Wednesday, June 12, 2019

June 12, 2019

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey

A REMARKABLE Statement from a Political Leader


Earlier this month, on June 1, I authored a short installment in the MY CORNER series, “A Fearless Leader of the Present: Representative Larry Pittman” []. In these times when it appears that almost all our political leaders seem like worthless or spineless chameleons, willing to sell out for thirty pieces of silver, or, worse, unhinged and frenzied fanatical leftist ideologues, it is refreshing to find a few—underline “few”—leaders who stand out for their commitment to traditional principles and beliefs that informed the founding of this country. It is heartening to find leaders who are not afraid to forthrightly state and attempt to put into practice such principles, even if that should mean standing nearly alone at times against a self-satisfied or scaredy-cat establishment.

Yesterday I received the latest newsletter from Representative Pittman, and, as I read it, I knew I wanted to share it with you. Here—in what he writes to his constituents and his friends—is how a true defender of our historic culture, our traditions, and our beliefs speaks. Here is what we should expect from all our elected political leaders.  Here, in these words, are enunciated principled stands that should be normative and common. That they are not, that they are rare and singular, says as much about the utter decadence and collapse of our society and our civilization, as it says about the principled and admirable positions of Representative Pittman.

I pass on his newsletter to you, and at the end, again, I list the address for his re-election committee. We need to keep Larry Pittman in the North Carolina General Assembly. His voice, albeit singular and often-times nearly alone, is the voice of our history and our heritage as a people, and it is greatly needed:

Representative Larry G. Pittman

North Carolina General Assembly

House of Representatives

1010 Legislative Building

16 W. Jones Street

Raleigh, NC 27601-1096


It gets really frustrating around here in Raleigh sometimes. Last Wednesday, we voted to try to override the Governor’s veto of SB 359, the Born Alive bill. In the House, we originally passed the bill with four Democrats voting with us. A number of us spoke with our Democrat colleagues, pleading with them to have the human decency to vote with us to override the veto and defend the lives of those who have been born. Several indicated openness to consider doing so.
However, the Governor and Democrat Party operatives put enormous pressure on our Democrat colleagues not to join us in overriding the veto. We heard, not surprisingly, that they were assured that if they did they could count on having a primary opponent in next year’s election.
When the time finally came for the debate and the vote, several of us poured out our hearts to plead for the defense of God’s precious little ones who have been born alive. A number of people, including members of the House who usually criticize me heavily, have told me that what I had to say was the best speech I have ever given. Some have said it was the best speech of the day on the subject.
As I spoke, I looked my Democrat colleagues in the eye. I could see in their faces that they understood that what I was saying was right. They knew I was telling the truth. Yet, when the vote was taken, two of the Democrats who had voted with us before changed their minds and voted against the override. Only Rep. Garland Pierce and Rep. Charles Graham among the Democrats stood firm for the right to life of children who are born alive, regardless of the circumstances.
The final vote was 67-53 in favor of the override. But the motion failed because we had to have 72 votes to pass the override. Some would say that the rules should be changed, so that it only takes a simple majority to override the Governor’s veto. I understand that opinion. However, if we change the rules just because we don’t like the outcome, how are we any better than our opponents? It is what it is; but we need to hold public officials accountable for how they vote.
I hope at some point we will have a better opportunity to deal with this issue and obtain the right outcome. Regardless of a setback like this, it is important to stay in the fight.
This is not the only source of frustration for me. I have introduced a lot of bills over the years which our leadership have not allowed to be given a hearing. I am told that I run controversial bills. My reply is that I run bills to address issues important to our people, but our leaders don’t want to face the backlash from liberals if they let them be heard. I have offered a bill to amend the State Constitution to state that a human life begins at fertilization and must be protected from that point on. I was told by the Speaker Pro-Tempore at the time that if I ran that bill, not only would it never be heard, but I could forget any of my other bills being heard. I have offered bills to stop municipalities from exercising extraterritorial jurisdiction for zoning outside the city limits. I have offered bills to defend your right to keep and bear arms. I have offered bills to uphold the Marriage Amendment and other bills that would defend our citizens’ rights in various areas of concern. I have offered bills to reform our elections and eliminate the requirements on energy companies to use so-called “renewable energy” sources in spite of the unjustifiable cost to them and consumers. I have offered bills to get rid of Common Core. I have tried to amend other bills to stop the government from giving taxpayer funding to private corporations, thus keeping government within its limits. I have tried to amend bills and the budget this year to hold UNC accountable for breaking the law by taking down the Silent Sam statue. Yet I have been told that my bills and amendments are too controversial. 
The reality is that I run common sense bills and amendments for the good of individuals and our society; but the fear of the liberal media and protesters makes too many of my colleagues not want to go on record with a vote on such bills. Yet I persist. I am staying in the fight as long as I am in Raleigh.  I say, what are you doing in Raleigh if you are afraid of controversy? As I said when debating the veto override last week, if I lose an election because I did the right thing, so be it.
God bless,
Rep. Larry G. Pittman 
I urge you to assist him in his bid for re-election in 2020. Here is how you may do so (financially by check):

Committee to Elect Larry Pittman                                         
P. O. Box 6311  
Concord, North Carolina 28027

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