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June 21, 2020

MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey
Two Perpetrated Frauds: George Floyd and the Race to Compromise
NEW Essays Published by and Chronicles Magazine
I pass on two columns I have just had published, on the site (founded by Dr. Clyde Wilson) and on the Chronicles Magazine Web site. Both are based largely on original pieces I authored in this series of little essays, but with some updating changes and editing.
The first is a strong dissent from ongoing canonization of George Floyd who died up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, back on May 25, and whose death has become a cause celebre for rioting, looting, and open revolution…and the near complete collapse of any reasonable questioning or opposition to the succeeding madness (by so-called “conservatives” and Republicans). The case for Floyd as martyr is built on a tissue of lies and ideological assumptions which, if followed through, would almost totally destroy what is left of the nation.
Whether about George Floyd and his voluminous criminal and drug record, or about the mythical “war on blacks by the police” (utterly disproven by statistics), or about the inherent “genetic racism” of white people which cannot be erased except through our own racial suicide, or about a template presented now as undebatable that America is and has been since its very inception mired deep in a suffocating “systemic racism” and “white privilege,” it all amounts to the same: elements of an agenda that will radically dismantle this country, violently erase its history and distort its past, and essentially usher in a brutish totalitarian state, an authority empowered to control our every action, our every word, our thinking, and who we are. It will make the Soviet Gulag seem like a summer resort….
In short, the agenda is one of an ultimate assault by those who would overthrow and ground to dust what remains of our Western Christian civilization. Yes, in an indirect way it is also aimed at President Trump and more particularly at those unwashed “deplorables” (you and me) who have not been corralled onto the politically-correct reservation and brainwashed yet (unlike our children who by the very fact of attending public schools and universities invite such calculated indoctrination). But is more far reaching and comprehensive than even that. It is indeed a massive attempt to undo Creation as we have received it, overturn the laws of nature and of God (e.g., same sex marriage, transgenderism, and the destruction of the sexes), and enthrone a power and template which implicitly denies and rejects twenty centuries of belief and  continuity of our civilization.
The second item was published by Chronicles Magazine, and it is shorter, using a scene from the classic film, “Waterloo,” to make a serious point about compromisers who in fact surrender our culture and belief to the Enemy in hopes of not being called “racists” and not being attacked by the frenzied media. In the end they do nothing but legitimize and enable the revolutionary zealots while sacrificing our heritage and civilization. They are, in short, despicable in their cowardice. And while we can at least give a certain grudging respect to the lunatics who follow through with their convictions, the compromisers are beneath contempt. (I sincerely hope the mob will pay them a “visit” in their gated communities and walled mansions!)
Most recently in this parade of pusillanimous compromisers are Brit Steve Hilton on his program “The Next Revolution” (on Fox News) and another Brit, nerdy young Cameron Hilditch, a William F. Buckley Fellow (!) at the formerly-conservative National Review (which has become increasingly a mouthpiece for vicious and violent anti-Confederate rhetoric).
My short essay has gotten some good comment, and I offer it as I think it may cause—induce—some thought about the response of far too many of our supposed defenders against the massive revolution which is going on.
“Damn Lies” about George Floyd, Police Violence, and Racism
By Boyd D. Cathey
“Lies! And damn Lies!” That’s what we have been drenched with for the past week or two: lie after lie, bald-faced lies, insane and patently false assertions put forth by almost the entirety of the media, assented to and propounded by nearly all our politicians (including most deer-in-the headlight “I-don’t-want-to-be-called-racist” Republicans and establishment conservatives), and now taken as dogmatic, undeniable truth that makes the claims of Infallibility by the Supreme Pontiff look like idle speculation.
“Never let a crisis go to waste,” once famously said former mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel. And certainly not this one which can be trotted out to accomplish a whole host of things—advance the radical left/social justice revolution (that increasingly dominates the Democratic Party) while furthering the template of the ineradicable “first sin” of America: “systemic racism.”  And, more, that can be employed to maybe, just maybe, bring down President Trump, and more importantly, bring down what he supposedly represents.
Now everyone from most of the talking heads over on Fox News, the Martha MacCallums, the Brian Kilmeades, the Marc Thiessens (who recently said that the riots in DC were preventing his daughter from demonstrating peacefully against racism!), to the more exalted types on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and in The New York Time and Washington Post, has been herded onto the reservation and you can’t get off of it without being labelled and formally damned ex cathedra as a racist or defending “white privilege.” And the list of “racist” offenses—even the most innocent and rational comments which would have never drawn the slightest demurrer two weeks ago—has grown and continues to grow exponentially, day by day, it seems.
Following the Dylann Roof episode in 2105, recall it was those offending Confederate monuments: symbols of slavery and racism, squawked the social justice warriors that had to come down in the name of “equality and justice.” And their cry was echoed by the “conservative establishment” in the pages of the once-conservative National Review (e.g., Rich Lowry) and on Fox News (e.g., Victor Davis Hanson and Brian Kilmeade). Just get rid of those “monuments to slavery” and everything would be okay, we were told.
We warned that destroying the symbols of our heritage was only one more step in a concerted program to disavow and dismantle our Western civilization. Removing the symbols had far more profound meaning.
We were right. Now it’s the fierce frontal attacks on police and law enforcement, one more step in the ongoing revolution.
Oppose defunding or abolishing police forces? Why, you’re obviously a bigot and a racist. Just consider the president of the Minneapolis, Minnesota, city council, Lisa Bender. When asked what would happen if there were no police force and someone called 9-1-1 to report an emergency and violence, she responded that asking such a question most likely implied white privilege. After all, she reiterated, fumbling with her answer, “…community trust in this existing [police] department is so low that there is an urgent need for change now…we need to dismantle this department.”
Or consider what happened in upscale Cary, North Carolina, filled with rich transplanted Yankees who’ve come South to escape the high taxes and mess they made up North. They brought that mess and mentality with them. Facing fierce demonstrations in that city of 80,000, the police knelt down in obeisance bowing to the mob and proceeded in ritual fashion to wash the feet of twelve of them, a Holy Thursday mockery if there ever was one.
But, then, with no backing from authority, with utter cowardice from the city fathers—who fear in their bones being called “racist”—is it any wonder that law enforcement reflects that same pusillanimous behavior?
While what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis was a tragic occurrence, what has ensued has been a virtual canonization of a man who, by all accounts, was an habitual criminal, something of a drug addict, with a long record of criminal charges. 
But in the frenzy to proclaim Floyd’s sainthood—the untouchable “new martyr” of a radical civil rights movement mired and based in falsehood and lies about equality—just about everyone has signed on to a fake narrative: a simple case of perhaps an excessive police action (although there has been no trial and the evidence and motivations are in dispute), but no one is allowed to dissent or raise questions, even very reasonable ones. Thus Texas Governor Greg Abbott—a “conservative” Republican—who joined the disgraceful huckster Reverend Al Sharpton in Floyd’s funeral exequies,  spent time with Floyd’s family declaring that they would hopefully be a “centerpiece of helping America bridge our racial divide & ensure equality, justice & fairness in America….”
But, if you read the response to Abbott’s Twitter message you will also see a response from someone who knows George Floyd’s criminal record: “[Governor Abbott] did you spend any time with the family of the pregnant woman he [Floyd] held a gun to for drugs and money?”
And it took a black woman, Candace Owens, on June 4, 2020, to blow the whistle on Floyd and his dark and seamy criminal past, and to do it fearlessly while almost all white conservatives and Republicans shivered in fear in the tall grass or hoped to somehow convince the farther Left social justice mob that they, too, were fighting even more strenuously against racism in memory of the sainted George Floyd. Owen’s eighteen minute podcast was still up on Youtube the last I looked, including the account of how Floyd pointed a gun at a woman’s unborn fetus and threatened to kill them both. Here is the access link. It’s a riveting commentary. But who knows if the zealous and fanatical “woke” censors won’t take it down and ban it? (It had over six million views as of June 13, 2020.)
Notice, also, in particular her precise and correct use of statistics, official government stats which even appeared in The Washington Post, which give the lie—another big one—to the rampant view that somehow the police have engaged in a “war” against blacks, in particular black males. That charge, propagated in every news outlet, from CNN to my local leftwing garbage dispenser, WRAL-TV, is now established truth: you cannot question it, you can only accept it and accede to the new religious cult that makes the frenzied Jim Jones and the Jonestown Massacre seem like child’s play. But there is very little evidence to support the assertion of never-ending racist attacks by police on innocent blacks—just ten cases documented for 2019.
On June 5, Dr. Heather MacDonald, author of the book The War on Cops, appeared on Fox to discuss the narrative that there is a huge wave of police murdering unarmed black people, stating“The irony is it is The Washington Post's own database [which] collects the statistics…[that documents] a police officer is 18 and a half times more likely to be murdered by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be murdered by a cop, or killed by a cop.”
All of this, of course, is not really important to pro-demonstrators Mitt Romney, George W. Bush, Colin Powell, and General “Mad Dog” Mattis…or to ambitious anti-Southern Nikki Haley (AKA, Nimrata Randhawa), who would just love to replace Donald Trump at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue supported by a “delivered” GOP, saved from all those uncouth “deplorables” and once more back in the manicured, secure hands of the Republican/conservatives elites. So, they harshly condemn “systemic racism” or march like Romney with the “peaceful rioters” in Washington DC.
Like all compromisers and cowards historically, the Romneys and others of his ilk think they can temporize and “engage” with the radicals. But the radicals have sheer and unbounded conviction on their side, while Romney is little more than a cipher for intellectual and moral decrepitude and cowardice, an embarrassing example of those who will—as all others of such praxis in history—perish just the same at the hands of the revolutionaries, despite their craven surrender.
The words of Irish poet William Butler Yeats (in his poem, “The Second Coming”) come once more to mind, words written shortly after the end of the Great War, the horribly destructive conflagration of 1914-1918:
        Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
        Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
        The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
        The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
        The best lack all conviction, while the worst
        Are full of passionate intensity.
I am not at all sanguine about our prospects, about the future of the American republic. There can be NO compromise with pure evil, with the  forces which openly deny Natural and Divine Positive Law, which destroy our civilization and now parade fiercely in the streets in opposition to everything held dear in Christian and Western tradition.
Our prospects look grim. Yet, we hold fast to our God-given and inherited convictions. As President Jefferson Davis said eight years after the end of the War for Southern Independence: “Truth crushed to earth is truth still and like a seed will rise again.”

"Please Only Eat Half of Me!"

By Boyd Cathey    June 18, 2020

The American news media with hardly any exceptions is propagating a falsehood, a lie which is fatal to what remains of the old American republic. Practically all our political leaders, including most Republicans and establishment conservatives, have bought into it.
America at its core, goes the narrative, is a racist society, drenched in historic systemic racism, and the white man is eternally stained with the onus of that guilt. And, in fact, there is really nothing he can do except renounce his whiteness and the entirety of Western civilization, and maybe disappear into the dark recesses of history, itself. His imputed supremacy is at an end.
The real object of this ongoing effort is ultimately power and control of society.
The response of those supposed conservative defenders of American traditions to the fanatical tsunami of violent revolutionary lunacy reminds me of the scene in the film Waterloo (1970), when the illiterate private in the Welsh Guards who has engaged in plunder and stolen a young pig, cautions the pig not to squeal, not to alert those around him of his plunder (a capital offense under military law). “Be quiet,” he tells the pig, “and I’ll only eat half of you!” 
Confronted by shrill and seemingly overpowering demands of a noisy nucleus of woke leftists, the authorized conservatives and Republicans respond to the revolutionaries in the same way: “Only kill us halfway, but please, oh please, don’t call us racists!”
In other words, let’s compromise: you basically get what you want, and you’ll not call us that nasty name—that is, until the next phase of the ongoing revolution against Western civilization, when the process of slow surrender will begin all over again.
Soon there won’t be anything left to compromise.
Has this not been the way with those establishment, opposition forces for Heaven knows how long? Surrender—get killed—just a bit, and continue the desultory and disastrous retreat: voting rights, gun rights, affirmative action, same-sex marriage, transgenderism and gender fluidity, banning free speech, and so on.
The template is built on fabrications and falsification of statistics. Indeed, is this not an example of the “big lie” technique? Tell an untruth long enough, inculcate it into the curricula of school children and via the boob tube over decades, and soon most people will believe it. 
Perhaps the most useful lie has been about the death of unarmed black folks at the hands of police. But that lie is exploded, and we know the precise number of those killings thanks to a detailed Washington Post database.  According to the Post’s own reporting in 2019 police actually killed 25 unarmed whites and just 15 unarmed blacks. Indeed, the chances of being unarmed, arrested, and then killed by the police are extremely rare: Just one out of 292,000 arrests for blacks and one out of 283,000 arrests for whites. This is hardly a “wave of racist police killings,” as the media incessantly claims.
Never mind, say the social justice warriors. Whitey is still guilty with the ineradicable stain of racism, and not just those Confederate symbols, but all symbols of so-called whiteness and essentially of Western, Christian civilization must be erased, torn down, and smashed to smithereens. The past…indeed, history itself…must be abolished. And so too inherited historical memory, the accumulated wisdom and knowledge of the past is to be totally inverted or effaced.

And all the while the establishment conservative voices promoted to us on Fox News, the Brian Kilmeades, the Jonah Goldbergs, and the Chris Wallaces—all whine “please, only eat half of me!”

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