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  1. Excellent. You nailed this issue perfectly. Thank you.


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