Friday, August 3, 2018

August 3, 2018

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey



Seeing and hearing the news the past several days raises a simple burning, infuriating question: how is it that with Republicans---let me repeat, the GOP---- in charge of both houses of Congress (okay, with only 51 senators, but a huge majority in the House of Representatives), they must "compromise" and defer action on a border wall until after the fall elections? Even then, under the leadership of Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of House Paul Ryan, the wall may never get built. The simple fact is: Ryan, McConnell, and most of the Congressional Republicans would rather listen to the “open borders, cheap labor” Business Roundtable, Chamber of Commerce, John Locke Foundation, and the Koch Brothers crowd—in other words, to the international big business fat cats and their publicists who have traditionally controlled the GOP—rather than to the millions of grassroots voters who voted for Donald Trump and actually permitted those wealthy poltroons to continue in power.

President Trump, it is true, has threatened a "government shutdown" (which would not be much of a shutdown at all: social security payments would continue and essential government functions would go on, with or without a "shutdown") if the wall isn’t built. But the unfortunate fact is, for the time being, he must deal with the leadership already in place in Congress…and that leadership is, essentially, what must be termed “the Republican faction of the Swamp.”

If anything is at all clear, it is this: "draining the swamp" must absolutely include dozens of Republican members of Congress and, most notably, the GOP leadership. They are and have been a big part of the problem. Yes, they have given "mouth service" to the implementation of the Trump agenda, but, apparently, their hearts are not really in it. They need to be challenged by strong Rightist, national conservative candidates in  upcoming elections, and shown the door, just like Dave Bratt did in Virginia when he upended former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the archetypal "stand pat" establishment Republican.

There is a phrase incorporating a reference to Greek mythology that describes what needs to be done here: "clean up the Augean stables." It refers to one of the twelve labors that the hero Hercules had to do, and it was a nasty and smelly job, to clean up after what the cows left behind! (No need to draw a picture!)  Donald Trump didn't employ that particular image, rather he declared that we must "drain the swamp" in Washington and elsewhere. That image is clearer...and less odiferous, but the nasty labor is the same: there is no way that the Trump agenda can advance unless those "stand pat," go along to get along, establishment GOP solons are either converted, or driven out.

Internationally, there is something of a popular (and populist) conservative and nationalist counter-revolution going on, and it actually pre-dates the “Trump Counter-Revolution” that produced electoral success in November 2016, but Donald Trump’s election has in many ways legitimized its existence. It has been increasingly successful in Russia, in Hungary, in Poland, and most recently in Italy: all of these countries now have populist conservative and nationalist leaders who stoutly oppose an “open door” multiculturalist immigration policy, who draw their inspiration from their particular nation’s history and heritage, who appeal to the traditional religious legacy of their peoples, and who question the utility and value of the tired old egalitarian slogans of “liberal democracy.”

And it is precisely those reasons—those beliefs—that have brought on pious condemnations from  Jonah Goldberg, “little Ben” Shapiro, Mark Thyssen (all on Fox and in the pages of such Neoconservative journals as National Review or The Weekly Standard), and various other Neocons and less-brainy Republican minions in Congress. For them, for instance, the BREXIT vote, for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, is a disaster for European unity and signals a potential return to such scary days when the deep wells of tradition and religious belief, national self-interest, protection of one’s borders, and pride in one’s race, were paramount.

Goldberg—whom the late immigration critic Lawrence Auster once called “an Animal House conservative”—just authored another pot-boiler book, The Suicide of the West, to warn us all of the impending threats from such “right wing extremists,” and to counsel us back to the warm-fuzzies of zealous globalism and American-style imposed equality. I passed on several reviews of his latest exercise in revisionist drivel on August 1 []

There is no better way to distinguish the so-called Neocon “Right”—what my friend Dr. Jack Kerwick calls the “Big Con”—from traditional conservative traditionalists than to examine what self-appointed “guardians of conservative orthodoxy” like Goldberg are spouting as template, and to compare it with what earlier generations of real conservatives like Russell Kirk or Richard Weaver wrote and said. The differences are seismic…you won’t hear of them on Fox (save for perhaps from Tucker Carlson) or read about them in what passes for the “conservative media” these days.

Even more, it is instructive to take a closer look at some of the other “Trump-like” counter-revolutions occurring in Europe. Already I’ve written quite a bit about Russia, but perhaps even more illustrative is the praxis of Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary, maybe the most valiant and independently-minded national conservative leader in Western Europe.

Almost alone among Western European leaders, Orban has stoutly resisted the EU and its centralizing and managerial operations to destroy the independence of Europe's countries. He strongly opposes the illegal immigration of Muslims from the war-torn Middle East into his country, and is standing up to globalist George Soros's attempts to subvert his nation.

Would that we had more leaders like Orban!

Interestingly, the Hungarian prime minister has forged close links with another nationalist conservative, Vladimir Putin (the man in the world most hated by the Wall Street and globalist Deep State and Neoconservative establishment). Both men understand fully that the EU is nothing less than a growing globalist Behemoth that seeks to destroy national independence, suppress regional traditions and heritage, and suck the remaining life blood out of what used to be a Christian Europe. [And even the Vatican and the "official" Catholic Church, once fierce defenders of Europe's historic Christian heritage, under "el papa" Bergoglio seem to have gone over to the Revolution...but not without the increasing opposition of millions of traditional Catholics]

I pass on a recent article on Orban from Russian TV—it seems these days that you won’t find even a scintilla of “fairness” from the “fair and balanced” American “conservative” media when discussing such topics….

‘Christian democracy’ to crush multiculturalism in EU vote next year – Hungary’s Orban

Published time: 28 Jul, 2018 20:35Edited time: 30 Jul, 2018 09:18

Illiberal “Christian democracy” will replace multiculturalism after the European Parliament vote in 2019, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has predicted, adding that the EU elite have failed the people and should step down.

The European Parliamentary elections in May 2019 will decide the fate of the European “elite” and they’re “visibly nervous” about it, Orban told a crowd of ethnic Hungarians in the Romanian town of Baile Tusnad on Saturday. It’s time for the current Western leadership of the EU to go, as it has failed to protect the bloc from immigration, he said.

 “Their big goal is to transform Europe, to ship it into a post-Christian era and into an era when nations disappear – this process could be undermined in the European elections. And it is our elementary interest to stop this transformation,” the PM said.

The liberal values and multiculturalism promoted by Brussels will crumble in the face of what he called “authentic Christian democracy.”  According to Orban, “Christian democracy is not liberal... It is illiberal, if you like.” This ideology rejects not only immigration and multiculturalism, but Communist values as well, he explained.

Next year’s vote will be “a big moment” that will see Europe “saying goodbye not simply to liberal democracy... but to the 1968 elite,” he said, referring to a wave of liberal protests in Europe and US that paved the way for the decline of conservative ideologies. "There’s a general shift towards the right in the whole of Europe," the PM told his audience, adding that, in order for a shift to “illiberal democracy” to happen, the European elections must be focused on “one common theme – immigration."

The immigration issue has been the reason for ongoing strife between Orban and the EU, as Budapest leads a group of Eastern European nations resisting Brussels’ push to settle asylum seekers there using a quota system. Hungary famously erected a 110-mile long security fence on its border to prevent refugees from making it into the country at the peak of the European migrant crisis in 2015.

On Friday, the PM again slammed the European Commission, led by Jean Claude-Juncker, over its apparent impotence in solving the migrant issue, comparing it to a helpless frog that’s being cut up in a biology class. “We need a commission, after the European elections, which does not punish those countries that protect their borders like Hungary,” he said.

The Hungarian leader’s campaign against George Soros has also been making headlines; he blamed the US billionaire and open borders advocate of attempting to use immigration to undermine Europe and its Christian values. In June, Hungary passed the so-called ‘Stop Soros’ law, which criminalized assistance to illegal immigrants that had previously been provided by Soros-backed groups.

Despite accusations coming from the West of being authoritarian, his anti-immigrant stance has garnered Orban huge public support in his home country. He won his third term as Prime Minister in April, with his rightist Fidesz party holding a two-thirds majority in the parliament.

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