Wednesday, March 27, 2019

March 27, 2019

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

JUSSIE SMOLLETT and the Perversion of Our Justice System


Even some of the left wing mainstream media folks have been forced to take notice. It was so blatant, so—how shall we say it?—outrageous that even Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and his Chicago police chief, both of whom are black and by no stretch of the imagination “conservatives,” were compelled to speak out.

Jussie Smollett—after being charged with at least sixteen provable felonies—after faking an attack on himself and charging that two thugs with MAGA hats did it—after two Nigerian brothers (not likely to be MAGA guys, to say the least) admitted that Smollett paid them $3,500 to fake the supposed attack—after writing a fake “hate letter” to himself (Federal mail fraud?)—after going on national television repeatedly and claiming that this was just the latest episode in “white hate and oppression”—after all that, continues to maintain that what he claimed is true.

And now the Cook County State Prosecutor, Kim Foxx—against overwhelming evidence, confessions by the two brothers, and more than enough to put Smollett away for years—has dropped the case, declaring that Smollett’s sixteen hours of “community service”—stuffing envelopes with Jesse Jackson (done some time ago)—and forfeiting $10,000 in bail was sufficient to completely settle up everything. Case closed.

Ah, but you see, Foxx is closely plugged in to the Obamas, specifically Michelle Obama (who may well have interceded indirectly on Smollett’s behalf), and Smollett continues to enjoy support from highly-placed persons like Democratic presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris of California, plus various Hollywood leftist elites.

Not to mention that Smollett is a millionaire in his own right; while forfeiting $10,000 might be a crushing blow for any of us “deplorables,” it’s only a drop in the bucket for Smollett (who could also count on his wealthy Hollywood friends if need be).

Lord John Acton famously wrote in 1887 that “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  The Jussie Smolletts of this world, and those like him and his friends and connections, form a new powerful untouchable class, a new elite more authoritarian and ruthless than anything the old pre-revolutionary aristocrats ever dreamed of. And it is far more corrupt.

Smollett is a part of the highest realm and most protected class of that new elite: he is both black and gay. In other words, when it comes to the advancing the leftist template of who are the favored elect, Smollett hits all the right buttons.

Talk about “privilege”! Talk about “equal justice”! 

This is symbolic of the new narrative, the new social order dreamed of and put into place by the fanatical social justice warriors of the left.

It has nothing to do with real distributive justice. It mocks and degrades such a concept.

Its advocates talk incessantly of “equality” and “democracy,” but push a totalitarian straight-jacket social order that is strangling free speech, corrupting all our fundamental institutions, and perverting our very language.

This frenzied ideology is spewed forth by unelected, condescending elites, in academia, in Hollywood, along the Potomac, and in board rooms on Wall Street. It is globalist and bows down in fearful homage to a George Soros, while refusing indignantly to stand for the National Anthem.

Patrick Buchanan, in a series of fundamental books, sketched the existence of this managerial and administrative elite, this Deep State, and their stranglehold on our country back a few years ago; most recently Tucker Carlson, in his eye-opening, Ship of Fools, did the same thing.

Jussie Smollett is their latest “golden boy.” But the outrageously “unequal” treatment he has received even shocked some Leftists who, perhaps, haven’t moved along fast enough to suit the advance Einsatzgruppen units of this madness.

Think about it.

Perhaps, just perhaps I should declare myself to be black (maybe I can find some small percentage  of African-American blood in my nine generations on North Carolina soil—I’ll bet I could do better than Elizabeth Warren and her native Americans!), then perhaps I’d declare I am a transgender person.  Let’s see, I could then walk into a nearby Walmart and maybe spot an older man with a MAGA hat on—he’d have to be white, of course—and loudly accuse him of a “racist attack” (well, at least verbally) on me.

What do you want to bet that the local NBC affiliate hereabouts, WRAL-TV, would give me a sympathetic interview?  What do you bet that the various nutty “anti-racist” and “anti-fascist” groups–“SmashingRacism,” Democratic Socialists of North Carolina, Workers’ World Party—would rally to my side and organize demonstrations on my behalf and against the “implicit racism” of Walmart for allowing that MAGA hat-wearing oppressor to even enter their store?

Maybe I would be interviewed by NBC’s Today program, or, what joy, by Chris Cuomo on CNN? The national outcry would resound….Maybe I’d get invited to meet that ultimate nut case (and notoriously bad) actor Jim Carrey!

Of course, that would be unreal given my history. But is not this the praxis that the vast Army of the Night, our social justice warriors, have employed in so many cases across the land?

Those social justice warriors demand “democracy” and “equality,” and in the name of those vacuous concepts they employ accusations of “racism” and “sexism”—those watchwords of the lunatic left in their continuing revolutionary quest—against the rest of us. In effect, those terms are mere linguistic cudgels used to shut us up, to humiliate us, to suppress us and our views.  In the end, it is power, power over us, power to remake and reconstruct Western society, power to undue two millennia of history and culture, which is the goal.

And that demonic vision possesses a million times more terror and horror in it than Arthur Koestler’s stark dystopian novel about Communist tyranny, Darkness At Noon, ever could evoke.

Jussie Smollett has played his part in this continuing shadow charade—but he may have gone a bit too far, at least for the moment.

But for anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear, the writing is on the wall all the same.

What we will do to counteract it? Ballots or bullets? Is there another choice?

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