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                                                             October 30, 2020 


MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey


What Really is at Stake in this Election



This past Thursday I did something that I’ve never done before in the fifty years that I have had the franchise: I voted early. In person. At a fairly convenient polling place. 

I went mid-morning, hoping to avoid a line. And, thankfully, when I arrived I was able to go right in and vote. As I always do, I demanded of the election officials that I show them my voter ID card and driver’s license (which has my photograph imprinted on it). Each time they say that no photo identification is necessary, but each time I force them to acknowledge who I am…and that I am not some impostor.  

I recall vividly the contested election of 2000, and Bush v. Gore in the courts.  I remember the 1968 presidential vote, the last presidential election when a third party candidate (Governor George Wallace) was able to carry states.  And 1992, when Ross Perot received nearly 20% of the popular vote (but no states). That year I served as Pat Buchanan’s state chairman in North Carolina. I am proud of that activity.  

But, far more than those remarkable elections, this year’s vote is uniquely pivotal in our history. Despite the refrain we hear every four years—that “everything, the future of the country, depends on what happens”—this time it really does. There could not be a greater contrast between the presidential candidates and, in particular, the policies and philosophies they represent.  

Ironically, the two men running for the nation’s chief executive position probably don’t realize the full import, the full meaning of this election, the various forces arrayed behind them or unleashed by them, what they in fact represent.  

The most frequent criticisms I read or hear about President Trump concern his character. Longtime North Carolina Democrat loyalist Tom Campbell, host of the popular NC SPIN television news program, sums up these complaints succinctly. Supposedly a “moderate” (in the North Carolina sense of “moderation”), Campbell over the years has evolved just as the old Democratic Party has evolved, and his views on topics from same sex marriage to Black Lives Matter now reflect the “wokeness” of his party.  

Recently, this familiar TV personality altered his accustomed on-screen neutrality and came out foursquare against the president and for Joe Biden.  Here is what he wrote (October 29): 

I do not think our country can stand another four years of Trump’s tearing us apart, his incivility, racism, narcissism, misogyny, bullying and self-centered behavior. Joe Biden may not be the best presidential candidate ever fielded, but he is decent and will restore some sense of who we are and what this country has stood for. He has to be better than what we’ve got.

This is a common refrain not just of many rank-and-file Democrats, but also of some "conservatives" and the Never Trumpers who dislike the president intensely. But it misses almost entirely what is happening in our nation and the deeper and more profound policy issues at stake this year. It is completely disingenuous.  

Of course, Donald Trump’s character sticks out; certainly he can come across to some as very rough around the edges, a veritable bull-in-the-china shop, at times loud, boisterous, crude and impolite. But is this enough to cast him aside when we consider what really is at stake? Is not the far greater evil here to support Biden/Harris (or is it Harris/Biden) and what they will bring with them, the virtual triumph of total revolution and socialist autocracy, and the final end of the old American republic?  

Gone are the days of the well-spoken and measured political leader—we may remember Sam Ervin or Everett Dirksen fondly, but those days have long since passed. America—what is left of it—has become a three-tiered plantation: (1) at the bottom are those who are totally dependent on the State, then (2) the broad middle class who make the nation work, and finally (3) the new hegemonic oligarchy--the moguls of Silicon Valley, the hedge fund millionaires, the apparatchiks of Hollywood and the sports industry, the media elite, and the permanent Deep State managerial class, burrowed into the marrow of our government. This latter group has increasingly controlled our politics and culture...and our destiny, certainly since FDR, and more pronouncedly since the 1960s. And through both political parties.

What Trump has done, despite his rough character and his boisterous personality, is to profoundly rattle that Establishment, force it out into the open actually for the first time (although much of it remains largely secreted away like cancer in the bowels of government, the media, and in places like Silicon Valley).  

That is what this election is essentially about: the attempt of the establishment elites or managerial class to stanch the bleeding and regain control of this nation's destiny, out of reach of the “deplorables” and “chumps” (Biden’s terminology) who intuitively comprehend the we are living through a massive upheaval and revolution, even if they don’t fathom its parameters. The elites will do anything, say anything, fabricate anything, use any tactic to repair that breach, regain full power, and expel the hated Donald from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And they are using a partially-senile Joe Biden as their stalking horse on which they plan to ride back into full power.  

Race and gender, COVID-19, Obamacare, the “Green New Deal,” are just pegs in the overall picture, this effort, stepping stones for the Deep State to convince unwary Middle Class voters that they must return to the plantation because Trump is  brash, uncivil, "unpresidential," a racist, and undeserving of a second term. But the real reason is what he represents, that is, a serious challenge to their hegemony and the potential dislodging of their advancing revolutionary globalism...and control.  

If the managerial/establishment class wins, that may well mean curtains for any real opposition. For the minions of the Deep State have to a large extent learned their lesson.  

And those so-called "Never Trumpers"? They belong in a real sense to the "the right wing of the Deep State elites." They are nothing more than a pseudo-"conservatism," whose purpose all along was to lead us (via such men as John McCain and Mitt Romney) into the arms of those elites. They may say differently, even believe that they are doing good, but not so. They are as a Fifth Column: all the protestations to the contrary notwithstanding.  

So, despite my strong preference for scholarly, restrained and well-spoken political leaders, there really aren't any left...What is required today is that bull-in-the-china-shop, to break the china and the chains. Trump, for all his faults, has been that.  

This past week I voted for him.  

And I pray that God will have mercy on our poor, deluded country, and that there are enough Lots left in Sodom to spare what is left of a once great nation.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

                                                            October 28, 2020

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

Will Biden Announce the End of COVID-19 If Elected? A Fantasy? You Be the Judge

[A different version of this story was published at MY CORNER on August 22, 2020; but as my recollections and memory continue to provoke me, I offer a fuller account now.]


Dozing off on my comfy couch recently, I imagined that I had met for cocktails with a good friend who is a highly-placed scientist working with the National Institutes for Health (NIH). And that he had revealed some shocking news to me. When I awoke that conversation seemed too real and, I thought, maybe it wasn’t just reverie, that maybe it had in fact occurred. The more I thought of it, the more real it seemed. The time, the place, even the drinks we ordered at the eatery all appeared too tangible, too specific for a daydream. Even my car was parked in a different position from where I had left it the day before. So, let me relate what I vividly recall, and you be the judge…fantasy or reality? - BDC


If Joe Biden is elected president in November, will he announce the end of the pandemic? This is the intelligence that I (apparently) gleaned recently from a very highly-placed research scientist who is also well-connected to the upper echelons of the Democratic Party.

You see, this scientist—let’s call him “Dr. P”—essentially revealed this to me when we met the other day. Dr. P is a friend and a senior scientist, who has many years of professional experience with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and National Institutes for Health (NIH). And his critical data I must reveal.

Let me add that my friend is one of only two remaining Democratic friends I still have (the other is a second cousin now in the California State Psychiatric Hospital). I once had several left wing friends but they have all now given up on me in exasperation and despair at my reactionary views, breaking off all contact and pronouncing me beyond redemption and salvation.

But “Dr. P” continues to befriend me, and as most of his left wing friends in the profession are so horribly insufferable and priggish, he delights in conversing with me clandestinely on occasion.

Now, let me state clearly what I discovered in conversing with my friend. You see, we had met for a couple of highballs at one of the few eateries still open for in-dining in the area. It was at his request, and his invitation seemed strangely urgent. So we gathered for a couple of stiff ones. When he greeted me he was almost bubbling over with the desire to share his highly-secret information. And I was all-ears.

Here’s how the conversation went (I repeat his words almost verbatim as I recall them):

“Boyd, I really needed to tell someone about this!”

I answered: “Just what is it? You seem so bothered. How can I help?”

And Dr. P responded, leaning across the table in my direction and lowering his voice, but with heightened and visible excitement:

“Well, here’s the thing: If Joe Biden is elected come the November 2020 election, this COVID pandemic will begin to disappear as a national health problem. Biden will go on television and announce that, and by his swearing in on January 20 next year, it will be practically gone as a major health issue. The news media won’t be talking about it that much. I know this for fact, as my high-placed Democratic friends have told me so.”

I have to admit I was stunned, taken totally aback by this revelation. How was it possible that COVID, certainly the worst health pestilence since the Black Death nearly wiped out the entire population of Europe seven centuries ago—How was it possible that simply because Joe Biden might get elected that it would for all intents and purposes just disappear as a major concern in three months?

I didn’t know what to say, so I inquired further prudently and carefully:

“What do you mean? How will this be possible? What do you know that the rest of us—at least the rest of us who are not among the elite —don’t know?”

My Democratic scientist friend replied, even more cautiously and urgently than before, scoping out the rest of the eatery once-over for unwanted ears and attention:

“Boyd, most of the panic and hysteria we see today is generated by the media and Democrat leaders. Yes, COVID is very serious and has infected hundreds of thousands of people with thousands dying. But most of the cases are not life-threatening, and the infected persons recover. Most medical professionals understand this. We see situations in Europe where recoveries have occurred without the chaotic measures employed here in the United States

“Not only that, but, as you might figure out, there is a pronounced and very heavy political element to all of this in our country. Most of the major health leaders follow along the political trends. It’s not that they are dishonest or anything like that; they just are caught up in the same frenzy that most everyone else is.

“Most of the deaths, as you know, are with senior citizens who already have life-threatening health conditions. Many live is assisted living or retirement centers in close proximity. An elderly lady who has COPD and Immune Deficiency conditions, should she get even a mild case of COVID, well, that could be enough  to maybe kill her.

“Among us professionals we all know that. But if she should die, well, the cause will be officially ‘due to COVID’.

“And the media is using this and the stats in a dramatically political way. It’s become an extension of the Russia Hoax, the Ukraine Caper, the Mail Box ‘Rapture,’ the Trump Tax Tempest, and so on, to get power and throw out Donald Trump.”

Again, I was stunned, feeling like someone had belted me in the stomach with a large stethoscope. And I inquired further:

“So, what are you telling me, P?”

And my scientist friend quickly responded:

“What I am saying is that come November 3, if Joe Biden is elected, you will see a marked change in how the pandemic is covered. And in a short while Biden will announce a cure. At the same time, there will be a big drop in cases and deaths because we will start counting only COVID cases not those with complicating conditions. And, most importantly, you’ll see no more dramatic stories on CNN and MSNBC and in the major media. In fact, the coverage will be positive. Biden has already planned his major speech from his basement, already written on teleprompter about the ending of the pandemic and how he is responsible.”

My mouth was wide open, gaping in amazement as I heard my friend’s words. That our media and political elites would be capable of this, well, floored me. How could this happen in America where our governmental institutions, like the FBI, are always above reproach?

So I inquired a bit further:

“But, tell me, are you saying that our scientific community is in league or cooperating with our political leaders, that is, the Democrats?”

And Dr. P replied quickly:

“Not exactly. There are all sorts of scientific analyses and views. Take what has happened to hydroxychloroquine. On almost every news outlet it is condemned, and anyone who administers it is branded a quack. And in the public mind it is seen negatively. Do you understand? Perceptions are generated and then elevated to almost divine, unassailable truth.

“Right now the media, both national and local, are engaged in a campaign which is essentially political. And the health sector, as divided as it is, doesn’t speak with one voice, although the impression in the public is that it does.”

Then, following up again, I asked:

“What about a vaccine?”

My friend responded: “Well, in early 2021 Biden will stand in front of the White House with his teleprompter and make the triumphant announcement that under his watch a miracle vaccine was produced and will be distributed. It’s that simple. Trump will get no credit for the development whatsoever.”

I have to admit I was incredulous listening to Dr. P’s Intel. I wondered why he would share all this with me. After all, he is a registered Democrat, and I am not.

When I queried him about that, he admitted that the burden of the information was too much for him, it weighed heavily on him and his conscience. His wide acquaintance with highly-placed members of his profession and his knowledge of how Democrats were using and manipulating science troubled him. And he had to, as it were, spill the beans.

Why didn’t he go to the press, I wondered. And he allowed that he was deathly afraid of being doxxed, of being shunned by his profession, and of “cancel culture” that would severely punish him and his family.

For that reason, I do not use his name, but I did believe that this account, whether just dreamed or real, was of such importance that it needed to get out.

I did have one last question for him, and it was this: but what happens if Trump is re-elected? And he just shook his head and groaned:

“In that case, COVID will just simply go on and on for a long while…at least until Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler come forward with new Intel that the Trump campaign was working hand-in-hand with the Uzbekistan secret service to influence the elections and change the vote totals in Kalispell, Montana, and Dalton, Georgia.  I’m not making this up! That’s the next scandal they’re hatching right now. They’ve already got two agents on the ground in Tashkent and have already contracted with the Crowd Phlegm cointelpro group located in Cyprus. You just wait.”

Just at that moment entered into the restaurant, which had hitherto been almost empty except for us, a well-dressed man exuding what seemed a supercilious attitude to all around him. And my friend almost immediately clammed up and abruptly rose from our table, hurriedly exiting the eatery.

I followed him out, but not at once, not knowing the reason for his sudden departure. But outside, as I prepared to leave, I spied him, and in curiosity sidled over and asked why his quick exit.

It seems that the well-dressed newcomer was a co-worker of my friend, and my friend feared that his presence there with me might raise uncomfortable questions.

I understood. And we said our good-byes and went our separate ways.


Was this a fantasy that I imagined one sleepy afternoon, or does this tale contain an element of reality? If Biden should win the presidential election will we see some “miracles” occur right before our eyes? If so, the media will rave in excitement, the politicians will ooh-and-aww  and heap praises on Biden and Harris, and the Great Pestilence of 2020—the most serious and dangerous event to afflict humanity since the Black Death of the 14th Century that killed fifty million souls—will recede rapidly in importance and significance. 

Monday, October 26, 2020


October 26, 2020


MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey


More Essays Published by and The Abbeville Institute


On Sunday, October 25, I promised to offer the various essays that I’ve published since the end of September at, The Abbeville Institute, and Chronicles Magazine’s The Intellectual Takeout. The first four basically address more fundamental questions and issues which confront us, what I termed “the general crisis critically threatening our Western Christian civilization these days, examining the agenda and praxis of those who would undermine its foundations and eventually destroy it—and thus destroy the only real civilization and culture that we have, received from our fathers and our ancestors.”

And I included in that first batch discussions of the “philosophy of progress” and how it is used to set the agenda which excludes and condemns all who do not accept it, an exploration of just who are the real radicals in our society, the use of “gaslighting” and intimidation by the revolutionaries to "cancel" us, and how control of our educational system has enabled the virtual triumph of the Progressivists.

The next four essays are duplicative. Essentially, they are two essays which were published by both The Abbeville Institute and  The first one, “Sampson County and the Defense of Western Civilization,” addresses the situation concerning the Confederate monument in Sampson County, North Carolina, and the political double-cross of a leading Sampson County Republican who had solemnly promised to defend the monument where it stood, but when the issue came to a vote led a cowardly retreat. In a very real sense what happened—and is happening—in that largely rural county is symbolic and illustrative of what is occurring all over America and Western Europe: an unhinged and concerted assault not just on our monuments but on our very inherited culture, with many of our supposed defenders giving way and surrendering without a fight, or as Pat Buchanan famously once said, “running to hide in the tall grass.” links to the Abbeville publication.

The second piece, “The Polls, Donald Trump, and Secession,” examines the current electoral scene and considers if the United States can remain as a nation, or if, in fact, the differences and extreme divergence of deeply held, irreconcilable beliefs dictate some form of internal separation or secession. Indeed, political separation has become a commonly discussed topic, from scholar/author F. H. Buckley to national columnist Patrick Buchanan. The Abbeville Institute version is slightly different from the version in that it emphasizes the historically-Southern relationship to secession.


The Polls, Donald Trump, and Secession

By Boyd Cathey on Oct 19, 2020


Far too many pundits and commentators live and die by polls. It seems that each day some on-air talking head or online spinmeister reveals breathlessly increasingly bad results for President Trump and anyone who dares to support him or intends to vote for him.

Consider the following headlines blasted out recently by television news:

“The President has now slipped again in the polls and is behind Biden in the six battleground states.”

“Trump is behind Biden now by 12 points.”

“Georgia, a once safe GOP stronghold, is now in play, as is Texas.”

And the pattern goes on, daily and incessantly….

READ on:

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The Polls, Donald Trump, and Secession

By Boyd D. Cathey  My Corner    October 19, 2020


Far too many pundits and commentators live and die by polls. It seems that each day some on-air talking head or online spinmeister reveals breathlessly increasingly bad results for President Trump and anyone who dares to support him or intends to vote for him.

Consider the following headlines blasted out recently by television news:

“The President has now slipped again in the polls and is behind Biden in the six battleground states.”

“Trump is behind Biden now by 12 points.”

“Georgia, a once safe GOP stronghold, is now in play, as is Texas.”


And the pattern goes on, daily and incessantly….

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Sampson County and the Defense of Western Civilization

By Boyd Cathey on Sep 30, 2020


Sampson County is a large, mostly rural county in southeastern North Carolina. Like most non-metropolitan areas of the state, it tends to be conservative, in fact, a long-time bastion of the modern Republican Party in a sea of traditionally Democratic-voting counties….

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Sampson County and the Defense of Western Civilization


By Boyd Cathey    Abbeville Institute    October 2, 2020

Sampson County is a large, mostly rural county in southeastern North Carolina. Like most non-metropolitan areas of the state, it tends to be conservative, in fact, a long-time bastion of the modern Republican Party in a sea of traditionally Democratic-voting counties.

But Sampson County illustrates what is occurring all over the Southland. And in microcosm in certain ways it symbolizes the retreat of Western Christian civilization in the face of the overpowering forces of revolution now assaulting our heritage and threatening to dismantle our inheritance….

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Sunday, October 25, 2020


October 25, 2020


MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey


Newly Published Essays at, Abbeville Institute, and The Intellectual Takeout



Since the end of September this year a number of my essays have been published by online journals, including, The Abbeville Institute, and Chronicles Magazine’s The Intellectual Takeout. In large part these pieces were taken from the MY CORNER site, but have been edited and sometimes re-written. And, in essence, they form two consistent but slightly different thematic threads.

Four of these essays address the general crisis critically threatening our Western Christian civilization these days, examining the agenda and praxis of those who would undermine its foundations and eventually destroy it—and thus destroy the only real civilization and culture that we have, received from our fathers and our ancestors. That civilization is, to quote the eminent philosopher Eric Voegelin (1901-1985), the “living inheritance of Jerusalem, Athens, and Rome.” It has informed and annealed our culture, our thinking, our artistic heritage and literature, our understanding of who we are and how we should act and behave, our appreciation of right and wrong, indeed, our very language, for two millennia. It has nourished us, inspired us, provided the very basis for our laws and moral understanding of the universe. This legacy, Western Christian civilization, is in essence God-given and derived also from our perception of the workings of nature and its laws.

That civilization is under ferocious attack, with its fierce opponents seeking feverishly to replace it with a truly satanic barbarism where the laws of Nature and of God are mocked and disdained.

To face these enemies—and they are Legion—requires knowledge and understanding, a comprehension, first, of just who are these Enemies and how they operate and how they disguise themselves with an appealing but diabolically false face.

To turn on the television these days or to listen to most of our political leaders, our entertainment icons, and our clergy, we hear all manner of propositions which we are now instructed to accept without question.

We are solemnly informed that religion must be banned from the public square, after all, as our leaders never cease to tell us, we live in a secular society. If history and faith tell us otherwise, then we must discard or alter them and embrace the new faith of secular humanism.

We are told that Western civilization is inherently “racist” and “sexist,” that we are burdened with the ineradicable “sin” of “systemic racism.” Joe Biden proclaims this as unassailable truth. Being a white person of European descent is the new Mark of Cain. And try as we will, we cannot erase that sin because it is coterminous with our very culture and heritage and who we are as a people. Continual and abject apologies, immense reparations of every sort, and the public (and de facto) renunciation of our culture are thus required.

In fact, the new rules on race and gender are more severe and unrelenting than anything ever taught by the Church. If you transgress those rules, you’ll be “cancelled,” shamed, have your online accounts banned, perhaps fired from your job, or worse.

We are harshly condemned, as well, if we maintain that traditional Christian morality forbids same sex marriage or gender equality—morality, in the new dispensation has become a strictly individual affair, that is, as long as you do not transgress the new Progressivist standards.

We are instructed that we must bow down to the Golden Calf of across-the-board egalitarianism and the advent of a globalism in which our beliefs in family and country are radically altered, if not dissolved.

If we dissent or fail “to get with it” and forget to mouth the new platitudes and slogans, we are made to look like obscurantists, “old fogeys,” “deplorables,” reactionaries whose time is past…and who must be silenced or even eliminated by the forces of inevitable Progress.

Four of the eight essays address these broader questions, and I offer them today. They were published by and The Intellectual Takeout.

The remaining four address particular situations, and I’ll offer them later.

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The Philosophy of Progress is Killing Us


By Boyd D. Cathey    My Corner     October 7, 2020

Over the past few years I have written about what I term a “triumph of lunacy” in our society—most significantly on our college campuses and in our schools, in our entertainment, in the media, but also in our culture generally. The post-Marxist progressivist Left, after the apparent political set-back of the 2016 elections, has redoubled its efforts with a frenzied fanaticism unknown in our history, at least since a few years before the War Between the States.

What distinguishes our revolutionary period from previous upheavals is that today’s revolutionaries have, in effect, created a “counter-reality” in which they base their thought and actions. That reality they have manufactured out of a critical misapprehension of the nature of creation and the nature of mankind. That counter-reality is totally subjective, anchored in fractured internal thinking processes which have been infected and warped from their inception. That counter-reality is the inverse of the two-millennia of Western civilization; it possesses its own language, its own precepts, its own rules of conduct, its own goals and objectives, undeterred by the inexorable laws of nature or the historic teachings of the Christian faith. Indeed, it is the contrary of historic Christianity….



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Who Are the Real “Crazies”?


By Boyd D. Cathey    My Corner   October 14, 2020


A few days ago I sent out to some friends a short piece, unsigned, on “gaslighting.” If you follow media pundits and online scribblers, you’ve probably heard or seen the term used in a political or social context and wondered exactly what it meant.

Gaslighting, in that currently employed sense, can be defined as a form of psychological abuse aimed at controlling a person by altering perceived reality to the point where the person will doubt his own sanity. Essentially it involves mental manipulation  “in which a person or a group covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment, often evoking in them cognitive dissonance and other changes, including low self-esteem. Using denial, misdirection, contradiction, and information, gaslighting involves attempts to destabilize the victim and delegitimize the victim’s beliefs.”


This usage apparently originates with the play, Gas Light (1938) and two succeeding classic movies from 1940 and 1944 (this latter film famously stars Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer, and Joseph Cotten). The main character in the play (and in the films) literally attempts to drive his wife crazy by gradually dimming the gas-powered lights in their home. As she complains that the lights seem to be getting dimmer, her husband not only denies the fact, but convinces her that it is just her imagination…to the point where she begins to question her own sanity…..






INTELLECTUAL TAKEOUT    Chronicles Magazine

The Real Revolutionaries That Seek Control and Power

By Boyd Cathey   September 28, 2020

I was appalled, but not really surprised by the coverage the local media (not to mention the national press) has given the results of the grand jury report concerning the death of Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky. Here in central North Carolina the largest television station, WRAL, continuing its slide into outright propagandizing and turning every police action into an act of “police brutality” or “white racism,” flagrantly misconstrued both the events of Taylor’s death as well as the statements of Kentucky’s black Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron announcing the decision regarding the Louisville officers involved in the shooting. Only one of the officers was indicted, and that for reckless endangerment, not for murder. It was the correct decision under Kentucky law.

Despite the widely reported news that the officers had forcibly entered the apartment where Taylor resided under the state’s no-knock entry law, we have learned since that the three officers did knock and announced themselves, just before shots came from within the apartment. As former Federal attorney Andrew McCarthy describes it: “…no charges were brought against Sergeant Jon Mattingly and Detective Myles Cosgrove, whose shots in the dark chaos struck Ms. Taylor only after the officers were fired upon by her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker…. The cops were doing their job in executing a lawful search warrant at a location that was quite justifiably tied to a notorious criminal — Ms. Taylor’s former boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover.”

This finding was completely insufficient to satisfy the street mobs and the pliant Democratic political leaders, who seem to believe their future success is dependent on the success of mob violence and the abject fear that it and the charges of racism engender among our political class. Even among supposedly “conservative” Republicans there has been a steady retreat to the “tall grass,” a giving in to the hysterical frenzy of the Black Lives Matter terrorists and their media protectors. The very night that Tucker Carlson on his program on Fox News announced that the no-knock provision was not employed in the Taylor case and that the officers did knock and announce their presence, just an hour earlier, again on Fox, Martha MacCallum strongly implied that it was used, just like the continuing template on CNN, MSNBC, and the other major networks.

Like all so-called compromisers in violent revolutions, the temporizers usually end up devoured by the very radicals and radicalism they attempt to defend or justify. Only recall what happened to the “moderate” Girondistes during the height of the French Revolution (who opposed the ultimate terror of a Citizen Robespierre) or Alexander Kerensky and his Socialist Revolutionary government in Russia (done in by the Bolsheviks during the October 1917 Revolution). Both advocated and pushed for understanding and for compromise of one sort or another; both were swallowed up by the very same forces with which they attempted to deal and whose demands they tried so assiduously to satisfy….


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Top of Form

Bottom of Form

The Academy’s War on Western Civilization



By Boyd D. Cathey  My Corner   October 10, 2020

Of all the venues where the unleashed hysteria of revolutionary Progressivism manifests itself, it is most rampant in our educational establishment, on our college campuses and in our schools. It is there in those hallowed halls and in the hothouse public school classrooms that the Progressivist infection really begins in earnest. It is there where it becomes contagious and the pathological indoctrination of our children in a rancid ideology diametrically hostile to nearly all of Western tradition and beliefs.  What occurs in those centers where our children are educated is happening in our society at large….critically dangerous, perhaps even fatal, to our culture.

Our educational system has become the seedbed—the Typhoid Mary, if you will—for the frenzied “cancel culture” we see around us and for the concerted and increasingly fanatical attempt to destroy and erase the two millennia of Western Christian civilization….




The remaining essays will be offered later this week.

  June 10, 2024   MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey   North Carolina’s Mark Robinson and the Uncontrolled Rage of the Left ...