Tuesday, June 2, 2020

June 2, 2020

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

Tucker Carlson Names Names of “Conservative” Traitors:
Nikki Haley, Jared Kushner, Heritage Foundation, Mike Pence and Others


Tucker Carlson may never be invited back to the White House, at least to the West Wing where Jared Kushner (and Vice-President Mike Pence) hang out plotting to get the president to accede to their views (which are diametrically opposed to his instincts). And he certainly won’t get any future nice comments or invites from former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley or from the president of the supposedly-“conservative” Heritage Foundation, which claims, falsely, to be “America’s leading conservative think tank.”

Monday night in his opening twenty minute monologue he savaged, justly and mercilessly, them all. And indirectly he asked the president: “Where is your response to the riots, to the ongoing rebellion in one hundred American cities? Where is your response to the actual issues—not the so-called ‘systemic racism’ that a lot of ‘conservatives’ talk about, but the inevitable failure of the American dream—the nightmare—of equality and the destructive ravages of liberalism?” 

For they all, all these reputed “conservative leaders”—along with most of the pundits and guests on Fox News (think here of Chris Wallace, the loathsome Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, and former FBI agent Chad Jenkins, in comments Tuesday, June 2)—buy into what is essentially the established Leftwing template. They may exhibit a slightly different take on the riots, it is true, but when it comes down to it, you understand, it’s “racism” and what we must do to fight that ineradicable sin and somehow establish forcefully “liberal equality” over all the land. And those “conservatives” think they can do it better than their rivals over on the more extreme Left.

But, essentially, they all partake of the same template, the basically same worldview as those on the farther Left. It’s the continuing influence of Rupert Murdoch (and his minions)—or, as I now call him, “little George Soros,” certainly not as universally grasping or expressing the same globalist venom; but still a globalist in his own right, who believes in imposing his own Neoconservative version of the (decadent) “American values” of democracy, liberalism, managerial corporate capitalism, transgender-same sex marriage moralism, and the administrative state, all around the globe.

And the Murdoch empire has pretty much engorged itself on much of the GOP, despite Donald Trump’s instincts and the Donald’s 2016 campaign message—Or maybe it’s the Establishment GOPers, including those like representatives Adam Kinzinger, Dan Crenshaw, Lynne Cheney, and senator Tim Scott, who have cemented a kind of symbiotic relationship with the Neocon media, while essentially brainwashing the conservative faithful? And we mustn’t forget the transgender-embracing Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA and the motor-mouth Never Trumpers Ben Shapiro and Jonah Goldberg….and their nefarious influence on college-age and younger conservatives.

Breaking the unwritten rule not to “out” by name the miscreants, Carlson blasted some of those fake “conservatives,” he named names, he took few prisoners, and in particular, he took a meat-axe to US president-wannabe Nikki Haley, whose craven and ruthless ambition knows no bounds. From the trampling of the flags and memory of American and Southern history, to calling President Trump a vile racist back in 2016 before he was elected, only to sidle up to him lovey-dovey after the election—she thought that just maybe she could become some sort of national policy advisor. She became our UN ambassador, a post she used with her loud mouth and her pea-sized intelligence to only embarrass the administration, while managing to enhance her bona fides with the intervention-everywhere Neoconservatives, for whom a suitably warmongering gal of Indian extraction spouting bellicose and violent language, and who “hates Neo-Confederates, racists, and ultra-rightists,” might just be their cup of tea in 2024, after the despised (they try to hide that feeling) Trump exits from Pennsylvania Avenue.

The only slight defect in Carlson’s program was the appearance—again—of the vicious South-hating Victor Davis Hanson. Somehow because he sounds good on a few issues, he is given a pass on other issues. But despite being a supporter of the president, his historically-hateful and woeful misunderstanding of what America was meant to be by the Framers is, frankly, inexcusable. Surely Tucker Carlson can find someone else other than Hanson to interview.

Here are two Youtubes of Carlson, June 1, 2020. It is possible that Fox may pull one of them down, so I offer both: one appears to be official, the other not. But in either case, I urge you to watch the opening twenty minute monologue, and let it sink it.

There may be about two minutes of Martha MacCallum before the Carlson program on this one; just ignore her blather:

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