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April 3, 2019

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The REAL Meaning of the Mueller Report


Back on March 25, 2019,  I penned an installment in the MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey series a posting titled, “What Does the Mueller Report Really Mean”? Almost all of that short essay (which actually introduced a much longer summary of the “silent coup” effort by our intelligence agencies at the behest of Deep State functionaries to undo and reverse unconstitutionally a national election) was picked up by the site—a site I recommend strongly—and is now published. I pass it along today:

What does the Mueller Report Really Mean?

By Dr. Boyd D. Cathey     3/25/2019

As the old saying goes: “Who are you gonna believe, us or your lying eyes?”  For two years, through 500 called witnesses, over 2800 subpoenas, millions of dollars of taxpayer money spent, a 24/7 drum beat on almost all media, lives ruined financially by spurious court action, thousands upon thousands of assurances that Donald Trump was a “Russian plant” or at the very least “involved in a conspiracy with Vladimir Putin” that managed to “steal” the 2016 presidential election from the divinely-ordained-to-win candidate Hillary Clinton—with all that, we now confirm that this process has been part of  a gigantic attempted silent coup against a sitting president, by unhinged lunatics who simply wanted us not to believe our “lying eyes.”

That process, even with zealous Democrat lawyers employed by the Mueller Commission, came up a virtual dud: no collusion at all with anyone in the Trump campaign, nothing that rises to actionable status on obstruction.

Of course, such conclusions are totally unsatisfactory to those who have invested the past two years assuring us the exact opposite—who have assured us that they have “seen” proof of collusion (e.g., Congressmen Schiff and Swalwell) or that we “know for a fact” that Donald Trump is a Russian agent (e.g., MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, etc.). And the very reason that they are demanding now to see every jot and tittle in the Mueller Report, all the background material, everything, is simple enough: maybe, they think, if they go back and comb through all the “evidence” just one more time, something, anything, might jump out on which they can hang their continuing attacks on the president.

These fanatics spent the past two years solemnly telling us that “our democracy was in peril.” In fact, it was—and is. But not due to President Trump, but because one of America’s two major political parties was literally possessed by an uncontrollably demonic desire to overturn a national election and would do anything, including fabricating fake intelligence, subverting and criminally abusing our intelligence agencies, misusing Congress’s investigatory powers, and employing the “presstitutes” in the media, to achieve that result.

Many of you are old enough to remember the 1973 blockbuster film, The Exorcist, roughly based on a real case of diabolical possession that occurred in the Archdiocese of St. Louis, back in 1949. In a remarkable display, for the past two years we have witnessed, as it were, an entire and not insignificant portion of our nation “possessed”–transfixed like the subject of William Blatty’s screen play—or maybe, more ominously, like the followers of Jim Jones and his suicidal Peoples’ Temple (and we know how that ended).

That is the truly frightening aspect of what we’ve been passing through…. Millions continue to believe, cult-like, that there is something “there,” when we have known all along that there is no “there,” there.

If anything demonstrates beyond rational debate the existence of a veritable and poisonous Deep State—what the late Dr. Sam Francis termed the Managerial State—these past twenty-four months have done so abundantly.

The question now is this: will those, eyes glazed over and minds numbed, wallowing in their cult-like Trump Derangement Syndrome, ever get over it, recover from its infectious and deadening poison?

Probably not.

For the vicious manifestation we have witnessed for the past two years is the result of years of conditioning by our ideologically-corrupted educational system and colleges, by our media, and through our entertainment system. And by a debased political class and the managerial elites who have considered themselves to be literally above the laws of the land…and certainly above all of us “deplorables” and Hoi Polloi who live in “fly over” country.

You see, their understanding of “democracy” has no room for us in it.  In the name of those magic talismans—in the name of “democracy” and “equality”—so urgently demanded at home and so vigorously pushed upon the rest of the world, the reality is an all-powerful hegemon, a virtual totalitarianism, a new type of slavery in which most of us are the slaves and our masters are those mostly unelected elites and their pliant politicians who control our destiny.

Such ingrates we are not to appreciate the benefits of this arrangement!

This piece was originally published at MyCorner on March 25, 2019.

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