Monday, June 1, 2020

June 1, 2020

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

The Only Good “White Cracker” Is A Dead One—Got That?
The Dissident Mama Writes


The madness in the streets—which some thought could get no worse—has only increased. And in the swirl of the cowardly and feculently defecated response from our elites there was Fox News this morning, first interviewing a panel of three woke “concerned women” about the riots and how we must all “come together,” not so much in George Floyd’s name but rather to finally “confront the stain of racism and bigotry,” which apparently is everywhere in our society, like some many-headed Hydra…but which, you understand, is endemic only to “white people.”

What those do-gooder commentators on Fox don’t tell us is that it’s a stain that we cannot get rid of, that we cannot efface, hard as we might try. We are born with it, and saying we are sorry, doing reparations, legislating stepped-up affirmative action and the like—all those things are not and will never be enough. Let’s face it: “white people”—the white race—is, according to various Black Lives Matter and elite Black leader types, the “devil,” and no amount of expiation and whiny and sobbing apologies or pleas for everyone to “do a Rodney King” (as Fox implores) will suffice. The only good “white cracker” is, in the end, a dead one. If you don’t understand that, then you don’t understand what is going on.

So, despite the fact that thirteen staff members of “Sleepy Joe” Biden’s campaign staff have made contributions to get the violent rioters out of jail in Minneapolis—despite the generous support that (mostly white) Hollywood has given to those rioters—despite the despicable and pusillanimous reaction of most of our political class—despite the implicit orders to the police to hold back while the crazed BLM and Antifa lunatics (funded by organizations run by George Soros) loot our cities—despite all this, whitey can never really be one of the good guys: the leopard cannot change his spots.

Indeed, because of this craven attitude and mindset by far too many leaders in the white community the advance guard of these post-Marxist revolutionaries continues to take advantage of the situation…with the sure knowledge that our Hollywood elites, our media and our political establishment, when not sympathizing with them outright, will give them a pass.

Once more we witness another viscerally terrifying sign of the total corruption of democracy and liberalism, and the destruction that the Ideal of Equality inflicts on what is left of the republic. Indeed, we witness the fatal lie that the Ideal of Equality truly is. And all of its “conservative” babblers and practitioners—from the vicious South-hater Victor Davis Hanson, to the historically-ignorant Dinesh D’Souza, to the loathsome editor of the once-conservative National Review, Rich Lowry—do nothing but meekly accept and normalize the premises and agenda of the farther Left. As FDR’s first vice-president, John Nance Garner, said about his office, their fake conservatism “is not worth a bucket of warm p—s.” Rather, it’s worse for it anesthetizes those who should be opposing this lunacy.

My friend, columnist and able blogger, “The Dissident Mama,” has written a remarkable piece on this topic that cries out—demands—to be read and digested. So I pass it on this morning without further commentary.

Kristallnacht for legacy America

The past four nights of racial violence across the country have proven one thing: the egalitarian experiment of America is dead. Liberalism of all shades is a scam. Diversity is not our strength and utopian “reconciliation” is not possible. As my friend Boyd Cathey wrote, “No nation can continue this way for long, no nation can avoid the essential questions and the ironclad laws of Nature itself.”

What started out as a protest against the use of excessive police force against a black man has ended in the burning, looting, and lynching of “legacy” Americans, their property, history, and symbols. Make no mistake: these were race riots, not the “white supremacist” variety the enemy-class media is trying to sell you, but the black-against-white kind with Bolshevik subversives helping to orchestrate the chaos and foment the rage.
“Legacy” Americans are those who have and/or appreciate an ethnic, cultural, or political connection to the Founding stock of these United States. Many of us are white descendants of Western Europeans and are Christian, and have a respect for individual liberty and a favorable view of our ancestors. Those of us who are Southern without apology know this campaign against our values has been a long war of conquest and reconstruction, over 150 years, to be exact. This is why “neo-Confederate” is the new ad hominem attack.
And who are the post-modern Bolsheviks? The cultural Marxists who run our institutions: academia, media, government, and banking. Hell, they’re the dog catcher, president of your HOA and PTA and everything in between. Who are their Brown Shirts, their new NKVD: Antifa. And who are their foot soldiers: the racist black vanguard of BLM and their mindless supporters.
The “protests” quickly evolved into looting and burning, with blacks taking out their aggression on their own communities, with Leninist Antifa allies slowly but surely participating in the chaos. But by the time we get to Saturday, May 30, we see something new.
We have both: the destruction of tradition and history brought on by the long leftist march through the institutions AND now full-on violence, which is supported by the very institutions who perpetuated it in the first place.
We witnessed the destruction targeted specifically against what the Leninists see as “whiteness.” Historical monuments and buildings like the United Daughters of the Confederacy headquarters and the Virginia Museum of History and Culture in Richmond, whose burning was celebrated by the nonwhite iconoclast “historians” who revel in smashing Southern roots. The Market House in Fayetteville, which was the site of North Carolina’s Constitutional Convention in 1787 and the state capital from 1789 to 1793. The Nashville Courthouse and City Hall. The George Washington statue in Philadelphia. The King Louis XVI statue in Louisville. St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. And tonight, St. John’s Church in Washington, D.C. The mobsters are even so ignorant of history that they vandalized the historic Woolworth’s in Greensboro, which is considered the “birthplace” of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement.

Remember the way Ice-T explained the Rodney King riots of ’92 when black folks destroyed their own neighborhoods in LA? He said it was like a child who’s angry and feels he cannot express himself or be heard so he breaks his own toys in order to communicate his frustration. But this paradigm has changed.
They’re coming to your neighborhood, they’re “coming to the suburbs next.” They’re coming to destroy your home and steal your property and punch you in the face. And if you fight back through legal means, you will be the one to get in trouble with “the law.”

It has become an organized guerrilla war against anything the Leninists deem as theirs. You stole their land, cracker. You subjugated their people, whitey. It’s justice, yo. It’s about equity. Inclusion. Intersectionality. Social justice. But the kicker is you are never considered within those critical-theory equations. White people got work to do, don’t ya know?! Be a good “ally,” but shut your damn mouth.
From the blue checks to the random haters on Twitter, the unmistakable message is the same: you are dispensable, white man.

Meanwhile, we’re supposed to simultaneously believe that the riots are led by “white supremacists” and that putting “black-owned business” signs on your store front will help save it from leftist annihilation. Even a child can see the inconsistency in this delusional narrative, which then, of course, begs the next obvious question: why should it be okay to loot and vandalize white-owned businesses? Better not go down that red-pilled rabbit hole or you might be called a hegemonic colonizer.

When [TV program] “Grant” producer Leo DiCaprio’s house in Beverly Hills is visited upon by some angry social-justice warriors, I wonder if he will he defend himself (or have his paid armed security do it) or if he will cleanse his “ancestral sins” by handing over his life and property. Will the mob give him a pass because of his stereotyping of white Southerners in “Django Unchained,” or will they cut his throat because he’s white and embodies systemic racism? Not sure, but I can’t wait to find out.
Now I know I’m intertwining my Nazi and Soviet historical references. I understand full well that it was stamping out the spread of Communism that the Nazis gave as their reason for Kristallnacht. And I get that the Nazis and the Soviets were mortal enemies in WWII. I understand that the Germans blamed the Jews partly because of their disproportionate involvement in Marxist ideologies. I get that the Soviets waged a genocide of their own against the German people after WWII and with British and US complicity, no less.
But to me, it’s all the same. Two sides of the same damn totalitarian coin. One was nation-statist and the other universalist, but both were built upon centralization. Both are godless. Both are aimed at destroying the Church and replacing it with worship of man-made utopian ideals. Both hate Christ.
I’ve been saying for a while that we are in a state of cold-Civil War. Well, folks, it just got hot. Violence against Southerners, whites, and Christians is now being justified as a legitimate course of action. And guess what? The laws and institutions that are supposed to protect us “legacy” Americans are incapable of countering the Communist pogroms. So much for “white privilege.”
Trump today just designated Antifa as a terrorist organization, but that’s too little too late. His “I’m monitoring the situation” attitude is what got us to this point in the first place. In order to resist this onslaught, one would have to be honest with the racial component of the hatred directed against us. We’re castigated as “white supremacists” while never reaping the supposed benefits of this media-manufactured mythos.
Someone, somewhere, besides us “neo-Confederates,” must speak up for white people and their businesses and property and history when it’s targeted simply because it’s been deemed by leftists as a symbol of “whiteness” and “black oppression.” Unfortunately, far too many Americans, including our president, politicians, pastors, and fellow parishioners are petrified of being labeled as “racists” to ever address this truth.
What do we do? First, we proceed in as Christ-like a manner as is possible. We little-o orthodox Christians define ourselves by what we love. We pray for the repentance and salvation of our enemies, but we don’t abdicate our responsibilities to cherish and protect those closest to us.
As my priest told me on August 13, 2017, Christianity is not a suicide pact. Unlike the cultural Marxists who’ve cobbled together a cabal of disparate identities which are allied only in their unbridled hatred of the “evil white Christian Southerner,” we need to organize around our love for Christ and His people. We love Christ above all.
Our families and our communities come next. They are a manifestation of our adoration of His forgiveness, grace, and care for us. Don’t be afraid to openly defend and advocate for your people. Do it in Church. Do it in your homeschool co-ops. Do it on social media. Do it without apology. It is the most reconciling and healing thing you could do.
Start talking with your friends and families about how best to go about protecting each other in a time of emergency. We need to face the reality that the politicians and police cannot be relied upon to be there when we need them. This is the “new normal,” so let’s rip off our masks, both literal and figurative, and start being authentic Christians, authentic neighbors, authentic humans. It’s time to get real.
Lastly, I know many of us have an affinity for the police and military. But to my friends and family who are in law enforcement under elites who would rather have you bend the knee to Antifa and BLM for their own personal political expediency than uphold civil order, I say this: walk away. Encourage your colleagues to do likewise.
You know the game is rigged. If you enforce the law, you’ll be called a racist, even if you’re not white. And if your city burns despite your best efforts doing your job under inconsistent directives and in untenable times, your bosses will throw you under the bus in a heartbeat. You are expendable to the commissars. These politicians and this corrupt society don’t deserve you. Let the dirty tyrants defend themselves from the godless monsters they themselves helped create and continue to coddle. Let them meet their fate just like Trotsky.

Go home to your families. Go home to your Churches. Rally around your people because that is what really matters. Let’s smash the Bolshevik narrative and tell the Brown Shirts they can stick Kristallnacht where the sun don’t shine.

Post Script: Historian Philip Leigh writes, “No doubt many of you are as angry as me about the outrages to the United Daughters of the Confederacy building in Richmond over the weekend. As a result, I am pledging to donate half ($10) of the $20 purchase price for my book “Ulysses Grant’s Failed Presidency.” To learn how postbellum Reconstruction failed and left much of the South struggling economically for a century afterward, it is important to understand how Grant failed in the White House despite the many favorable biographies about him in recent years.”
To take advantage of this charitable offer, email Leigh at and let him know if you want your copy of the book signed or not. You may pay by check, PayPal, or credit card, and domestic shipping is free.

The fiery ladies of the UDC are our allies, compatriots in the cause for the preservation of heritage, tradition, and Southern history. They are some of the few keepers of the flame for legacy America. Let’s please let these warrior Southern belles feel the love that few others are willing to offer them.

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