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                                          December 18, 2020


MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey


What 2020 Means and Why It is So Critical to Our Survival



During the past month, from shortly after the presidential election (from November 9 on) until now, seven installments in the MY CORNER series have been picked up and (re)published: over fifteen times…by, by The Abbeville Institute, by Straight Line Logic, by, Forums.TCM, and FiftiesWesterns (!), and these are just the outlets that I am aware of.  On my own site I count many thousands of visitors—record numbers for a minor blogger like me and many of them new readers; and on some other sites the number of readers of my pieces is far greater.

All of this is gratifying for me…although I wonder how long this can continue without “cancel culture” coming after me, even shutting me down. Already I have been doxxed, once very seriously. The Daily Tar Heel, over at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has attacked me more than once. The old, discredited canards put out by Morris Dees and his Southern Poverty Law Center (e.g., that I am a racist, etc.) continue to pop up from time-to-time. And I am now more or less used to the “hate calls” and anonymous messages (many of which have come from Chapel Hill/Carrboro or “the Peoples Socialist Republic of Durham, NC”) which occasionally show up on my answering machine.

My reason for offering what I write has always been to share my thoughts and ideas with others, if they should be interested. I believe that most of the topics I address are important, and that certainly applies to the 2020 presidential election and its aftermath. For what has transpired not just on November 3, but during this entire “pandemic year,” has been a kind of “The Empire Strikes Back” episode in our American saga, a true pivotal point in which the vast forces of our managerial elites, those elements of what we term “the Deep State,” have indeed finally—they hope—completed their “silent coup” against not just Donald Trump, but more significantly, against the growing reaction that he through his election in 2016, unleashed. Since 2016 those forces of the Deep State have done their damnedest to unseat and expel “the Donald,” for in so doing that they figured they could also behead the counter-revolution that he symbolized and incarnated. And somehow stanch that movement.

With the rigging of the 2020 presidential election, which we know now beyond any doubt was incredibly corrupted, they appear—they believe—to have accomplished their cherished goal. With the disgusting “fear and trembling” of the courts, with the pusillanimous attitude (and treasonous collaboration) of the establishment Republicans, with the complacency of millions and decades-old brainwashing by our educational elites, the media and Hollywood, all the ace cards were held by the managerial apparatchiks. And yet, despite that, it has become clear that Donald Trump actually won the election—it took pausing the count in six or seven crucial swing states late on election night for the minions of the Deep State to go “find” millions of newly-minted and created “votes,” stuff the ballot boxes, and—voila!—declare that Joe Biden, a senile empty-suit, had won in a landslide! When in actuality it was just the reverse: Donald Trump had won and won big.

In other words, the nation—ours—that once touted itself as “the world’s greatest democracy,” had and has become no better that an Eastern European Soviet satellite state, circa 1950, when "elections” were a flagrant and ridiculous farce. How is America, in this respect, any different from Communist Romania under dictator Nicolae Ceausescu or Russia under Josef Stalin?

Not a comforting thought is it, that the country created by the Framers in 1787 with what they hoped would be sufficient safeguards against the inherent tendency of “democracy” towards tyranny, would nevertheless throw off those safeguards and embrace the inevitable totalitarianism that “egalitarian democracy” produces. We have, at least since the conclusion of the War Between the States in 1865, with almost all the various constitutional amendments enacted since then, and with the defecation of so-called “civil rights” legislation and accompanying court decisions, been on a downward spiral, increasing inertially as we descend with apparent insouciance into what poet John Milton called “the slough of Despond.”

The election of 2016 was a sign that a national voice, in this case Donald Trump, had somehow made contact with millions of citizens who knew, at least intuitively, that something was wrong, that things were “not right,” that the promises of the Old Republic had somehow been not only derailed, but perverted and defiled by the elites. At last, millions believed that they might curb the power and control of the managerial class over the American nation.

Thus, President Trump became that bull-in-a-china shop, that vehicle for an incipient counter-revolution. He was, perhaps, an unlikely champion of that rebellion, for he came from the East Coast, New York billionaire class. He was a rough-language, at times abrasive businessman not a politician, and not someone who had studied profoundly or philosophically the deeper issues. His attempts to incorporate members of the Republican establishment (recall his entreaties to Mitt Romney, to John Bolton, to “Mad Dog” Mattis, and others) into his administration and to often please that establishment, were essentially disastrous, and would only undercut his tenure. His failure to get rid of the minions of the Deep State, those professionals deeply buried in his administration and in the White House, who actually despised him and did their best to sandbag and expel him, was a major fault. But, then, he did not come from the cutthroat political class.  And too often he depended on it. If anything perhaps, given the depth of penetration by those Deep Staters, such action, if he had seriously attempted it, would have resulted in another probably successful impeachment effort, or worse. But he should have….

There are a few Republicans in Congress—only a few—who plan to stand and object to the farcical voting of the Electoral College when its report is rendered. But we should not count on success at contesting what happened, for the great majority of GOP representatives will fall into line with the pronouncement of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and graciously accept their continued slavery in the Deep State.

Like the “democratic” deputies of the interim Russian republic sitting helplessly in the Russian parliament, the Duma, in November 1917 (old style October 1917), waiting for Lenin and the Communist to assume power, they will accept their bondage.

There is a superb post-Communist Russian film, “Burnt by the Sun” (1994), which in many ways is emblematic of this. Directed by brilliant cineaste Nikita Mikhalkov (a monarchist and anti-Communist), the film tells the story of Comrade Sergei Kotov, a loyal Soviet officer, who is accused of crimes he did not commit, but due to his loyalty to Comrade Stalin, he makes his confession. He has already accepted the Communist framework and template, he has, as it were, already “drunk the cool aid,” and after that, there really is no option left to him.

Our congress-people, and most of our political class, are like the frog in a pot of water on a stove that slowly has the fire turned up under it. At first the water is just fine, but slowly the frog is boiled alive.  Thus it will be for many of those who protest ever-so-loudly and insincerely that they “are with us,” that they “oppose the Revolution.” Either they must actually stand against the Revolution, probably losing their reputations and their lucrative positions, or they must finally accede to it, and like the frog or Comrade Kotov embrace their fate and slavery. 

For us we must go forth, like Colonel Mosby’s raiders—the “Gray Ghost”—to harass and bedevil the Enemy, with all the hardships that means, with conviction and commitment, knowing that “Nostra spes mea in Deo” – Our Hope is in God.” 

In the end evil must fall.

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