Tuesday, July 24, 2018

July 24, 2018

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey


And Replace Them with Agencies Free of Deep State Control


Yes, you read that headline correctly: It is time to abolish the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and, in fact, the entire American Intelligence Sector—to send its leadership packing (into retirement, or maybe to a slot as commentators on the far Left CNN or MSNBC).

I don’t mean to suggest denuding the nation of critical intelligence services; rather, just as the present agencies are shut down, new professional agencies must be created to take their places…and those new agencies must be de-politicized and liberated from control by the Deep State operatives who continue to dominate them and use them to attempt to take down Donald Trump and his agenda.

Just the other day Representative Trey Gowdy (R-South Carolina), on Chris Wallace’s Sunday news program (July 22), stated that he had full confidence in our nation’s intelligence services because—and I quote him—“President Trump now has his people in positions of leadership.” Thus, although Gowdy takes the Neoconservative line that “there was no collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign,” likewise, there is absolutely no reason now to distrust the FBI or CIA, and they should be allowed to continue what they are doing. Again, according to Gowdy, the president made a serious mistake when he intimated that he did not necessarily believe the reports of those agencies about Russian meddling in our elections when he spoke at the Helsinki Summit news conference (July 16).

But what Gowdy and the great majority of Russophobic Neoconservative pundits on Fox and Republican time-servers in Congress seem to refuse to admit is that it was and is those very intelligence agencies that created and propagated and leaked that false narrative of Russian collusion, that it was those very agencies that fabricated information, that it was the leadership of those very agencies that worked frenetically hand-in-hand with Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee to come up with strategies to defeat this president and, when elected, to unseat him. And despite cosmetic leadership changes, the higher level leadership in those agencies has not changed at all.

Unfortunately, the real power in the Department of Justice continues to reside in the hands of Deep State operatives.  Jeff Sessions, who apparently recused himself of just about all involvement in the aggressively cancerous “Russia investigation,” has been effectively neutered  and sidelined, and effective power lies with his deputy Rod Rosenstein, and through Rosenstein, the Mueller investigation continues to run wild. And the FBI, under Christopher Wray, equally, shows absolutely no inclination to cease its activities on behalf of the Deep State.

Former US Senator Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence, is in reality a cypher, essentially conveying the same old “intelligence” produced in the fetid bowels along the Potomac inhabited by the Deep Staters who continue to run America’s intelligence services.

Gowdy is partially correct, it is true, in the sense that President Trump has appointed some new officials (e.g., Wray, Coats), but the persons he has named, all suggested by Neoconservative advisers who have attempted to surround him likes avaricious flies, are equally beholden to or part of the “DC swamp.”

Thus, the president in that now famous joint press conference was completely justified in his instinctive reaction—“Dan Coats says the Russians meddled, but President Putin makes a strong case they did not….”—thus raising doubts about our intelligence services and their actions and reports.  And, based on the politicized and slipshod record of those agencies—based on the president’s very real experiences at the receiving end of their bias, their attempts to defeat him, and their continuing efforts to destroy his presidency—he was more than justified in raising, even if obliquely, the question of reliability and honesty concerning their assessments about Russia.

What Gowdy and that brainless herd that populates the Republican caucus in Congress don’t see, or refuse to see, or perhaps do see, but don’t want to admit publicly is this: you cannot separate the narrative of Russian collusion (created whole cloth and propagated by those agencies) and the most recent assessment that “the Russians meddled in our elections.” Or, to put it another way, analogously: If you have a friend who has lied to you repeatedly on any number of subjects, why should you believe him on this last one?

Reform the FBI, the CIA? We’ve gone way beyond that point. Those government agencies are deeply entrenched within the Deep State, their tentacles extended and firmly grasping the power once conceded to them. While there are thousands of good, highly professional employees who would certainly find positions in any new intelligence agencies, the bureaucracy should be shut down, abolished, and it hierarchs sent packing back to Amherst or Harvard Square or San Francisco (and if it were in my power, without the handsome pensions they would receive).

Former CIA director, John Brennan, recently declared that President Trump was guilty of “treason” for his talks with and comments about Vladimir Putin, and thus, in effect, should be hanged, the penalty for treason.  No, John: the ones guilty of treason are those like you who have served the globalist interests of the managerial Deep State and its zombie-like attempt to suck the life blood out of what is left of the Old Republic. It is you who should face the hangman’s noose.

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