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MY CORNER by Boyd Cathey


  Some Great Southern Books – Just in Time for Christmas



Some six years ago my friend and distinguished historian of the South, Dr. Clyde Wilson, with assistance from author Paul C. Graham and Dr. Wilson’s daughter, Anne Wilson Smith, began the Shotwell Publishing Company in Columbia, South Carolina. Since then Shotwell has published some important and unique volumes about Southern history, politics, and literature, over sixty-six titles, including some works that have become classics in short order.

There is a phrase that I used to hear from one of my former professors. I think it came originally from a dissident historian: “breaking the historical blackout.” That’s what Shotwell Publishing, in its own small way, is doing…and achieving.

Just recently Shotwell issued a summary of its 2021 round-up of new titles. And once again every inquisitive Southerner—indeed, every inquiring American—interested in preserving (and becoming better informed about) our birthright and the traditions inherited from our ancestors should have these books. They inoculate us against the fetid dross that threatens to destroy what is left of the Southland and devour what is left of our old constitutional republic. In the battle of ideas, they are like mini-arsenals which act to provide correctives to the fallacious history and the cultural and social rot spewed out regularly, each day it seems with greater intensity, by our establishment media (including most so-called “conservative media”), by all levels of our defecated educational system, and by our increasingly authoritarian government.

Only through “breaking the historical blackout,” only by arming ourselves with the insights of such intelligent, well-documented and presented works can we hope to stem the onrushing, seemingly unstoppable tide which seeks not only the destruction of our history and culture, but its erasure from memory.

Our obligation, before God and our ancestors, is severe: each in his own station in life, on whatever level he finds himself, must follow the Apostolic injunction recounted by St. Matthew in the Parable of the Talents. Each of us has a talent, even if apparently it may seem insignificant. Our solemn duty then is to utilize that talent to its fullest.

Shotwell Publishing, with its multitude of fine titles, offers us inestimable support in achieving that goal…and sustaining a veritable counter-revolution against the Powers of Darkness which seek to overwhelm and, finally, extinguish us.

Here, then, are the four most recent titles published by Shotwell, followed by other titles from earlier this year:


What Really Happened? Quantrill’s Raid on Lawrence, Kansas
Revisiting The Evidence
By James C. Edwards

SHOTWELL PUBLISHING IS PLEASED TO PRESENT an entirely new study of a significant event in the War Between the States: Quantrill's Raid on Lawrence, Kansas.
Lincoln’s war of invasion and conquest of the Southern people is almost always told in a way that supports the victor’s claim of righteousness. That has certainly been true in regard to the raid of Quantrill’s Confederate guerillas on Lawrence, Kansas.  

Edwards has for the first time, based on exhaustive examination of the sources, tells the history fully and objectively. Civil War enthusiasts can learn clearly for the first time why the raid happened and how it was carried out. The author’s history treats both sides with truth-telling and, among other discoveries, exposes the flaws in the Union’s righteousness in the border war of Kansas/Missouri. 

It took some doing, but we finally got this one done and it is magnificent! This is the kind of quality research you get when you go to the primary source documents, apparently something no longer done in the academy (unless, of course, it serves a political purpose). Alas!
What Really Happened? Quantrill’s Raid on Lawrence, Kansas is now available in a paperback and eBook edition. The paperback is currently available on Amazon, but should fan out to other retail outlets in the coming weeks. The link to the paperback and Kindle edition is HERE. You can also buy the eBook on our web site (Kindle, epub, & PDF formats included) by mashing (“clicking”) HERE.
If you liked the movie “Ride with the Devil” or the tales of Frank & Jessie James and the Confederate Guerrillas, this book on Quantrill’s Raid is right up your alley!



Next, by James Ronald Kennedy, one-half of the Southern writing legends, the Kennedy Twins: 

Nullifying Federal and State Gun Control
A How-To Guide for Gun Owners

AMERICA’S NEO-MARXISTS WHO CONTROL the political and social establishment understand that well-armed Americans will not tolerate their leftist tyranny. They understand that before they can force average Americans to accept their perverted social and political vision, they must first disarm us!
America’s Founding Fathers understood the value of arms in the hands of free men. They knew that the first step a tyrant must take to turn free men into political slaves is to disarm them. They secured the right to keep and bear arms by enacting the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment was not enacted to allow country boys to go squirrel hunting! It was enacted to allow free men to defend themselves against tyrants.
Unfortunately, too many gun-rights activists do not understand that no part of the Constitution, including the Second Amendment, is self-enforcing. Without a strong political mechanism to enforce the limitations on federal powers inscribed in the Constitution, the Constitution becomes a mere paper barricade.  

Nullifying Federal and State Gun Control: A How-To Guide for Gun Owners provides gun-rights advocates with a means to protect their rights under the Constitution. This book demonstrates the only way “We the people” can enforce our rights and liberties under the Constitution.

If you are concerned about gun rights in America and the seeming total disregard for the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution by the combination of conspirators at Washington, DC, this book is a MUST HAVE
Nullifying Federal and State Gun Control is also available in a paperback and eBook edition. The paperback is currently available on Amazon. Other retail outlets can be found HERE as they become available. You can find the paperback and Kindle edition HERE. You can also buy the eBook on our web site (Kindle, epub, & PDF formats included) by mashing HERE.



Then there is a book we wished we could have gotten out last month so there would be a little more time to pick up a copy before Thanksgiving, but we didn’t (although you could still pull it off if you act quickly).  This one, as they say, is for the kids…

The REAL First Thanksgiving
Written and Illustrated by Charles H. Hayes
Description: IN THE FOUNDING OF THE UNITED STATES Southerners made the history while New England Yankees wrote the history and took credit for everything, including Thanksgiving.
In The REAL First Thanksgiving by author and illustrator Charles Hayes, a young lad named Jeffery finds out the truth about the first Thanksgiving when a magical, swashbuckling mouse named Horatio Algernon takes him on an enchanting (and educational) journey through space and time—not to Massachusetts in 1620 with the “Pilgrim Fathers” as Jeffery had expected, but to Virginia in 1607!
 Grab a seat, gather the young ones around you, and set out on your own literary adventure as you discover with Jeffery and Horatio the true story of the first Thanksgiving.
You’ll want to keep this one for your children and grandchildren!  
The gang here at Shotwell found this little book to be imaginative, educational, and just plain fun. We think you will too!
It is only available in paperback. It is currently available on Amazon and should begin widening its distribution reach if it has not already. Check HERE for the latest.



When the Yankees Come
Former Carolina Slaves Remember Sherman’s March FROM the Sea

Edited and introduced by Paul C. Graham
This book expands and replaces Graham’s previous version of When the Yankees Come and includes selections from both the North Carolina and South Carolina WPA Slave Narratives.  

MANY AMERICANS BELIEVE that the coming of the blue soldiers of the North, emissaries of emancipation, was a joyful event for African Americans. Nothing could be further from the truth.
How do we know this? Because we have their recorded accounts.  
Ending slavery, contrary to self-congratulatory American myth, was not a righteous crusade. It was a byproduct of a brutal war of conquest and invasion—a total war against civilians in which black Southerners suffered as much if not more than whites. The devastation of the people’s resources in large areas of the South left African Americans as well as Southern whites suffering and sometimes starving.  
For many, it was an experience of fear, disruption of life, and cruel uncertainty about their future, to which the liberators had given no thought.  
The material gathered by Paul C. Graham makes this clear. Of late, Americans have had a taste for history by theory: the War Between the States was “about” slavery. A better understanding comes from seeing what the people who were there have to say about it. Such an approach to history as human experience can be both informative and enlightening.   
The editor originally thought there would be enough material to do separate volumes for North Carolina and possibly Georgia, but this was not the case. Thus, the book incorporates the North Carolina narratives for commentary on the “Carolina Campaign” of Sherman and company as they marched from the sea, that is, out of Savannah, Georgia through South Carolina and into North Carolina. 
When the Yankees Come is now available in a paperback and eBook edition. The paperback is currently available on Amazon, but should start appearing at other online retail outlets as their catalogues update. The link to the paperback and Kindle edition is HERE. You can also buy the eBook on our web site (Kindle, epub, & PDF formats included) by mashing HERE.  
If you did not get the first edition, you’ll certainly want to get the “new and improved” edition. Maybe it would be a nice edition even if you do have Graham’s first attempt. It was one of our first handful of publications and we have improved quite a bit in design and formatting skills since then.




 Lastly, we’d like to thank those of you who donated to our special project fund.

With your help we were able to get Walter Brian Cisco’s War Crimes Against Southern Civilians in audiobook format—available at AmazonAudible, and iTunes...
We are currently considering other titles that can and should be recorded. If you have a suggestion, E-mail Paul Graham at and tell him what you’d like to see done next.


Here (below) are some other recent titles put out by Shotwell Publishing. All of them are very worthy of your consideration.

But if I were to highlight just one from this list, it would be Anne Wilson Smith’s in-depth investigative study of the notorious events which occurred in Charlottesville back in August 2017, Charlottesville Untold. The media and our political class, both Democrats AND prominent Republicans, have condemned what happened there as an “extremist right wing riot by Nazis, Klansmen, and white nationalists.” Recall that President Trump was harshly criticized not just by the usual leftist media/political types, but also by apparatchiks of the so-called “conservative establishment” (what Dr. Paul Gottfried terms “Con Inc”), such as Ben Shapiro, for meekly suggesting that there were “good people” on both sides. Anne Smith Wilson offers the first genuinely objective appraisal of what occurred in Mr. Jefferson’s city. 




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